Thursday, 16 February 2012

Arab Ambassador: 'It's a dangerous escalation when the Qataris & Saudis insist on "all kinds of support including weapons"'!


"... Smuggled guns are filtering into Syria but it is not clear if Arab or other governments are backing any such transfers. Iraqi security officials say there are signs Sunni Muslim insurgents are beginning to cross the border to join Syrian rebels. Smugglers are cashing in as prices double for weapons reaching Syria concealed in commercial traffic. For now, however, such weaponry cannot match the firepower that Assad’s military can bring to bear, analysts say, but that could change if Assad fails to heed Arab peace calls. A non-Gulf Arab ambassador said Qatar and Saudi Arabia had insisted on the “material support” wording to cover “all kinds of support including weapons in future”, adding: “But we see this as a dangerous escalation.”
A senior Arab diplomat voiced fears that such a step could ignite a conflagration in Syria, a nation of Sunnis, Alawites, Christians, Kurds and Druze at the heart of the Arab world. “It is a very sensitive situation in Syria. The door is open for a lot of possibilities,” .... "

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