Friday, 26 September 2008

Fithy Fath blaming Hamas for things that took place in Iraq

Please Do not miss this video (how low can fatah go ??)


This low and beyond. I cannot understand what the video says, but I guess it has to do with propaganda spread by the fatah-controlled palestinian TV, blaming Hamas for things taking place in Iraq. Hamas is going to sue them, and rightly so.-




Blaming Hamas for what "Mahdi army" did in Iraq, Is like Blaming Mahdi Army for every thing happenned to the palestinian in Iraq.

You nailed the "palestinian" thug: "I have said they might have been murdered by any militia or criminal gang existing in Iraq, starting with US-ZIO death squads (my first culprit) and following with ANY other armed militia or gang. Of course, next second culprit in my view are baath related thugs. Third would be gangs abducting/killing for ransom or to trafic with organs. I'll put the shias/Mehdi in the end.Remember, their pope Sistani had issued a Fatwa.-Lucia"

Remmember that thug, from the very moment, accused Syria for assasinating Imad Maghneyi and Ignored al other theories.

You spoiled a lot of your time and energy in that "baathist -saddamite pundit".

Qassem: Broadcast of ugly scenes never happened in Gaza is a misleading act

"RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Dr. Abdelsattar Qassem, a Palestinian writer and professor of political science, stated Wednesday that the ugly scenes from Iraq which the PA-affiliated Palestine TV broadcast claiming that they took place in the Gaza Strip are a manipulation of the Palestinian people's feelings and a misleading act.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC, Dr. Qassem warned that the PA is working on tarnishing the image of Hamas and mobilizing the public opinion against it, adding that the PA in Ramallah deliberately and greatly exaggerates events when it comes to Gaza.

The writer underlined that the professional integrity of the PA media outlets is totally absent, pointing out that the PA media had been broadcasting lies and misinformation since their inception.

Regarding the broadcast of such scenes while there is anticipation of national dialog, the writer said that talk about national dialog is a lie used by the PA for local consumption and is not likely to take place, but if it ever happens, it will not be serious.

In a press statement received by the PIC, the Palestinian police in Gaza decided to file a lawsuit against the Palestine TV for broadcasting ugly scenes from Iraq and claiming they happened in the Strip.

The Palestinian police called on the Palestine TV to refrain from belittling the citizen's mindset and from dealing with the Palestinian people as ignorant people."


Anonymous said...

the Fatah Channel showed those victims as being the Palestinians members of the Hillis family who were arrested by Hamas (for killing someone from another family and causing chaos with arms ) the people shown on the video are being dropped from above and getting abused and are described as People from Gaza
But the video is actually an older footage from CNN and those victims are Victims of saddam Hussein , being abused by the Iraqi secret service and thrown to be taught a lesson . the fatah channel has been exposed unfortunately not many people own a computer in the Palestinian territories , so many still believe the fatah story .

Anonymous said...

thank you for explaining it to me Fatima.

uprooted Palestinian said...


The source of the vedio is Hamas channel (Alaqsa), we say in Araqic, the Lies cord is too short.

Again, the lie confirms Lucia's view on Palestinians of Iraq. Palestinian of Iraq are Like Iraqis (Sunna and Shea) are the victims of Usrael invasion, even if some of them were killed Ziongangs working under the umberalla of Mahdi Army.

Anonymous said...

You spoiling your time and energy, UP

Yeah, definitely. But no more.

Things are stinky there from the moment he banned you, while alowing all that baathist filth. In case he wanted to justify it by alleging bad language being used, then those baathist aliases have done it worse by far, tens of times, being the first to attack, insult and provoke others.

I only regret I still have to access a few more times to look for and retrieve a series of links I'd left lately, that I want to save, and I didn't because I was posting on a rush.

But I'm finished with the Palestinian Pundit for the foreseeable future. That's a done deed.

uprooted Palestinian said...

"Things are stinky there from the moment he banned you, while alowing all that baathist filth."

Dear Lucia

He banned me twice, I returned after the the ban, because, it happenned that I changed my IP.

I, Myself spoiled a lot of time and energy, never ever think that he banned me because of my lanquage, for calling Layla a Whore, or Zara, Khara.. You may call names but avoid his excelancy.
H.E, was may main target, because he is the Boss, and while bloging for Palestine, he, directly and indirectly was hurting the Palestinian cause. I disagreed with him on First on Hamas, second on Syria, and third in Iran. I can't be a Hizbullah fond and attack Hizbullah alies/friends/supporters day and night.

He called you "Shiit fanatic", though you are nor, niether sunni, nor, Shiit, nor muslim.

I mocked him for attacking Islam, every now and then, Why does he involve islam when he talk about reactionary Islam, and Avoid Islam when he talk about revolutionry Islam?

You were honest and warned him, but he refused to listen, and shall never listen,
Let us see who will help him when he cry: Help I am out of posting Stuff.

I am sure, he regrets banning me, especially after making my bloq. The bloq was a message to him: I am not comming back under another name and/or a new IP,

To avoid losing, after seeng you her he wrote: In support of Lucia. But he did nothing to stop Baathist attacking you.

Now, Iran and the Shiit "thugs" are the enemy.

BTW, the story of Palestinians of Iraq, reminded me of War of the camps in Lebanon, which, in fact was not a war between Lebanese shea and palestinian sunna, It was a Poxy war between Assad and Araft.

It is the same shea (lead by Amal)who fought Palestinian, who are now protecting them under the leadership of Hizbullah

Anonymous said...

U.P., it is not stuff what he will miss, but supporters and readers. Stuff is easier to find, specially for a blog that deals with numerous subjects, despite its palestinian title.

Actually, long gone are the days when several interesting persons offered some input daily, be it a link or a comment.

The baathi-saddamite aliases evicted one after the other. You won't see ONE single post of these baathist-aliases that lacks insults or derogatory comments. So, it is only too logical that people left. I think that lately only Fatima (who has a heart of gold), and me, still remained - I mean other than the Saddamite freirs.

But this is what he wanted to. He allowed rabid prozionist comments, he allowed racist comments, he allowed anti-Muslim comments, he allowed insults and personal attacks, and he allowed all the way through and continues to allow pro-baathist-sadamist+Iran-Hizbullah-Hamas-phobic comments.

So, he's being self-destructive. He says he cannot moderate, but given the above, something must be done. If you don't maintainn your house tidy, you'll end up swallowed by the garbage. That simple.

Such huge volumes of disrespect on a forum cannot be tolerated. When there are abusing individuals who cannot behave socially or engage in a civil discussion, then some rules have to be put into place. And this does not mean censorship at all, but getting rid of abuse, which is a very different issue.

I have it clear that if the site's owner permits this abuse on his guests, he becomes part of it, even if pasively.

But, never mind. Let them enjoy together.

The internet is wide and vast, there is room for everybody.

uprooted Palestinian said...

I fully agree, even vineyard the other "Shiit fanatic" disappeared,
the "Palestinian" thug is alone with his Baathi comrades, and his Comrade Khara.

And of course,

the gold heart of "mother" Fatima, still justifying the deads of her "cute" kid.

Fatima used to tell me that he reminds her of her mother.

In fact, Fatima's gold heart reminds me of my mother who died 18months ago in a stoke after my sole brother (My friend, and my right hand) got sick with a seldom desease (one per million)and started losing his functions one after another, hopefully she died after he lost his balance and shot memory and she didn't seen him with a forest of light suporting tubes he folloed her after one year and on the same day of her death. We never told him about her death and he never asked about her, because he was not able to talk during his last several months.

My mother used to mock me, because I was not in harmony with my Brother in Law (After mother's death he became an Ex-brother in law.

uprooted Palestinian said...

Conspiracy? What conspiracy? "Palestinian sources confirmed on Friday that Israel has granted amnesty to another group of men belonging to Fatah's military wing."
Posted by As'ad at 7:13 AM