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Khalid Amayreh's Open letter to Erdogan : say "NO" to Israel 's new solicitations

"The Syrian regime must change, or it will be changed" Thus Fa*ted Khalid Amayreh from the land occupied by Dayton's army on behalf of "Nazi Like" Israel.

Though he is the the main (may be the only) commenter at PIC, his Fa*t was not puplished.
Now I understand Khalid's threat "The Syrian regime must change, or it will be changed"

Was he speaking on behalf of Sutan Erdugan?

Moreover, the day of Hamas and Fatah reconciliation was his big day "A great day for Palestine"

But Khalid's great days turned into a sad dark day, after he discovered that Sultan Erdugan is not Sultan Abdulhamid, though Erdogan refused to meet Mashaal khalid thinks that Erdugan whose stabed Necmettin Erbakan, his God father, in the back would care to read his open letter, and may refuse the Amirican deal.

"I know I have no right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state. However, Turkey is not just another state, and the Palestinians are not just another people" he wrote, but has the full right to interfere in affairs of Syria. "The Syrian regime must change, or it will be changed"

Open letter to Erdogan : say "NO" to Israel 's new solicitations
[ 22/06/2011 - 11:42 PM ]
By Khalid Amayreh

Seeking to restore erstwhile good relations with Turkey, Israeli prime Minister Benymain Netanyahu has asked Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to forget the past and turn over a new leaf in Israeli-Turkish relations.

Last year, Netanyahu ordered the Israeli navy to massacre Turkish activists en route to the Gaza Strip to show solidarity with the estimated 1.6 million blockaded Gazans for daring to try to free themselves from Jewish-Zionist oppression and subjugation.

At least nine Turks were murdered in cold blood in the gruesome massacre for which Israel is yet to apologize. Some Orthodox rabbinic authorities don't recognize non-Jews as fully human and see their lives as having no sanctity, especially in comparison to Jews.

There is no doubt that Israel seriously miscalculated Turkish reactions both to brazen Israeli interference in Turkey's internal affairs and also the Nazi-like treatment Israel was (and still is ) meting out to Israel's subjects and neighbors, especially in the Gaza Strip and Southern Lebanon.

In Turkey, Israel attempted to undercut Erdogan's Justice and Development party by instructing the pro-Zionist Masonic arm to destabilize the government. It also tried to incite the historically-secular military establishment against new quasi-Islamic rulers. In several instances, Israeli agents asked some high ranking Turkish officers to disobey and overrule their government.

Turkey made some strenuous efforts to mediate between Israel and some of her neighbors.

However, instead of walking in the path of peace, Israel sought relentlessly to exterminate Lebanese and Palestinians in the thousands. This genocidal approach toward the very people with whom Israel claims to want to make peace reached a high point in 2008-09 when the Israeli army, navy and air force carried out a blitzkrieg against the Gaza Strip, killing, incinerating and maiming thousands and destroying tens of thousands of homes throughout the coastal enclave.

Less than two years earlier, Israel dropped between 2-3 million cluster bomb-lets over southern Lebanon, causing incalculable damage.

One doesn't have to be a great mathematician to calculate that 2-3 million bombs can kill or maim 2-3 million children. This is at least half-a holocaust by the Israeli Jewish standards.

Now, all the pornographic murder and destruction the Israeli war machine was inflicting on basically innocent, helpless and unprotected civilians were being watched on TV screens around the world.

Among the viewers who had "a wonderful time" watching the very people who boast about being "the light upon the nations" have a free season on Palestinian and Lebanese children, were 75 million Turks.

They watched with seething anger their coreligionists in Gaza and southern Lebanon being slaughtered like sheep while the emulators of the Third Reich were shouting terror! Hamas! Auschwitz and anti-Semitism.

Israeli barbarianism is not a thing of the past. Israel continues to commit real crimes against the Palestinian people every minute, every hour, and every day. Criminality is Israel's modus operandi and dishonesty is her ultimate policy.

My grandfather was an officer in the Ottoman army. He viewed the Ottoman state as our state, the Ottoman Sultan as our Sultan. His loyalty to the Ottoman state was an inextricable part of his loyalty to Islam.

In 1953, the newly established Israeli army killed my three uncles Hussein, Mahmoud and Yousuf in a single day. And until this moment, the Israeli state never said sorry. It seems "mea culpa" doesn’t exist in Hebrew.

When will Israel express real regret let alone apologize for her crimes? Perhaps when kosher pigs fly!

Today, Israel spares no chance to decapitate any conceivable chances for peace. In the West Bank, Israel allows the Nazi-like thugs, also known as settlers, to harass, brutalize and murder unarmed Palestinian villagers and peasants in order to force them to leave their ancestral homeland.

Moreover, these murderous thugs from Russia, North America and Eastern Europe routinely attack and torch mosques, thinking that by so doing they will please the Almighty.

More to the point, Netanyahu is still maintaining Israel's nefarious siege on the Gaza Strip and preventing building materials from getting into the coastal enclave.

This shows that Israel is not only destroying people's homes; it is also preventing them from rebuilding them.

Israel doesn't want to restore relations with Turkey so that the latter would have certain leverage or help in peace efforts which Israel never wasted a chance to scuttle and kill.

The truth of the matter is that Israel simply would like to use relations with Turkey to counter balance the new political realities in the Arab world, especially Egypt.

More to the point, Israel hopes that next time Israel commits genocide in Gaza or elsewhere, Turkey will show minimal public indignation.

I know I have no right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state. However, Turkey is not just another state, and the Palestinians are not just another people.

Hence, I would like to remind my brother Recep Teyyip Erodogan not to be tricked by the this pathological liar in occupied Jerusalem who thinks that lying is the best policy especially in dealing with " sheepish" Gentiles whom the Almighty created solely to serve the master race!!!

Sir, Don't be cajoled or deceived by this liar, who practices mendacity as often as he breathes the oxygen of life, and his ministers who really deeply hate Turkey in their hearts, especially a Turkey that values truth, freedom and justice.


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