Wednesday, 20 April 2011

In the name of......another name.

then, meant enslaving other humans
to build a land they stole from ,also ,other humans.

In the past 350 years
the Western-World
invaded and occupied
and colonised 2/3 of this Globe........
all that happened,
in the name of
Christianity and of the Christianising of others.

Today, they do the same ,but,
in the name of Democracy and Democratising
or eventually in the name of "Human-rights".

Ask ,please, Bernard Koushner....

They could not christianise the Muslim-world
because all the Muslims believed, anyhow, in the same Jesus Christ,
so now they want, to democratise-the-Muslim-world.

Hoping that the Muslim-world shall soon obey the rule
and the reign of the Talmud.

Raja Chemayel
a Christian-Muslim and a democrat-Arab
Posted by Tlaxcala at 7:39 PM
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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