Friday, 25 March 2011


By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

The British Newspapers The Independent published an article today, Thursday, 24 March 2011 in which it stated:

"Fury and shock in Jerusalem as bomb attack shatters seven years of peace"

According to the "reputable" British newsrag "THE INDEPENDANT", no one was killed in Lebanon, 2006 bombing , no child was slaughtered in Gaza, no one was killed or wounded in occupied Palestine , no woman died at checkpoint, no humanitarian activists were killed on board of a ship, no babies died of lack of medication, no child was shot in the head, as the region enjoyed a magical "seven years of peace"

"The Independent" dependency on Zionist collaboration is too big to fail.
So this newsrag collaborates in the now so common yet criminal incitement of hatred against Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians.

"The Independent" is such a misnomer that they totally fail to reflect something the whole world has of course started to notice, namely that for Jewish-Zionist-Israelis and their collaborators words such as "Peace" are exclusive to Jewish-Zionist-Israelis, since they mean savage slaughter of the indigenous Arabs and the destruction of the Historical Holy Land. Their false claim of "security for the Jews" logically implies that the life of non-Jewish "gentiles", do not count!

They slaughter and steal, they call it a "Jewish Nation" and where they was a civilization there is devastation, but they call it "peace" !

If "The Independent" were not a gross misnomer, they would NOT bow to Jewish-Zionist pressure and publish the "seven years of peace" nonsense, and publish instead the tragic reality of seven decades of a war of conquest and an occupation by Jewish-Zionist terrorists who claim to be a "Nation" when in reality they are nothing else but an army, and at this an army of terrorists engaging in acts of utmost psychopathic savagery from slow genocide to the total destruction of the historical epicenter of the three monotheistic pillars that shaped our civilizations. Hence, this army faking to be a Nation, is the enemy of not only Palestine and the Holy Land, but of the enemy of every human being, and the enemy of civilization itself.

Before the invasion of these savage Jewish-Zionist hordes inventors of "terrorism", Palestine and Palestinians were admired for the cohesiveness of its society, and only the departure of these hordes of psychopathic savages will ensure Peace to come back to the Holy Land, and the restoration of its beauty possible, for seven centuries of Peace, hopefully.

It is the moral obligation for every news outlet, to take position to defend Palestine and the Palestinians, for Justice and Peace, against the Jewish-Zionist-Israeli Crimes Against Humanity.

History will not be clement with those who supported the "Jewish State"


Another dedicated soldier in the "Army of Zion" is the "professor of Torture", and " Police State advocate" Alan Dershowitz who declared that Torture could be justified, in his most recent dispatch, he shamelessly states that “Israel Now Has The Right To Attack Iran’s Nuclear Reactors

Alan Dershowitz

Quotes by the soldier of Zion, the Chabadist Dershowitz:

"We cannot rest until there is at least one Chabad shliach on every major college campus in the world"
"The enemies of the Jewish people focus on campuses . . . . that’s why Chabad’s presence on campuses today is crucial . . . to inoculate students against the anti-semitism and apathy, and to make young people proud of being Jewish.”

"Chabad houses on college campuses we are seeing a revolution in American university education which has been stimulated by Chabad. A major revolution!"

Everyone will need to carry identity papers and will need to produce them at regular intervals....anyone who opposes effective self-defense must support effective police-state measures to make up the lack.”

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