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Israel Academic Boycott Leader Studies at Tel Aviv Uni/B.D.S.

by Laura Stuart

Laura StuartFriday, March 16th, 2012
 The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement is a good idea it is the institutional lie that is the problem. In my opinion B.D.S. is just a ploy for diverting time and energy of the people of conscience and keeping them busy within the parameters pre ordained by the powers that be. Today the B.D.S. campaign has been completely exposed. Read all about it in the Jewish Chronicle “Boycott, What Boycott? U.K. Business With Israel Is Booming” the article goes on to trumpet that
business over the last year with Israel has increased by a massive 34%
This was much to the delight of Matthew Gould the U.K. ambassador to Israel, who also said
“There is a lot of noise around boycotts but these figures show that it is just noise, and the trade relationship speaks for itself.”
Do as I say, not as I do.
But that is not all. For the B.D.S. campaigners, there has been more humiliation this week when it transpires that Omar Barghouti, leader of the B.D.S. movement whilst calling his disciples to an academic boycott attends Tel Aviv university. Omar Barghouti is a founding member of P.A.C.B.I. who have released a statement saying that Palestinians have no other choice than to sometimes study in Tel Aviv, however, Mr Barghouti gained his first degree in Electrical Engineering in Colombia University, so presumably could have studied in the United States or indeed in Egypt where he grew up.

For an interesting read of Omar Barghouti’s background read this article “The Chutzpah of Omar Barghouti“. Personally I wonder how as an exiled Palestinian he manages to live in Ramallah, who facilitated that? Ironically he views himself as one of the 99% read here – I wonder what the many Gazans unable to leave Gaza to pursue any academic career think of that?

So there we have it, B.D.S. is an #EpicFail. As I have said before the only redress for the Palestinians will be found when we Muslims follow Islam and look for an Islamic solution.

Boycott is anyway an entirely Jewish concept as we were already told by our Hebrew speaking Palestinian friend Gilad Atzmon when he wrote this article “The Herem Law in the context of Jewish past and present“. A very enjoyable read on the concept of kosher democracy.

Earlier this week I wrote about the “pond life” that exists amongst the leaders of the political left. (Incidently, talking of hopping things, Barghouti in Arabic means flea). The majority of left wing activists are very caring people who love to try and make a difference where they see a clear injustice, such as the the one perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

Feeling the need “to do something” as a human that cares, is a very natural response to Israeli ethnic cleansing, land theft and war crimes. Clearly the hands of the U.N. the E.U. and Western governments are tied and they are unable to change the situation in the Middle East by political or by legal means. Arab governments for years were too busy stealing the wealth of their own nations and oppressing their own populations to have any motivation to help the Palestinians who now have little left to steal anyway.


In such an environment of International deceit it has been left to the few honest people on the street, to stand up and highlight Israeli injustices and to try to shame our leaders into taking some action. Boycott Divestment and Sanctions was exactly one such action that every person could participate in and feel that they were doing at least something positive.

As long as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is operating within the parameters set out by its anti Zionist, Zionist members and its sister organisation the B.D.S. campaign, seeks only kosher solutions, then obviously nothing is going to change for the Palestinians.

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