Thursday, 16 February 2012

it is Iran , again !!

A Democracy that lies ,
a Distatorship that does not
At the time when, Lebanon´s resistance
and the Syrian regime are attacked
only because of their relations to Iran,
(and ,consequently,their animosity to Israel)

At the time when, the UN and the NATO
has ran out of arguments as to why and how
to boycott Iran.

At the time when, the whole world is so curious
to know whether Iran has , or has not , an Atom-bomb.
(therefore it will be a violent state , like France,Israel and the UK)

Suddenly...... Israeli-embassies are being targeted !!!
( and the accused is Iran......of course !!)

I wonder why ? Dear Dr. Watson

Sherlock Hommos
investigator of world´s theatrical shows.

PS :
Two decades ago,
an Iranian embassy employee in Argentina
was accused of organising a bombing in Buenos Aeres,
but only, 4 years after he has had already left that city.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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