Sunday, 27 November 2011

When they wanted to blame Syria

Clowns in chic-dresses.....

The Arab league of states
has been called once " a club for dictators"
I did not mind that , simply because it was roughly the truth.

Originally , 60 years ago , it was created by the major powers
hoping it would be the central-organ which shall ,one day, recognise Israel.

Luckily , it did not.

Later , I have always found it , useless and impotent
and a waist for any fruitful efforts.

The fact remained that it was nonetheless the only place
where all Arab leaders could be in one room , at least,
and not necessarily after one target nor one strategy in their heads.
Once Colonel Qaddafi said to the gathering rulers:
"The only thing uniting us is this ceiling above us"

Comes the so called " Arab-Spring "
which targeted all Arab states with a republic form of governance.......
who are all " on fire " now , to say the least.

Those other states being Kingdoms and Emirates (princedoms)
are being spared this illusion of a "spring".
Because their rulers are absolute-monarch so they were spared
from that wave
(Tsunami) of democracy coming from the West.

Coming to today , and to the actual-Arab-League,
we see only members of the second-group (the Monarchs)
who today declared and ruled that Syria must be punished
for being not so democratic who ???
Those Monarchs have no parliament in their countries
neither do they have any political parties,therein !!

Those Monarchs want to teach Syria a "lesson in democracy"
and in civic rights !!
The Tenor is Saudi Arabia who recently has sent its Army
over to Bahrain to slaughter the Bahrain's-opposition .
And the supporting -act is played by the Prince of Qatar
who is building football-stadiums instead of any parliaments !!

Syria is not democratic ,I must admit , but it has a social system
where bread is on each table and there is an elected- Parliament.
Which is supperior all all its critics , today

Raja Chemayel


the best democracy
that money can buy
"State of Israel"
the only Democracy
that collects the US-money

the only non-democracies
that pay money into the USA
without getting anything in return.

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