Monday, 9 July 2012

WARNING . . . Palestinians, My Beloved, DO NOT Take the Bait

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

This is by far is the stickiest, most vile glue trap in the history of the Palestinian struggle for Liberation

 The campaigners of Post-Zionism  and cultural Zionism are the heirs of the Zionists serial killers. They are the godfathers of Morphing Zionism which I have already warned about.

This is the final push for cultural Zionists, to polish their product and repackage it in glitter, and to pretend that they are shedding off their "Zionism" which has already been defunct and obsolete anyway, after the achievement and fulfillment of all its aims (establishing a home land for the Jews in Palestine)

After the creation of the Zionist entity, the aims of the Zionist movement were fulfilled, but in order to finalize the dream and secure it forever, they divide themselves into two camps, who appear conflicting and at odds with each other, yet at heart they actually are two sides of the same coin, they are the two "heroes" in the same horror movie, dancing to the same Zionist tune;

The first players are the Zionist hawks who use their iron fist to crush Palestinians on the ground, assassinate their leadership, kill their potential think tanks, steal more land, imprison more people, neutralize their spirit of resistance, by doing so they aim to erase hope and aspiration of the entire nation.

The second players are the doves, who stealthily and sneakingly prepare the grounds for the last stage of conquest and take over of historic Palestine, wearing a "humanistic" mask, they provide the cover up needed for their brethren to complete their mission on the ground.

Now, after establishing their ugly reality on the ground, and feeling the wind f change, which most certainly not in their favour, the doves hasten and dress up in sheep clothing and "offer" us as a "solution" to "transform" the "Zionist Israel" into a "democratic Israel" (knowing all too well that democracy as a system is by now completely vacuous -a system where the rich and powerful elite rule the brainwashed malleable masses).

Let us watch one of their "doves" who undoubtedly has been groomed to play a significant role in the future "state" they are preparing their troops for:

Miko Peled on the trap of "One State"

ISRAEL" is already one state, there is no question about the fact that it is a bi-national state, because when everybody is governed by the same government, that is one state."

"If the walls came down tomorrow, and people in Gaza were free, all the teachers, the lawyers, the educators, the social workers, the counselors, the doctors, the engineers, they all get a work. There is plenty of work for them. “ISRAEL" has a shortage of doctors, there is lots of doctors in Gaza"

Peled does not even mention the word PALESTINE, the "future democratic state" he talks about is “ISRAEL" greater, more expanded, more sinister, more hideous and ever more powerful with a shroud of impotent democracy..Those wolves in sheep clothing seek to legitimize and legalize their fake entity by luring Palestinians, wishing to obtain this legitimization through Palestinian "naivety".

Not a word about restitution, compensation, right of return, giving back the 94% of the land of Palestine stolen by Zionist terror, and more importantly: no mention of the enforcement of JUSTICE by the indictment of ALL who verifiably have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity i.e. every single person who took part in perpetrating such crimes.

Is this what Palestinians have been "yearning" for, for decades?

Is this what they have been striving for and have sacrificed their lives to achieve This is what will fulfill their aspiration which they had for generations to achieve?

  • Voluntarily legalizing the theft of their own Homeland !
  • Willingly aiding to finalize the Zionist project !
  • Submissively allowing the criminal Jewish-Zionist state to get closer to becoming "greater israel" !
  • Gracefully helping the genocidal entity to expand even more, annexing what is left of Palestine!
  • Obediently live as "equals", next to a cluster of some "chosen" supremacist, who are just a teeny weeny bit more equal than others !
  • Slavishly, bow down and submit in servitude to the "godly beings" who tortured, robbed and raped them!
  • Gratefully, live "side by side" next to the "humble" "nation of priests" for whom and for their sake alone, the entire universe was created !
  • Gleefully, share their homes with the "sons of kings" who stole their homes, orchards and entire Homeland in the first place!

Can this "light unto the nations" invented "nation" produce better ploy than this monstrous deal?

Can their "genius" minds come up with a more gluey trap than that?

Does this Miko Peled "chosen" settler, his ilk and his supremacists tribe really think that they can take us for a ride?

Do they take us for idiots?

Are these people really insane, simply criminals, atrociously evil, or utterly satanic with not one atom of humanity left in them??

  Let Miko Peled know that such "sweet" glue trap is not for us. NOT FOR PALESTINIANS.

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