Monday, 2 April 2012

Untill our Liberation and Return

Nahida the exiled Palestinian

On 30 March 2012, tens of thousands of Palestinians and their supporters gathered in Jordan at the borders with Palestine, in a show of solidarity and determination not to give up on our rights or land.

Between us and the hills of Palestine in the horizon, stood Jordanian police, army in their armored vehicles creating a separation wall.

Disturbed to have to witness such bizarre configuration, I walked to the soldiers and talked to them. I asked them: "why do you protect the enemy?" some said: " we are not protecting the enemy, we are protecting you!" I said: " how can you be protecting us when your guns are pointing at us? why do you point your guns and tanks against us? shouldn't be facing the other way, if indeed you want to protect us?"
I want is to go back home,

I continued: "I have been in exile for 45 years, my grandmother is now an elderly 87 years-old, and I am still being separated away from her, by those who stole our land. My village is over there, and all I want is to go back home, allow me to pass, why do you prevent me from going home? are you not my brothers? why do you support those who stole our land and forcibly evicted us out from our homes and homeland?"

By then I was surrounded by soldiers and their superiors, and one of them who appeared to be a general came rushing to the scene, then while pointing away, he kept saying:"go back there, go back there, back off, back off"

I repeated to him the stuff I said earlier, and told him that he is my brother, he should be helping me to go home, not stopping me, he embarrassingly said: "insha'Allah, one day insha'Allah, we will be all united and will help you to go home"

The so called "peace treaty" with Jordan puts the Jordanians and their government in a an absurd situation where they find themselves having to protect thieves and murderers, against their oppressed brothers and sisters!

The positive thing about what happened though is to see all these people who came in support of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), the right of return and the Liberation of Palestine. Tens of thousands, young and old as well as representatives from 80 countries. The atmosphere was hopeful, young girls and boys were buzzing with determination, even though some have never seen Palestine before, and many are not even Palestinians. The speakers made it clear in plain unequivocal terms that this is only the first drop of rain, with deluge to follow, they called for FULL Liberation and for prosecuting the criminal occupiers and their supporters.

Together, we chanted for Palestine, for Liberation, for Al-Aqsa, for Freedom and For Return.

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