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‘Israel’ Escalates, Hezbollah Threatens ..

Eslam al-Rihani
Israel escalates; Hezbollah threatens to bomb Haifa after bombing Safad. The Israeli army bombed southern Lebanon, targeting civilians.
On the second day of July war 2006, Zionist army continues to bomb the southern Lebanon’s villages and towns. Hezbollah responded with a heavy bombardment on northern occupied territories.
The July war had expanded into the depth of southern Lebanon. Zionist entity already responded with air strikes, artillery bombardment and with gunboats. As of this date five Lebanese bridges had been destroyed.
Dan Halutz (left) Ehud Olmert (right.)
Zionist Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz warned that he would attack Lebanon's infrastructure and "turn back the clock in Lebanon 20 years" if the two abducted soldiers were not returned.

Zionist Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promised a "very painful and far-reaching response. We are already responding with great strength...The cabinet will convene tonight to decide on a further military response by the Israeli Defense Forces."
The IOF began preparing for a widespread aerial assault on Lebanon, after a "severe" response to the Resistance operation had been approved.
“The response will include a series of aerial attacks against Hezbollah, and particularly against the batteries of rockets aimed at Israel that the organization has stationed along the northern border. This operation is expected to last for several days. The IDF also recommended various operations aimed at the Lebanese government and strategic targets in Lebanon,” Haaretz reported on July 13, 2006.

Residents of northern border communities inside occupied Palestine had been ordered into shelters, and Zionist Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered the Home Front Command to prepare “for the defense” of dozens of other communities that were not vulnerable to Hezbollah fire in the past, but “are now reachable with the long-range rockets Hezbollah has deployed in recent years.”

The IOF also began preparing for a limited call-up of the reserves, since they considered it necessary if a ground operation in Lebanon might be later approved.
Olmert rejected Hezbollah's demand to purchase the kidnapped soldiers' freedom by releasing Lebanese and Palestinians jailed in the Zionist prisons.
The Zionist government also decided to demand that the international community enforce UN Security Council resolutions calling for the Lebanese army to disarm Hezbollah – i.e. the Resistance - and assume control of the border with the Zionist entity.


On Thursday; July 13, 2006, two enemy raids had targeted the bridge connecting Sidon with southern Lebanon, while others targeted Khardali Bridge locating between Marjoun and Nabatieh in the south. Reporters at the scene stated that 47 civilians were killed due to Israeli bombardment, where 12 persons belonging to the same family were killed while hiding in a shelter.

Earlier, the Israeli army imposed a full aerial, ground and naval blockade on Lebanon, claiming that ports are outlets carrying “weapons and terrorists to the terrorist organizations active in Lebanon.” Israeli radio quoted officials at the Chief of Staff, saying “the blockade will continue until further notice.”

Also in the same day, Israeli aircraft destroyed a Husseinia shrine in the village of Budai, near Baalbek, east of Lebanon. Lebanese police also reported that a young girl was killed and her two brothers wounded in an Israeli air strike on the town Zibqin south-east of Tyre, south Lebanon.
In another development, Israeli warplanes bomb the Al-Manar Channel building, located in southern Beirut suburb, without ceasing to broadcast. Civilians as well were forced to leave their homes after being targeted by Israeli forces.
Air traffic at Beirut International Airport had been stopped after being targeted by Zionist warplanes assault. Coming flights had been converted to the airport at Larnaca, Cyprus. Israeli entity claimed the airport was used by Hezbollah to transport weapons and military equipment.


In return, Hezbollah fighters fired long-range missiles of “Raad 1” type on an air base north of the occupied territories. A statement released by the Resistance revealed that its rockets hit their targets directly. Hezbollah threatened to bomb the city of Haifa if the Israeli entity attacked targets in Beirut or the southern suburbs.
Hezbollah Mujahedeen also bombed the town of Nahariya and Kiryat Shmona airport, in retaliation for the killing of scores of civilians and the Israeli bombing of Beirut airport.

Medical sources reported that one Israeli woman was killed due to the shelling and five others were wounded. The Israeli military acknowledged the fall of dozens of Katyusha rockets on northern towns.

News reported that IOF said a shell landed on one of its sites in the Galilee in northern Israel, after Hezbollah announced targeting the point with artillery and rocket weapons.

On the same day, Hezbollah said it bombed with rockets and artillery the Biranit site of the IOF in the Galilee region, stressing that it was a direct hit.

In July war on Lebanon, days and nights were connected. No pauses. No breaks. Nothing heard but the sound of Zionist MKs, warplanes and artilleries. The story has started yesterday and tomorrow another chapter of the Divine Victory will be recited.
Source: Al-Manar Website
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