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"Veteran" SAMI JADALLAH: I always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both Israelis and Palestinians"

SAMI JADALLAH contributes at PTT, the Hasbara (Closed not Hacked) site, being American since 1962, and as "a former soldier with JD in law from top ranking school" he condemn the cold blooded murder of inocent Israeli, "whether the methods of acts are suicide bombings or planting bombs in restaurants, supermarkets or buses"

Sami  always wondered "why would any one fire a ‘rocket” when this rocket is useless as those who manufacturer it and those who fires it?"

Another Palestinian Idiot smeared hamas for using useless "Mickey Mouse rocket"
and Mickey Mouse "Resistance" He spent years shaking the shit bag over his head  after hearing "Hamas declaring that it would stop an Israeli invasion of Gaza,"



"As a practicing Muslim, well versed in the Quran and with some intelligence, I do not need the opinions of these âulamasâ with irresponsible fatwas that gave justifications for murder and killings through suicide bombing"
"Hamas political and military leadership was reckless and irresponsible before, during and after the War on Gaza."
"Hamas leadership that recruited, trained and set recruits on suicide mission is guilty of cold blooded murder."



... Since you are well versed in the Quran. I would like to draw your attention to some verses instructing yous to fight aganst those who started the fight against you. To slay them wherever you find them, and drive them out of the places they drove you out , And to attack them like manner as they attacked you .

2.190 . Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you , but begin not hostilities . Lo! Allah loveth not , aggressors .

2.191 . And slay them wherever ye find them , and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out , for persecution is worse than slaughter . And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there , but if they attack you ( there ) then slay them . Such is the reward of disbelievers .

2.192 . But if they desist , then lo! Allah is Forgiving , Merciful .

2.193 . And fight them until persecution is no more , and religion is for Allah . But if they desist , then let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers .

2.194 . The forbidden month for the forbidden month , and forbidden things in retaliation . And one who attacketh you , attack him like manner as he attacked you . Observe your duty to Allah , and know that Allah is with those who ward off ( evil ) .

So, sami, Quran instruct you to fight your occupier, untill ending the occupation, and I assume you agree with me that the so called Isarel is also a Palestinian occupied land. Setllers are not only those occupying 1967 land.
Consequentely, I consider all "peacful jews" even our friend Uri, they are settler until they go to where they come from. More

At the same above mentioned Hasbara site the "Veteran" Sami wrote:

"In the end I think what we need is for the UN to take over releasing our people from being held hostage by Israel, PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front, Democratice Front, and Stupid Front."


SAMI JADALLAH : Israel and Facilitating Palestinian “terrorism” March 24, 2011 posted by Veterans Today

Too bad the US and the West only condemn the killing and murder of Israelis killed at the hands of Palestinians but never condemn the cold blooded murder of Palestinians committed by Israel, its army and its armed thugs the settlers.

by Sami Jamil Jadallah

New clashes errupt in OPT
One has to ask and wonder why the sudden escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza and why Jerusalem after calms and quite is witnessing its first “terrorist” acts in many years?

I always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both Israelis and Palestinians and never deemed “suicide” bombings as acts of “martyrdom” but acts of cold-blooded murder. Targeting unarmed civilians whether Israelis or Palestinians, whether the methods of acts are suicide bombings or planting bombs in restaurants, supermarkets or buses or through bombs dropped from F-16s or Apaches are simple acts of terrorism. To the dead whether Israeli or Palestinian civilians the methods of murders do not changed the fact that a simple cold-blooded murder was committed.

The fact that Israeli terrorist acts are committed by uninformed Israeli soldiers or by armed Israeli settlers and directed at Palestinian civilians, or Palestinian terrorist acts committed by armed Palestinians groups and directed at Israeli civilians is simply wrong.  Too bad the US and the West only condemn the killing and murder of Israelis killed at the hands of Palestinians but never condemn the cold blooded murder of Palestinians committed by Israel, its army and its armed thugs the settlers.  Innocent people were killed in Gaza yesterday and innocent Israelis were killed today, yet, and as expected President Obama and Secretary Clinton chose to ignore Palestinian deaths and only recognized Israeli losses.
And as usual, Palestinian leadership are always called upon to condemn Israeli deaths while no one, specially the Palestinian leadership dare to call and make the same demands of Israeli leaders the cold blooded murder of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli army. It clear and obvious that an Israeli/Jewish life is much more worthy than a Palestinian/Arab life. Palestinians are always guilty even when innocent, and Israelis are always innocent no matter the crimes committed. An Israeli life is worth recognizing and a Palestinian life is not worth mentioning.

Israel and for so many years have not only engaged in acts of terrorism inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories directed at militant and civilians alike but engaged in targeted assassinations of Palestinians around the world. Of course no one talks of these acts of terrorism. Israel terrorist organizations even engaged in killing their own people.
Also and for a long time, Israel domestic security services the SHABAK have engaged in recruiting Palestinians specially in Gaza to do its biddings and support its targeted assassinations allowing Israeli on the ground agents to help through intelligence gathering and planting of tracking devices to kill and murder a number of Palestinian leaders and hundreds of innocent by standers.

In Gaza, Israel is so successful in recruiting so many Palestinians in the tens of thousands as informers and collaborators penetrating the highest echelons of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their militias. No need to mention Fatah here.

While I do not have very specific intelligence information, I dare say that the recent spat of rockets attacks are not only promoted and facilitated by Israeli handlers but is promoted at the highest echelons of Israeli government.

I always wondered why would any one fire a ‘rocket” when this rocket is useless as those who manufacturer it and those who fires it?  Hamas contrary to its claims of putting law and order is unable to manage these renegade Israeli collaborators and agents, within Gaza and is unable to counter SHABAK activities in Gaza.

One has to wonder, with an Apartheid Wall almost a mile wide if not a mile high, with more than 600 security checkpoints where not even a chicken can pass through, all of sudden someone plant a bomb on a bus in Jerusalem.

The Gaza rockets and the bombing of the bus in Jerusalem raise lots of questions not only of Israeli alleged terrorism fighting machines but raised questions of why now?

Bibi Netanyahu is soon traveling to the US, and he is scheduled to make a speech before a joint session of congress where the issue of “Palestinian Terrorism” will sure will be a topic of discussions and will be used by Netanyahu and his partners within the American administration to side step and avoid the issues of settlements and the “peace process”.
I even will go further to say that Israeli is behind such acts of terrorism, through facilitating such the bombing of the bus in Jerusalem and of course the recent rockets attacks from Gaza.

The Palestinian people must make every effort to expunge their society of these Israeli agents and collaborators.  Frankly only stupid reckless thugs can do such a thing, and commit these acts that put the people at great risk.  Tens of thousands of these useless so called rockets where fired without making any significant damage and one has to see the damage caused by Israeli in Gaza. Time for the leadership of Hamas and Fatah to take their responsibility seriously. The Palestinian people could not afford so many collaborators and Israeli agents within their midst.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sami Jamil Jadallah, Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh ( presently under Israeli Military Occupation). Immigrated to the US in 62. After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army ( 66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers where in US military service about the same time. Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Juris Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU,was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center and founder and owner of several business in technology and services.

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