Thursday, 16 February 2012

France presses but Turkey declines creation of Syrian 'buffer zones'!


"(Reuters) ... Under the French plan, humanitarian corridors would link Syrian population centers to the frontiers of Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan, to the Mediterranean coast or to an airport.
Juppe has said the zone could be protected by armed "observers," but has ruled out direct military intervention...."
"(AP) ... But such intervention, even with U.N. support that is currently lacking, threatens deeper sectarian and regional conflict — a prospect that may make the Turks wary.
"This issue is not on our agenda at the moment," said Selcuk Unal, spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry. "We are following things very closely. We don't want the bloodshed to continue. We don't want instability to continue. We are ready for every kind of eventuality."
Unal did not entirely reject the idea of a buffer zone, a sign of awareness that the crisis was difficult to predict in the long term...."
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