Friday, 22 April 2011

Rising above

عصفور طل من الشباك

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

Rising above

Soaked in humiliation
Standing in the corner
Of the -security check- cubical
All alone
No mum to hold my hand
Or calm down my fear
No dad to hide my shame
And wipe my tears away
No shoes, no socks, no clothes
Not even underwear
After being stripped
By her…

The stern face
Of this woman soldier
Was looking down at me
In fury and contempt

She started her interrogation:
Where are you going to?
Palestine, my little shaky voice replied
Where are you going to? louder and firmer
Palestine, swiftly this time
There is no Palestine, do you understand
No more Palestine
Where are you going? shouting with rage
Palestine, assertively
Determined to deny her the pleasure
Of hearing the word
She wanted to hear

A refugee, visiting my stolen Palestine
For the first time
Since the occupation
A little girl of nine
Defiant, full of dignity, I leave
Holding in my heart
My very own victory

1 comment:

neil said...

palestine I bid you peace
from the tempest of my heart
the place where the sun rises
where light shines through the dark
the place where lions gather
and songbirds come to sing
sweet sweet songs of paradise
fluttering their wings
springtime golden rivers
fills the moment with sunshine
each of you beloved
each of you divine
israhell is slowly falling
back into the pits
the place where it came from
fractured into bits.