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Massacre of the Innocents 2009

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Massacre of the Innocents 2009

Photomontage, Edna Spennato, 11 Jan 2009.

Ehud Barak must be brought to trial at the Hague to face charges of genocide and infanticide.

Who gave the orders to the IDF death squads to murder so many children at close-range, with a bullet to the head or the middle of the torso ?

Ehud the Great, King of Judea

Ehud the Great, King of Judea

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Photomontage, Edna Spennato, 11 Jan 2009.


Olmert, Barak, Livni Okay Pharoah's anti-Smuggling Plan


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A few days following their defeat against the Palestinian Resistance in the Gaza strip, the Israeli "war trio" reportedly approved security arrangements with Egypt aimed at thwarting flow of arms into the besieged strip, apparently seeking to achieve through diplomacy what they have failed to achieve militarily.

Indeed, the limited Israeli cabinet, consisting of Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni approved Thursday night the security arrangements with Egypt aimed at preventing the smuggling of arms into Gaza. The arrangements mostly concern technical matters and Egyptian operating methods to stop the smuggling from within its borders.

(Cartoon by Carlos Latuff)

The technical details of these arrangements were agreed upon during recent discussions between Amos Gilad, head of the Defense Ministry's Diplomatic-Security Bureau, and officials in Cairo, including Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman.

Livni and former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently signed a "memorandum of understanding" intended to assure that Hamas fighters gunmen will not be able to rearm following the ceasefire in Gaza. The memorandum lays out the measures that are to be taken by the US, Egypt and other countries to this end.

During Thursday night's meeting the limited cabinet was briefed on the various measures that will be taken in Gaza and the surrounding area to prevent the flow of arms through underground tunnels along the Philadelphi route.

On Sunday, Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin told the Israeli cabinet that Israel's offensive on Gaza failed to wipe out Hamas's network of arms smuggling tunnels below the border with Egypt which Palestinians will now likely rebuild. Speaking at the end of the weekly cabinet meeting, Diskin said he feared the situation along the border, known as the Philadelphi route, would return to the pre-war status quo unless agreements with the US and Egypt on greater surveillance are followed through.

Israeli Officials: "recent policies haven’t been erratic and irrational, they’ve been calculated to appear erratic and irrational"



Israeli officials on the fastrack of hunris & madness ... in WIRED, here
"...Israel's war against Hamas was launched, in large part, to send a message to its adversaries: Be afraid. Any attacks on the Jewish state will be met with overwhelming, even brutal, force. Traditionally off-limits sites, like Mosques and hospitals, won't serve as hiding places. Enemy leaders will be hunted down and killed -- even if they're surrounded by their children and wives. ....Israeli leaders believe they've accomplished that task. "The Arab view is now that Israel is a crazed animal, locked in a cage, fuming to get out all the time," a senior Foreign Ministry official tells Danger Room, approvingly. "Now, it's the responsibility of the Arab leadership to keep the animal in the cage, by not provoking it."

Palestinian child in coma after IOF sniper shot him

"All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts." Rabbi Yisrael Rosen,

[ 24/01/2009 - 03:05 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- A Palestinian child was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper east of Gaza city and he is currently in deep coma and in a very critical condition, medical sources reported.

They told the PIC that the child Mahmoud Hasanein was admitted to Shifa hospital on Thursday in a very serious condition and was in the intensive care unit.

Israeli gunboats on that same day fired at Palestinian homes near the Gaza coasts wounding a number of them.

Meanwhile, Muawiya Hasanein, the director of ambulance and emergency in the health ministry, said that two Palestinian citizens succumbed to their wounds sustained during the Israeli occupation forces' three weeks war on the Gaza Strip.

He said that the two were being treated in Egyptian hospitals.

Hasanein also said that ambulance teams recovered two bodies under the rubble west of Gaza city but they were not yet identified.

Gaza schoolchildren on Saturday headed to their schools despite the IOF devastation wreaked on various aspects of life in the Strip including schools.

Government and UNRWA-run schools opened classes on Saturday before hundreds of thousands of pupils.

Report: The IOF troops executed many detained civilians during its war on Gaza

The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners revealed that the IOF troops kidnapped during their aggression on Gaza about 300 Palestinians, some of them were executed by gunfire or tank shells.

The day when Zionism was born,

The day when Zionism was born,

Caricature from 1947

The day when Zionism was born,
Colonialism was not yet a sin
nor was Racism , at all , ugly.

The day when Zionism was born,
Imperialism was a way of life
andour third-world was completely
irrelevant and subdued.

The day when Israel was born,
the world was hungry
and too busy in rebuilding itself
from the rubbles of World-War-Two.

The day when Israel was born,
no Arab country and nor any other neighbour
have voted for it......not even Greece nor Turkey.

The day when the Palestinian resistance was born
the Suez-Canal and Jordan were British
and the Cedars of the Lebanon were French.

The day when the Palestinian- resistance was born
the Westerners have had still wet-Jewish-blood
on their own hands.

The day when all Palestinians were
still living peacefully
there was no state of Israel...... ...yet.

The day when there was no Terrorism,
the Zionists were still inside their Europe.....

The day when the first terrorism-acts
were ever done in Palestine... ...
those Bombs were coming from the Zionists
and the victims were never the Jewish emigrants.

When the Palestinians have later discovered Terrorism,
it was because the Zionist have imported it ,
along with them.

The day when I write this text ,
we are called the "Terrorists"
and they are called "Victims".

Raja Chemayel


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before terrorism gets there.....first.

Chosen Murderers, Chosen Liars, Chosen Panderers, Chosen Victims


By Mohamed Khodr
Al-Jazeerah, August 6, 2006

Israel, American Media, Congress, Muslims and Christians
“If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.”— Jewish Babylonian Talmud: Sanhedrin 58b (Policy for Disproportionate Force)
“The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."— Jewish Babylonian Talmud: Baba Kamma 37b

The utter ignorance, arrogance of power, futility, and moronic belief of the Bush—Blair—Olmert “Coalition of the Killing” is that the only path to a “democratically occupied” Arab and Muslim world is through “Regime Change.” Obviously their success in Afghanistan (anarchy, warlords, opium trade) and Iraq (civil war) encourages further regime change wars in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Palestine, part of the mainly Jewish Zionist NeoCon’s plan since 1992.
The love and willingness for martyrdom of the Muslim world for Palestine permeates the heart and mind of every Muslim, even if “regime change” overtook every Muslim nation. The sooner Bush’s delusional mind recognizes this fact the sooner peace and security for all can be achieved.
The illegal theft and occupation of Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq must end or sooner rather than later, every Muslim will cry out: “BRING IT ON”.
This is the beginning of the end for Israel’s occupation, for America’s support and surrender of its foreign policy to Israel, and for every Arab and Muslim regime supplanting Muslim interests for Israel’s American interests
End the “Passionate Attachment” to Israel, End the Occupation, End the world’s hypersensitivity to criticizing anything Jewish or Israel.
Time to Break the Silence.

“Since we gave Israel birth we are blamed for her belligerence and her arrogance and for the cold-bloodedness of her attitude toward refugees…what I can see is an abortion of justice and humanity to what I do not want to be midwife… Israel must accept responsibility….her attitude toward refugees is morally reprehensible….Her position as conqueror demanding more does not make for peace.”
— Ambassador Mark Etheridge, President Truman’s envoy to the 1949 Lausanne Conference, Switzerland, demanding Israel comply with U.N. Resolutions 181, 194, and 273. Israel Rebuffs President Truman as it has done with every American President since. When Israel says “NO”; the world listens.

Today, August 4, 2006, American made and paid for Israeli F-16s bombed a Lebanese village in the Bekaa Valley close to the Syrian border massacring 33 civilian farmers. In Gaza, Israel also killed several civilians, including children. Israel also destroyed U.N. trucks carrying urgent humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of desperate Lebanese refugees with starving children. There is a humanitarian crisis according to the U.N. in Lebanon and Gaza with food and medicines to last one more week. The main tertiary hospital in Lebanon, The American University of Beirut Hospital has fuel to last one week otherwise the hospital will close according to a Hospital Administrator.
Israel drops leaflets warning civilians to flee, only to bomb roads, bridges and vehicles trapping them in homes, targets for American bombs. Many of Israel’s murderous tactics were learned from the Nazi master race.
As Israel’s Chief of Staff stated: “anyone remaining behind is a Hezbollah terrorist”
This is Bush’s and Blair’s massacre as much as Israel’s. This is their definition of Israel “defending” itself, of spreading democracy and freedom, and ending tyranny. May their tyranny at home and abroad end and may Israel rot in hell.
“Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be used to disallow terror as a means of war...We are very far from any moral hesitations when concerned with the national struggle. First and foremost, terror is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the circumstances of today...”
— Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and Former Head of Jewish Terrorist Group “Stern Gang”
Since the founding of Israel, Jewish terrorism, massacres of entire villages, and assassinations without regard to nationally (including Americans) have all been “tragic” and “mistakes.”
It ‘s Israel’s very existence that is “tragic” and a “mistake.”
"The cause of unrest in Palestine, and the only cause, arises from the Zionist movement, and from our promises and pledges in regard to it."
—Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 14 June 1921.
Oh, How Israel bites the hand that feeds it—America’s hand.
“Our American friends give us money, arms and advice. We take the money, we take the arms but we decline the advice.”
— Moshe Dayan, America’s 1967 Hero.

This all started with the arrest of a Jewish soldier.
Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish French officer was charged with passing military secrets to the Germans in 1894, later overturned. Theodore Herzl, a Jewish Austrian journalist, covered his trial and came to the conclusion that the entire world genetically hates the Jews and thus Jews need a separate homeland to live in security. The only solution was a “Jewish State” the Holy Land devoid of Non-Jews, i.e., no Christians or Muslims allowed. To accomplish this in Palestine, Zionists developed a deliberate policy of massacres, expulsions, propaganda, lies, and public relations to “expel” all of Palestine’s Christian and Muslim inhabitants. This policy began under the watchful eye and support of England and the League of Nations; and continues today under America’s watchful eye, the United Nations, an intimidated world, and most shockingly, the tacit approval of Arab nations from Saudi Arabia (the land of the Two Holy Mosques), to Egypt and Jordan.
DAMN. Nothing has changed, except that America’s government, media, Hollywood, and financial institutions have become more Jewish than Jews, more Zionist than Israel, more hated than Israel.
Unlike our pandering President and Congress, most Jews did not support Zionism nor are Zionists, with many honorable, courageous, moral, and religious Jews in and out of Israel opposing Israel’s murderous policies and illegal occupation of Palestinians, with many opposing today’s murderous devastation of Lebanon and Gaza killing hundreds of innocent civilians. The majority of American Jews are not members of the unpatriotic Israel lobby that’s willing to fight Israel’s enemies to the last American. In fact, the most vocal opponents to Israel’s belligerence and militarism are Jews (along with many Christians), not Arabs or Muslims
What are 3 captured Israeli soldiers, part of a brutal occupying military force, worth to America?
The Burning and Killing in Lebanon and Gaza.
While Captain Alfred Dreyfus helped form Zionism, one captured Israeli soldier in Gaza and two captured Israeli soldiers “inside” Lebanon by Hezbollah are the casus belli (i.e. the justification for war) for Israel’s invasions, total devastation of infrastructures, indiscriminate bombing and killing of civilians, total destruction of dozens of villages, total blockade of Gaza and Lebanon by land, air and sea, not even allowing food, water, or medicines to the desperate civilians, destruction of electrical and water plants, hospitals, schools (even those for the blind, deaf and dumb), orphanages, nursing homes, ambulances, fire trucks, roads, bridges, mosques, churches, and so much more.
While babies die, the entire world, as it has for 60 years, meets in search for “politically correct” words and resolutions that will not offend Israel or be vetoed by its patsy, America.
Just like Bin Laden’s hijacking of Islam to make war, so have the Christian Fundamentalists hijacked Christianity to make war. Where are the voices of the world’s Muslim and Christian majority? Jewish and Christian Zionists are pushing for a world war between Christians and Muslims. Bethlehem is besieged and the Statue of the Virgin Mary has been shelled by Israel. Israel is the true enemy of Christianity and Islam.
Bush, the American “arsonist” supported by the most cowardly pandering Pavlovian Congress, has inflamed the world into a persistent state of war, chaos, anarchy, death, civil wars, and a polarized hatred between the West and Muslim world, because he ignorantly believes that every commander in chief needs a “little war” to be a successful and popular President.
This shoot ‘em up kick ass cowboy has killed over 2,600 Americans, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghanis, Lebanese, Palestinians and still thirsts for more. This world ain’t big enough for him, Israel, his Christian Fundamentalists, and the rest of humanity. The man’s dream and his father’s nightmare is winning Armageddon for the Prince of Peace.
Bush’s and Israel’s plan to destroy Lebanon and Hezbollah was formulated a year ago, while six months ago they formulated a plan for invading Gaza and toppling Hamas, a democratically elected party. Ironically, Israel created Hamas, and its 1982 Lebanon invasion created Hezbollah, while America’s war in Afghanistan and later in Iraq helped create Al Qaeda. As many government agencies and experts have written: It is America’s foreign policy that is causing terrorism not as Bush claims the other way around. What America calls terrorism and religious fundamentalism, parroting Israel, is nothing more than people seeking freedom from foreign occupation.
The Zionist design on Lebanon actually began in 1938:
"The boundaries of Zionist aspiration include Southern Lebanon, Southern Syria, today’s Jordan, all of Cis-Jordan (The West Bank) and the Sinai."— David Ben-Gurion, 1938, in a speech to the World Council of Poale Zion in Tel Aviv. Cited by Israel Shahak in the Journal of Palestine Studies, Spring 1981
"We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon” — David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978.
Today, Bush’s Israeli invasion of Lebanon has accomplished this Zionist goal. Bush’s support of Israel’s killing fields in Lebanon and Gaza consists of:
1. Preventing a ceasefire because Bush believes “it’s killing time” for “terrorists” against his vision of a “Greater America, Greater Israel”.
2. Preventing any U.N. Resolution condemning Israel’s atrocities despite worldwide condemnation.
3. Sending Arab “fuel” to Israel’s military for more “killing time”.
4. Sending more tax funded precision bombs for more “killing time.”

Besides Jewish money and Hollywood support for Israel, the U.S. Media is the most powerful accessory to Israel’s murderous campaigns and occupations.
The media focuses its total attention and coverage on the suffering of Israelis and their uncontrollable “anxiety” (ignoring the destruction and civilian deaths in Lebanon and Gaza) due to the worthless Hamas Qassam rockets and Hizbullah’s barrage of inaccurate rockets. BUT, more importantly, they accept and parrot at face value Israel’s lies and propaganda such as its lie that Hizbullah fighter were firing rockets from Qana prior to its massacre. Israel later admitted this was a lie as well as its denial about shelling and killing a Palestinian family on Gaza’s beach. Such admissions don’t make the news.
Despite Israel’s massacre of 33 civilian farmers in northern Lebanon earlier in the day, ABCNEWS World News, August 4, 2006, began their broadcast with two headlines: 1. Taunting Israel (Hizbullah threatens Tel Aviv); and 2. Taunting America (Iran protests against U.S. support of Israel); thereby linking the two superpower “victim” nations as facing mutual threats from Hizbullah and Iran, while briefly describing the latest Israeli Lebanese massacre as “an apparent mistake”. Such lies for Israel reverberate in every paper, magazine, radio, and television broadcast. Is there any wonder that the American people, uninformed and self absorbed, swallow such disinformation and reflexively regurgitate such lies in various polls on the MidEast? Inexplicably, many Americans still hold to Bush’s exposed lies that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11.
Only Jewish sensibility strikes fear in the minds and hearts of the “Gentile” world, the rest of the world be damned.
The life, worth, sanctity, and property of a Jew is sacred while that of a “Gentile” is not. This comes from the main Jewish scripture, the Babylonian Talmud.
In 2003, fourteen prominent Israeli Rabbis wrote a letter to Israel’s Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, quoting the edict from the “sage” Rabbi Akiva in the Babylonian Talmud that says: “Our lives come first” to mean that in times of war “killing enemy civilians is normal.”
The Israeli paper, Ha’aretz, September 9, 2003 warned that Israeli “...soldiers, and even officers, will see this call as a kind of halakhic-ethical commandment that ought to be obeyed..."
The late Professor Israel Shahak discussed this “Jewish chauvinism, racism and exclusivism”, as he called it, in his book, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion”
America—our taxes, weapons, government and media are directly complicit in Israel’s murderous rampage in Gaza and Lebanon. Our silence is indirectly complicit in these atrocities. This genocide against civilians will come back to haunt us, thus either speak up now or forever hold your peace and never again say “why do they hate us?”
"If I was an Arab leader I would never make [peace] with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country." — David Ben Gurion, The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1978, p. 99.
"Should a nation which attacks and occupies foreign territory in the face of U.N. disapproval be allowed to impose conditions on its own withdrawal? If we agree that armed attack can properly achieve the purpose of the assailant, then I fear we will have turned back the clock of international order." —Dwight D. Eisenhower, Address to the Nation, February 20,1957.
The least we owe the innocent dead and the living in this one sided genocide is to demand from Bush an immediate “CEASEFIRE”, lest God hold us all accountable for our silence and complicity. As Americans we must save our nation from Israel’s control and our governmental pandering.

By : Solve et Coagula
December Saturday 27 2008

Aid Workers Shocked by Post-War Gaza


24/01/2009 Aid workers who entered Gaza on Friday were appalled by images of homes that had become craters, children sifting through garbage, and the fear expressed by civilians. Two representatives told Israeli electronic site Ynet how they felt after attempting to offer aid to Gazans.

Cassandra Nelson, an aid worker with The Mercy Corps said the pictures displayed by the press did not fully cover the disaster. She and her colleagues met with a number of youths in order to assess their psychological health after the 22 days of Israeli aggression against the Strip.

Nelson said the youths had repeatedly voiced fear that the strikes on Gaza would be renewed. "They said they were afraid the ceasefire was just temporary," she said. "They also said they never knew they could be so scared."

Students were scheduled to go back to school Friday, but Nelson feared they would be incapable of concentrating before their exams as many had lost friends and family members in the war.

Despite the tumultuous aftermath, the war had brought Gazans together, Nelson said. "There's no more 'mine'. You could say it made them better people," she explained. She added that she hoped the crossings would be opened soon so that humanitarian aid could get through.

Twelve representatives of the Physicians for Human Rights-Israel organization also toured Gaza on Friday. Dr. Mahmid Mahmoud told Ynet he had been shocked by the sights to which he was exposed at the hospital.

"I've never felt such pain. There are children without arms and legs at the hospitals. I couldn't have imagined the occurrences here in my worst nightmares, when you see it you start to cry. It's the worst thing I've ever seen in my life," he said, adding that he hoped a Jewish delegation would tour Gaza to witness the destruction.

Salah Haj Yihye, head of PHR-Israel's clinics, said he had come across many people sitting upon the wreckage of their homes with stunned expressions. "We were in Zaitun neighborhood and we heard the story of a family in which close to 30 people were killed," he said.

"One of the men cried and told us how he had lost his father and mother and how his year-old baby died in his arms. They said they had pleaded with the soldiers to allow them to evacuate the injured but were answered negatively."

Yihye, an Israeli Arab, said he felt trapped between Israel and his people. "I am part of the Palestinian people, but also part of Israel and a loyal citizen," he said. "I am inside this conflict and my heart pains me. I would like the State to stop hurting the weak and poor. From what we can see the damage was done only to civilians." He said the destruction in Gaza constituted "war crimes".

Holmes demands opening of Gaza crossings, expressing shock at death toll

[ 24/01/2009 - 09:19 AM ]

Holmes demands opening of Gaza crossings, expressing shock at death toll
GAZA, (PIC)-- John Holmes, the UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, called for opening the Gaza crossings especially in light of the difficult humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, expressing at the same time his extreme shock at the number of Palestinians killed and wounded as a result of the Israeli aggression.

This came during Holmes' visit on Thursday to the Shifa hospital and a number of areas targeted by Israel during its 23-day war on the Strip, where his visit was aimed to assess the extent of devastation caused by the aggression.

The UN official stressed the importance of opening the Gaza crossings for reconstruction operations and international aid, and asked Israel to conduct investigation into shelling attacks on UN buildings.

Holmes also urged the UN to demand Israel to compensate for the damage in UN facilities. Large amounts of humanitarian aid were destroyed by Israeli shelling that struck the main UN compound in Gaza city.

European MPs call for playing active role in rebuilding Gaza

European lawmakers urged the presidency of the European parliament to play an active role in reconstructing Gaza which sustained massive destruction during 23 days of Israeli aggression.

Swiss MPs in Gaza to get acquainted with results of the Israeli destructive war

A Swiss parliamentary delegation started on Friday a visit to the Gaza Strip to get first hand information on the amount of destruction inflicted by the Israeli occupation forces.

Assad congratulates Hamas over Palestinian resistance's victory

[ 24/01/2009 - 02:21 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday congratulated the Palestinian people and its brave resistance topped by the Hamas Movement over the victory against the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Assad, while receiving a Hamas delegation led by its political bureau chairman Khaled Mishaal, said that the victory would never had taken place without the "legendary" steadfastness of the Palestinian people and its valiant resistance.

The president said that Syria would continue to back the Palestinian people until achieving national goals represented in defeating occupation and establishing the fully sovereign, independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Mishaal, for his part, expressed appreciation on behalf of Hamas and the Palestinian people for the Syrian people and leadership's supportive position during the aggression.

He said that Syria is a partner to the victory achieved by the Palestinian people.

The meeting signals the start of a tour for Mishaal of a number of countries that stood by the Palestinian people during the Israeli aggression.

Jewissh Ritual Mass Murder in Gaza


Many people around the world, especially Arabs, have been looking to the Obama administration, hoping that his call for change will extend to fairness for Palestinians. They might as well hope for rain in the middle of the Arabian Desert in July, notes Paul J. Balles.

The United Nations says some 50,800 Palestinians are now homeless and 400,000 are without running water.

Israel, in a disgustingly conciliatory mood, says it will allow 143 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid into Gaza, plus 60,000 litres of fuel.

Disgustingly conciliatory because they kept aid from getting to the needy long before the latest conflict and all during it. Instead of starving Gaza into submission, Israel decided to slaughter as many as their US-supplied sophisticated armaments could manage.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports 1,314 Palestinians were killed during the conflict, including more than 400 children. More than 5,000 people were injured, nearly 2,000 of them children.

All of 13 Israelis were killed in what Israel consistently calls self-defence. Nine of those were military, four of whom were killed by friendly fire. When Israel called a ceasefire on Saturday [17 January], it brazenly announced it had met its war aims.

Hamas declared a "great victory" over Israel when it announced its own truce. Was that Israel’s aim? Or did it include the disappearance of entire neighbourhoods as reported by BBC's Christian Fraser?

"Isn't it Time for a War Crimes Tribunal?" headlines Robert Fisk, adding: It's a wrap, a doddle, an Israeli ceasefire just in time for Barack Obama to have a squeaky-clean inauguration with all the world looking at the streets of Washington rather than the rubble of Gaza."

Fisk also points out "history was quite forgotten. The Hamas rockets were the result of the food and fuel siege; Israel broke Hamas's own truce on 4 and 17 November 2008. Forgotten is the fact Hamas won the 2006 elections, although Israel has killed a clutch of the victors."

Since September 2005, Gaza has been nothing but a refugee camp. Israel simply transferred the Israeli settlers who had been in Gaza to the West Bank. This expanded the Israeli occupation and left the Palestinians isolated in Bantustans.

It's obvious simply from their behaviour that the Israelis want to have Egypt annex and take over the responsibility for controlling Gaza. At the same time, they want to force an exodus of West Bank Palestinians to Jordan.

Noam Chomsky has noted: "… Gaza should be turned into a cage, a prison basically, with Israel attacking it at will, and meanwhile in the West Bank we'll take what we want. There was nothing secret about it."

Chomsky supported his conclusion by referring to a speech by Ehud Olmert in May 2006: "He simply announced to a joint session of Congress and to rousing applause, that the historic right of Jews to the entire land of Israel is beyond question."

How will the Israelis accomplish the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Chomsky, again, is quite clear: "... they have sufficient military control over the West Bank to terrorize the population into passivity."

Meanwhile, the West and the corrupt minions among Palestinians, like Mahmoud Abbas, talk of ridiculous ideals of a two-state solution. Salah Bardaweel, spokesman for Hamas, reports that “Abbas, the acting Palestinian Authority chief, played a key role in the war and in assassinating Hamas's senior political leaders, through his spies in the coastal strip”.

Despite its propaganda, Israel has never made a serious effort to negotiate toward a Palestinian state. When Israel speaks about Hamas using its ceasefires to rearm itself with its ineffective rockets through tunnels to Egypt, it is projecting. It is Israel which has been stalling serious negotiations in order to further terrorize the Palestinians.

"The only thing Israel has proved it can do militarily better than anyone else," writes Yvonne Ridley, "is kill innocent women and children. And in its genocidal drive to wipe the Palestinian people from existence it has dealt itself a fatal blow."

Chris Hedges reminds the US that the Palestinian reaction to Israeli occupation should be familiar to Israelis:

Tzipi Livni, Israel’s foreign minister, says that the Israeli government will have no dealings with Hamas terrorists. But Tzipi Livni’s father was Eitan Livni, the chief operations officer of the terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi, which fought against the British occupation of Palestine. The underground Jewish group set off a massive bomb in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, a blast in which 91 victims were killed, including four Jews. These Jewish terrorists hanged two British sergeants and booby-trapped their corpses. Irgun, together with the terrorist Stern gang, massacred 254 Palestinians in 1948 in the village of Deir Yassin. Tell me the moral difference between Irgun Zvai Leumi, the Stern gang and Hamas. I fail to see one.

It’s not enough that Israel has become the best-armed and largest gang of terrorist thugs in the world. Anyone aware of what happened in the UN with a ceasefire proposal to be voted on must have realized that Israel controls America when Olmert had Bush call off a vote by the US, which drafted the proposal.

Why? “I [Olmert] spoke with him [Bush]; I told him: You can't vote for this proposal. He said: listen, I don't know, I didn't see, don't know what it says. I told him: I know, and you can't vote for it! He then instructed the secretary of state, and she did not vote for it."

Writing in Counterpunch, Brian Cloughley says: "The worst of all the barbarians who are killing children and their mothers and fathers in Gaza are the Israeli pilots who mercilessly bomb houses occupied by terrified families. And they are staunchly supported by the House of Representatives of the United States of America." The US Senate has also supported the savagery. Cloughley adds:

These pilots, these vile little war-gamers of the skies, these latter-day examples of what Tom Wolfe called “The Right Stuff”, can zoom over towns full of traumatized children and happily heave and hurl their bombs and rockets to kill yet more Palestinian kids without the remotest chance of being shot down. How heroic; how truly gladiatorial. How contemptible.

Amnesty International has accused Israel of war crimes, saying its use of white phosphorus in Gaza was indiscriminate and illegal. When a young burn victim in Vietnam was photographed running down a road in flame, Americans protested vigorously. When Israel burns Gaza’s children with phosphorous, the media ignores it.

Obama's unbridled support for Israel doesn't bode well. He's been doing everything he can to play both sides of the political spectrum, and the political spectrum in the US is all one-sided when it comes to Israel. The secretary of state is as mesmerized by Israel as is the US Congress and the administration.

“During the July 2006 Lebanon war, Barack Obama stood up strongly for Israel's right to defend itself from Hezbollah raids and rocket attacks,” reports the new White House website. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have consistently supported foreign assistance to Israel,” concludes the entry.

They defend and support the annual foreign aid package that involves both military and economic assistance to Israel and have advocated increased foreign aid budgets to ensure that these funding priorities are met. They have called for continuing US cooperation with Israel in the development of missile defence systems.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take Americans suffering as a result of the financial crisis to object to the continuing Israeli bailout. Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel will surely come under scrutiny as unnecessary financial diversions from needed benefits to Americans.

Many people around the world, especially Arabs, have been looking to the Obama administration, hoping that his call for change will extend to fairness for Palestinians. They might as well hope for rain in the middle of the Arabian Desert in July.

Alternatively, visit the White House website and respond to the new administration’s invitation to comment, claiming that “President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history”. The address is Let them know that you know that Israel is not the innocent victim that the propaganda makes it out to be.

Paul J. Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who has lived in the Middle East for many years. For more information, see This article appeared in Redress Information & Analysis.



Abdul Rahim Abu Halima, 14, (wearing a yellow T-shirt) was killed when his home was hit by a white phosphorous artillery shell on 4 January. He died with two of his brothers, Zayed, eight, and Hamza, six, his sister Shahed, who was 15 months old, and their father Saad Allah, 45. “He was a very active boy, a little bit nervous sometimes, but he was good at football,” said his brother Mahmoud, 20. “I loved him so very much. He was a wonderful boy.”

Photograph: Family photograph

Adham Mutair, 17, was shot at his home near Beit Lahiya, Gaza, on 9 January. Israeli tanks had taken up positions around the houses and Adham was shot when he went onto the roof to check the family’s pigeons. He died the next day. “We haven’t even had a chance to set up a funeral tent to mourn him properly,” said his uncle Khader, 53. “I don’t think the rest of the world understands how painful our lives are here.”

Photograph: Family photograph

Amal Abed Rabbo, two, pictured after she died in an attack at the village of Izbit Abed Rabbo, on January 7, 2009. According to her father Khalid, 30, Amal and her sister Souad, seven, were killed by gunfire from an Israeli tank after soldiers ordered the family out of their house. Another sister, Samer, four, survived the attack but is paralysed below the waist. “Amal was just learning to talk,” said Khalid. “I want to know from the Israeli army: why did they kill my daughters?”

Photograph: Family photograph

Amira Qirm, 15, in her bed at Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Amira was injured in an Israeli attack that killed her father, brother and sister

Photograph: Rory McCarthy

Lina Hassan, 10, was killed by an Israeli shell which hit her as she walked to the shops next to a UN school in Jabaliya on 6 January. “She asked me for a shekel to go to the shops to buy something for her and her brothers and sisters,” said her father Abdul, 37. “I heard the shell and I ran out. I saw her body lying on the ground … Was my daughter Hamas? Do you think a 10-year-old even knows the difference between Hamas and Fatah?”

Photograph: Family photograph

Mohammad Shaqoura, 9, was also killed by Israeli shelling at the UN school in Jabaliya on 6 January. He was playing marbles in the street outside with his friends in the middle of the afternoon. “I went to help the injured. I didn’t realise Mohammad was one of them,” said his father Basim, 40. “I try to talk about him as much as possible with my other children. But it’s hard for them to understand.”

Photograph: Family photograph

Ghaida Abu Eisha, eight, who was killed along with her parents and two brothers when an Israeli missile struck her home in Shamali on 5 January. Saber Abu Eisha, 49, the children’s uncle, said: “Ghaida was in the second grade at school. She was like any little girl, she was pretty, she loved to play. Sometimes she was laughing, sometimes she was crying. She liked to dress up, wearing a bride’s dress, showing off.”

Photograph: Family photograph

Mohammad Abu Eisha, 10, was also killed in the Israeli missile strike on his family’s home in Shamali on 5 January. Two children survived: Dalal, 12, and Ahmed, five. Both are deeply traumatised. “Whenever they hear a loud noise they fall to the ground,” said their uncle Saber Abu Eisha. “Sometimes I think it’s easier for the people who are dead and it’s harder for those who are living.”

Photograph: Family photograph

Sayyd Abu Eisha, 12, the third child killed when an Israeli missile struck the house of the Abu Eisha family in Shamali. Surviving family members searching in the darkness using the lights from their mobile phones until they found their bodies lying in rubble outside the house.

Photograph: Family photograph

Shahed Abu Sultan, eight, was killed by a bullet apparently fired from a helicopter as she sat on her father’s lap at the doorway to their home in the Jabaliya refugee camp on 5 January. Her father, Hussein, 40, wrote a message to his daughter which hangs on their sitting room wall: “I cried a sea of tears for you but those tears have not calmed my heart because you left, my daughter. I have no tears remaining, but my heart wants to go on crying blood, my daughter, my beloved Shahed.”

Photograph: Family photograph


Sent to me by Robin

Children of Gaza: stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived

Israelis' Slow, Tenacious Genocide Spans Decades


When I saw the photos of the slaughtered Palestinian children in the Guardian's photo gallery and when I read Rory McCarthy's story,
I thought of Samia Halaby's MEMORIAL on the 50th Anniversary of the Kafr Qasem Massacre.

"Adham Mutair (large photo), 17, was shot by Israeli troops at his home near Beit Lahiya, in northern Gaza, on 9 January. Israeli tanks had taken up positions in the area around the houses and the family had been trapped inside their home for a week. Adham went upstairs to the roof to check on their pigeons, which were housed in a large hut. As he stepped out into the open, he was shot three times and collapsed. Two of his brothers carried him out of the house along a back route. Using a motorcycle and then a car, they carried him to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. He died the next day. Most of the family could not get out of the house to make it to the burial. 'We haven't even had a chance to set up a funeral tent to mourn him properly,' said his uncle, Khader, 53. 'I don't think the rest of the world understands how painful our lives are here.'" Rory McCarthy in "Child casualities of Israel's War on Gaza."

Pictured in the small photo is Abdalkarim Salim Nuwwara Freij, 14 years old. He died in the seventh wave of the Kafr Qasem massacre in 1956.

From Palestinian artist Samia Halaby

"Fifty years ago, on October 29, 1956, 49 Palestinian residents of Kafr Qasem were murdered by Israeli border police who at that time were officially attached to the military. Countless more were wounded and left bleeding and unattended. Their families were unable to offer aid because of a 24 hour curfew lasting for some two days and three nights. Violation of the curfew was punishable by death. In the following two days (while the families were thus imprisoned in their homes) the Israelis unceremoniously buried the victims without permission, or the presence of witnesses. On the following morning, the unattended wounded who had helplessly lain in the streets were torn away from their deceased loved ones, thrown into trucks (not ambulances) and hauled off to hospitals. This deliberate massacre had been planned in advance to coincide with the Israeli and Anglo-French attack on the Suez canal."

See also Children of Gaza: Stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived.

Four Jihad detainees in Abbas's prisons declare hunger strike

[ 24/01/2009 - 10:08 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Four members of the Islamic Jihad Movement went on open-ended hunger strike on Friday evening in the prisons of the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank.

A responsible source in Islamic Jihad said in a statement that the detainees, who have been held in PA security prisoners in the West Bank for periods ranging from three to seven months, were protesting their continued detention.

The source noted that two of them were brothers and that a third was seriously injured in his leg at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces.

He criticized former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas for his repeated calls for resuming national dialog at a time PA security apparatuses loyal to him in the West Bank were still detaining citizens for political affiliation.

Describing such calls as "deceptive", the source held the PA in Ramallah fully responsible for the lives of the four detainees and all other political detainees. He also asked the Palestinian forces and factions to expose those "arbitrary practices".

In another incident of political detention, the so-called preventive security apparatus on Friday detained Esam Barkan, the director of MP Samira Al-Halaika office, after summoning him for interrogation.

Relatives of Barkan said that he was summoned and questioned three times in the past month.

Barkan, who previously served ten years in Israeli occupation jails, was detained by Israeli occupation authority around five months ago and was held in detention for two weeks.

In the meantime, Abbas's security men launched a large-scale arrest campaign in lines of citizens in Al-Khalil city and district over the past couple of days after claiming they were Hamas activists.

Locals in various towns in the district reported the abduction of 16 citizens at the hands of those apparatuses including Barkan.

Photos of destruction of the Red Crescent hospital in Tel el-Hawa, Gaza

May peace be with them


From Prof. Abdelwahed
Department of English
Faculty of Arts & Humanities
Al-Azhar University of Gaza

Feeling the heat: Olmert Forms Team To Tackle Lawsuits Over Gaza Op


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23/01/2009 Israeli media said Thursday that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert appointed Justice Minister Friedmann to lead an inter-ministerial committee that would formulate ways to counteract prosecutions against Israel for striking civilians and civilian institutions during the war on Gaza.

The team is also expected to consult experts on international law during its work.

According to Ynet, Friedmann's appointment follows Attorney General Menachem Mazuz's statement earlier this week that Israel is "preparing for a wave of international lawsuits over the operation in Gaza.

"That in itself is nothing new. I can only assume that following the events, we will have more intensive and focused work ahead of us," he added.

The Herrenvolk Army is afraid


The Military Censor is applying strict restrictions preventing the media from identifying officers who participated in the Gaza Strip fighting and information about them that may be used in legal proceedings against them abroad. There is growing concern at the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Justice that Israeli officers will be singled out in a massive wave of suits for alleged human rights violations. ( Haaretz )

But JSF will publish any incriminating information about an individual soldier or General anyone has, anonymously.

Israel's chicken soldiers, tough on children, tough on mothers, should have no respite.

Look at how they camouflage their faces so professionally. It's important. Palestinian babies have the best eyesight in the world. Sneaking behind them to shoot their mother is a demanding task that requires the highest standard of soldiering.

Who would assasinate Abdel-Sattar Qasem??

A bomb goes off under the car of a university professor
[ 24/01/2009 - 01:48 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- A bomb exploded, Friday evening, under the car of Abdel-Sattar Qasem, a professor of political science at the Najah University in Nablus, in the northern West Bank. No one was injured in the explosion.

Qasem said after the incident that the bomb, which seems to be locally manufactured, set fire to the car destroying it completely and the fire caused damage to the door of his house in front of which the car was parked.

He added that he was in his house working on his computer when his neighbours alerted him to the explosion and the fire.

Qassem had earlier in the day participated in a panel at al-Quds satellite channel during which he severely criticised the Ramallah Palestinian Authority and the incident took place minutes after his return home from this engagement, making Fatah vandals, or Abbas's security agencies, the prime suspects of being behind the attack.

On the question of who could be behind such a crime, Qasem said that he received threats a week ago from unknown individuals and it seems that they carried out their threat today. He also pointed out that there was a previous incident for which he blamed Abbas's security men at the time.

Abbas's preventive security arrest 9 Hamas supporters

[ 23/01/2009 - 09:48 PM ]

TULKAREM, (PIC)-- Abbas's security men kidnapped on Thursday night and Friday morning nine Hamas supporters in the district of Tulkarem, including Imams, teachers, lawyers and freed captives.

Local sources said that Sheikh Azem al-Haroun, the Imam of Shweikeh mosque and Bashar al-Karmi, an employee of the PA Ministry of Captives and ex-Captives were taken from their homes on Thursday night.

The sources added that Amjad Janem, a lawyer, and Monther Zayoud, a lecturer at the Jerusalem Open University were kidnapped from their car after the Friday prayers. Zayoud was released after a few hours of interrogation, while Janem remains in detention.

Meanwhile, masked Security elements raided on Thursday night the homes of Muhammad Soroji, Ahamad Abu Zeinah and Abdullah Khamis at the Tulkarem refugee camp and kidnapped the three men.

Rami Shelbaya, and Mua'd al-Attili, who were freed from Israeli occupation prisons was also kidnapped by PA security men from their homes, on Thursday night and Friday afternoon respectively.

Over the past week, more than 30 Hamas supporters were kidnapped by Abbas's security men in the district of Tulkarem.

Confrontations between demonstrators and IOF troops in al-Khalil

Hamas has organised a demonstration in the al-Khalil on Friday to mark the failure of the Israeli occupation onslaught on Gaza.

Who are 'The Jews'

Are they a racial group? Are they a tribal group? A religious group? A national group? Where do they come from?

Who Are the Jews

May we dare ask? Who are these people who call themselves 'Jews'? Are they a racial group? A tribal group? A religious group? A national group? What are they? The pictures above (from left to right) are An Ethiopian Jew, A European Ashkenazi Jew and a Yemeni Arab Jew.

  1. Do the above three people all fall into the same category of 'Chosen'?
  2. Do they all claim 'Abraham' to be their ancestral father?
  3. Do they all have ancestral lineage to Palestine?
  4. What is wrong with your eyes? Can you see?
  5. The African Jew is African just like an African Catholic or African Muslim!
  6. The European Jew is European just like a European Christian.

  7. The Arab Jew is Arab. All Arab Jews who happen to be the original Jews spoke Arabic until Europe's Ashkenazi Jewry forced them to stampede to Palestine enticing them with material gain. But along the way they lost something no money could ever replace: They lost their precious heritage of thousands of years, their mother tongue, their cultures and customs, after falling victims of the treacheries of the European Ashkenazi Jewry. That is in fact very sad and that is in fact what took place.

  8. No people are without a language, custom or heritage. But Europe's Ashkenazi Jewry are today what used to be the former nomadic Khazaric tribe of Khazaria. Due to their nomadic adventures they lost any sense of who they are even today. They cling to the most absurd notion that they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. The Khazaric people did convert to Judaism in the 9th century. But that does not make them any more 'Israelites' than it would make an Indonesian Muslim a Saudi Arabian. But the entire Ashkenazi tribe does not want to hear the word 'Khazaria'. Can you imagine a Spanish person detesting to hear the mention of the word 'Spain'? It is so absurd that this business of the Ashkenazi Jewry's true European roots is better left alone since the Khazars (who now call themselves 'Jews' and 'Isaelites') would never wish to accept the truth.

  9. What brought Europe's Jewry to Palestine? The reasons are many but the main reason is because they could! They knew how to bribe their way into the highest echelons of governments. Their finesse at international finance gave them a huge leverage. It was by any other name theft. One of the often-expressed excuses is 'the holocaust' where millions of people died during World War 2. Can you imagine the Tutsis demanding of the United Nations that Sweden be partitioned and that the Tutsis be allowed to stampede to Sweden? What are the chances of that occurring? There are all kinds of conflicts all over the world. The Congo lost 6 million (what a coincidence!) of its citizens between 1998 and 2008. But there are no monuments erected anywhere in the world for these innocent African victims.
  10. Palestine is a colonial project with a twist. The European Ashkenazi Jews who represent over 80% of world Jewry today have a much more comfy lifestyle in Palestine enhanced by the billions of extorted American tax payers' money. It is a long ways for these folks form their former domicile in the European ghettos. Now they live pampered by Asian maids and swimming pools in the backyard with stolen Palestinian water while the Palestinian people are in desperate need of just drinking water. These people never intended to return to where they came from. This is a perennial colonial project, sadly aided and abetted by the horrible corrupt Arab regimes.

Norman Finkelstein interviewed by Russian TV



Friday, 23 January 2009

Iraq asks MEK to "leave"

Moiffac Al Rubbaie made the announcement that Iraq was not going to allow its territory to serve as a springboard for actions threatening neighbourly Iran, at a joint appearance with Iran's Jalili... In Al Jazeera, here

Iranian students offer $1.5m reward for Mubarak execution

The Guardian reports: Radical Iranian students have angered Egypt by offering a $1.5m (£1m) reward for the execution of its president, Hosni Mubarak, after accusing him of failing to oppose Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

The bounty has been put up by the Students' Justice-Seeking movement, which last week staged a sit-in at Tehran's Mehrabad airport demanding to be sent to Gaza as pro-Palestinian volunteers.

The group has labelled Mubarak an "international terrorist" and accuses him of collaborating with Israel by failing to open the Egypt-Gaza frontier at Rafah for humanitarian purposes. It also alleges that the Egyptian government has allowed Israeli planes to use the country's airspace to carry out raids.

Organisers distributed posters showing Mubarak with a fake bullet-hole in his forehead and scissor marks through his neck. The posters carry a proclamation in English offering a "$1,500,000 award for executing Mubarak" and an Arabic message from the Qur'an declaring: "Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a slaughter."

Iran's foreign ministry has dismissed the offer as not reflecting government policy after Egyptian officials called for its organisers to be prosecuted.

The students responded by increasing the reward from the original $1m sum. Money will be raised, they say, from the distribution of a documentary celebrating the 1981 assassination of Mubarak's predecessor, Anwar Sadat, who was killed by Islamists outraged by his signing the Camp David peace accords with Israel. Some students have also volunteered to sell their kidneys.

The issue threatens to further complicate attempts at restoring Iran-Egypt relations. Tehran severed diplomatic ties after Egypt sheltered the shah when he was toppled in the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Recent efforts to renew links have foundered partly on Egypt's insistence that Iran rename a street in Tehran honouring Sadat's assassin, Khaled Islambouli.

‘Israel’s Inalienable Rights’


By Charles Glass ∙ via ∙ January 19, 2009

Self-evident Truths: For Barack Obama on the Eve of His Inauguration as President of the United States.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to pursue terrorists in the Gaza Strip and everywhere else they are hiding.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to attack houses, mosques, churches, United Nations shelters, schools and hospitals to kill terrorists.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to expropriate the land of Palestinian farmers for Israeli Jewish settlers.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to arrest, torture and brutalise Palestinians who resist the expropriation of their land.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to restrict the movement of Palestinians from one place to another in order to protect the settlements it has built on land expropriated, by inalienable right, from Palestinians.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to demolish the houses of Palestinians, provided: the land on which the houses stand are needed for Israeli settlement; the owners of the houses are related to terrorist suspects; or Israeli military commanders determine that demolition is necessary.
  • Israel has the right to erect concrete walls within the occupied territories to put more land on the Israeli side of the line for future use by Israeli settlers.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to establish road networks that non-Israeli residents of the occupied territories are forbidden to use.
  • Israel has the right to instruct the President of the United States how the Secretary of State must vote at the United Nations, which criminals must be granted presidential pardons and how he should treat other nations of the Middle East.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to a minimum of $1,500 per Israeli Jewish citizen every year from the American Treasury.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to the most sophisticated and lethal American weaponry.
  • Israel has the right to deploy any and all American weapons on terrorists, whether in violation of international law or agreements with the United States not to deploy phosphorous and cluster bombs against civilian populations.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to defy United Nations resolutions and World Court rulings. (A corollary of this right means that United Nations resolutions do not apply to Israel.)
  • Israel has the inalienable right to accuse those who disagree with its occupation “anti-Semites,” unless the dissenters are Jewish, in which case Israel has the inalienable right to declare them “self-hating.”
  • Israel has the inalienable right to demand the dismissal of American academics, journalists and politicians who voice opinions that question any of Israel’s inalienable rights.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to invoke the memory of the victims of Nazi persecution to exempt itself from blame for any of its actions.
  • Israel has the inalienable right to determine what rights the Palestinians have.


  • The Palestinians have no right to resist military occupation, confiscation of land, seizure of their water supply, collective punishment, arbitrary taxation, torture, public beatings, school closures and the destruction of crops and orchards.
  • The Palestinians have no right to disobey Israeli soldiers’ orders or to appeal for outside assistance.
  • The Palestinians have no right to non-violent civil disobedience, to armed struggle or to international representation to present their case.
  • The Palestinians have no right to withhold taxes that pay for the Israeli occupation.
  • The Palestinians have no rights, except those granted to them by the Israeli authorities, whose inalienable rights may not be contested.