Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Stranger than Fiction!

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

By nahida the exiled Palestinian

For the Jewish-Zionist occupiers of Palestine, the “Facts on the Ground” are all the contrary of a humanistic achievement. The most visible part of it, is the criminal behavior, the sociopathic degree of cruelty and violence, the total absence of empathy and compassion, these sadistic occupiers of Palestine do exhibit.

Were it not for the deception, hypocrisy, lies and trickery, their crimes would appear for what they are: Monstrous, and belonging to the dark ages.

The victims of these barbarians ought to be vigilant more than ever, because the aims are more obvious than ever: annihilation of the Palestinians, destruction and rewriting of the history of the Holy Land.

The rhythm of assassination of Palestinians, as well as their most heroic supporters, is accelerating at the same rhythm as the Jewish-zionist occupiers are falling deeper into a spiral of manic sociopathy and abject narcissism. Their disrespect for non-Jewish life and hatred of anything outside their bubble has reached extreme levels.

Combining international pro-Zionist organizations with contemporaneous technology, the reach of the nefarious Zionists and their allies is such, that their crimes are not confined any more to occupied Palestine.

The level of damage these reprehensible organizations are causing to many countries is staggering, and at this stage only a practical, factual and determined Resistance can stop this destructive dynamic.

Palestine is at the center of this Resistance, and that is why the first step to bring justice and peace to the world, is to bring about the Liberation of Palestine.

Many of our friends are hoodwinked into believing that the best solution to the Palestinian problem is to call for a secular one-state solution with one-person, one-vote; they fail to see the inherent injustice and the hidden perilous venom in such seemingly fair, reasonable and harmless solution.

Since over a century and up to this very day, every day, Zionist-Jews are still flooding Palestine in their thousands, with the illegitimate claim of the ideological “birthright” concept of aliyah, allegedly a “divine inheritance” to “chosen people".

Hence the Jewish-zionist invasion and colonization of Palestine still continues DAILY at the expense of millions of tormented, exiled and dispossessed Palestinians.

Furthermore, there are millions of Jews world wide who are not residing in Palestine, but who are considered "entitled", according to fascist racist “laws” of the Jewish-state, to apply for "Israeli" citizenship, on the sole “virtue” of their “Jewishness”, no matter where they are, no matter what they do, no matter which race they come from, no matter what nationality they have, as long as they are Jewish or have a vague Jewish ancestor somewhere along the line.

That implies that, technically, "Israeli" citizens are not the only citizens of Palestine. Every single Jew in the world is theoretically an an Israeli citizen. Every single Jew in the world is actuality a "reserve-standby-citizen", and can become an Israeli citizen, if they so wish, almost instantaneously.

Insane demographic situation arises:

The second largest number of Jews live in the USA, about 40% of world Jewry, and almost the same number as Jews live in Occupied Palestine. 95% of US Jews support Israel as a Jewish state. Hence a MAJORITY of Jews worldwide are potential colonizers and occupiers. Rest assured that they would indeed “come out of the woodwork” at a critical moment, whenever they are called to vote for the consolidation of the exclusionary and xenophobic Jewish state. No one really knows how many Jews world wide already carry the "Israeli" citizenship, yet choosing to stay in their own countries. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that it is a significant figure.

That means if and when a solution of a one-state with equal rights for all becomes eminent or within reach, the majority of world Jewry might flock to Palestine claiming the right of citizenship, the right to vote and/ or reside!

This insane reality would send a devastating earthquake to Palestine, since the demography would be skewed and literally reversed! The indigenous Palestinians would be relegated to be a minority, yet again, in their entire homeland this time, so that the current status qou would simply continue behind a new and improved fake facade of “democracy”, one-person, one-vote trap.

The number of Jewish people worldwide is much higher than Palestinians, the majority of whom are Zionists, loyalists to the Jewish state. If they were to be granted equal rights and the right to vote, the Palestinian aim of achieving justice would become further than ever and their dream for peace would be slaughtered at the altar of “Jewish supremacy” and "divine entitlement"

Even with the implementation of the right of return, this scenario would present a renewed tragedy and a new cataclysmic Nakba for the enduring Palestinians! It would only fortify and reinforce the statue qou of utter madness and injustice, against which, Palestinians and international humanists have fought and sacrificed their lives for decades.

The inability or unwillingness to see the injustice of granting colonizers, thieves and murderers the same rights of ownership and citizenship as those whom they robbed and tortured is mind-boggling.

The naivety and loss of sight of the advocates of one-state, one-man one-vote, with equal rights for all, is beyond me.

To add insult to injury, Palestinians are left alone to face not only the occupation and theft of their land and lives but also an ominous ideology that spews ugly venom of supremacy, racism and contempt to all that is non-Jewish, an ideology that views gentiles as sub-humans whose sole purpose of creation is to serve the Jews, an 'ideology that’s becoming rapidly more prevalent‏ spreading at alarming rates amongst Jewish communities’ world wide. Moreover, the followers of this destructive, anti-human ideology are able to achieve unprecedented levels of influence, control and dominance in many host societies. At the same time, our Jewish supporters continue to dance around this fact preferring to look the other way. They continue to underplay this reality, dismiss it completely or even worse, deny it all together, some might even attempt to silence the debate about it by accusing those who bring it up with the infamous truth-mutter, anti-Semitism !

Jewish extremist and supremacist group Chabad, feels at home in the Pentagon

The unwillingness and lack of desire to acknowledge let alone confront or fight this extremely dangerous ideology, by the few good Jewish voices, along with the criminal actions of the Jewish state would only result in the inevitable and ultimate rise of REAL anti-Semitism

If the Jewish-Zionists continue their practice of aggression and vindictive hostility, and if their ideological core continues to grow and expand and take over their policies, there would come a day of rage when the world’s patience would run out and cease to be, and their wrath no doubt would be unleashed against such supremacists baby-killers, who set themselves apart from all others, who see every evil act they do as a justified divine entitlement bestowed upon their tribe, against the wellbeing, the interest and the prosperity of the rest of humanity. It is a slippery road towards the abyss of their destruction that they are heading to, yet they perceive not.

The only way that might redeem and protect honest Jewish people from this bleak future is by fighting and working to eradicate such glaring supremacist Cabalistic ideology posturing itself as Judaism, that lingers in their midst.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how could our Jewish friends and supporters fail to foresee this scenario and take the brave and dignified measures to stop it from happening?

The absurdity of it all is stranger than fiction!

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