Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One of Released US Spies of “Jewish Roots”

Following the release of the two American nationals convicted of illegal entry and espionage in Iran, Joshua Fattal, one of the two American hikers released from an Iranian prison last week, is the son of an Israeli citizen and has visited the country many times over the years, an Israeli television has reported.

Israel's Channel 2 television claimed that Shane Michael Bauer and Joshua Felix Fattal's being Jewish had not been announced to prevent their situation from becoming worse.
After spending 781 days behind bars in Iran, Fattal and his friend Shane Bauer returned to the United States on Sunday.

Fattal's father, Jacob, was born in Iraq and immigrated to Israel, only to move to the United States later on. His son has visited “Israel” numerous times over the years, including a short trip prior to his and Bauer's hiking trip.

The two were joined by another American, Sarah Shourd, and began their journey in Syria, traveling across to the Iranian-Iraqi border where they were arrested for suspected espionage.

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