Saturday, 10 March 2018

Marcus Papadopoulos on what East #Ghouta is really about

By Jan Oberg
Right after the very heavy fighting about East Ghouta and the UN Security Council’s ceasefire resolution, Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos is given what must be perceived as a very rare opportunity by a mainstream media  – skyNews Australia – to present a completely different perspective.
You do not have to agree with every word, the important thing is that you listen carefully to an obviously knowledgeable person who makes an interesting analysis totally different from the one you are usually presented with.
In a few minutes he basically undermines, in a superbly clear and eloquent manner, the Western manufactured narrative that has been repeated to such an extent that, fortunately, more and more people begin to ask two set of questions:
Why is it that Western mainstream media’s coverage is so uniform – same angles, same words, same accusations, same images, same videos, same human stories?
How come there are so much footage produced, all in the same style and the far majority depicting the extremely dubious White Helmets operating as humanitarian rescuers?
Why is it that one can observe also same omissions: Not a word about the history, about who has occupied East Ghouta, not a picture of the occupying al-Qaeda affiliates and RIOTS (Rebels, Insurgents, Opposition and Terrorists) as I call them – only images and footage of the victims (and 90% of the images of children) – no images of attacks on Damascus from East Ghouta. No mention of a country’s right to self defence according to Article 51 of the UN Charter when hundreds of foreign fighters, supported by NATO countries (and some of their units) and their allies operate on Syrian territory attempting to carve it up and have attempted government change by force for years.
Finally, no history presented about the background to the conflict in general – of which Ghouta is a central part, as central as Aleppo. As an concrete example, no mention of December 12, 2012 when the Western-orchestrated “Friends of Syria” met in Marrakesh deposed the Syrian President by decree, set up a Syrian National Council and declared it the the only legitimate representatives of the Syrian people who had, of course, not been consulted.
In short, Western media keeping quiet about Western politics, interventionism and cruelty in Syria and the wider Middle East – historically as well as today – and thereby hiding their complicity in the deeply tragic Syrian drama that is, deceptively, still called a civil war…

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