Monday, 21 May 2012

France’s pro-Iran Islamist government!!

US top Islamophobe and Israel-Firster David Horowitz’s website FrontPage Magazine has claimed that Francois Hollande could be “the first Muslim-elected president of France“.


Because while majority of 500,000 French Jews voted for Hollande’s opponent Sarkozy – a majority of seven million French Muslims voted for Hollande. Furthermore, Hollande’s Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has appointed three Muslim members (one minister and two junior ministers) in his 34-member (17 male + 17 female) cabinet in addition to three Zionist Jew ministers.

Elliott Abrams, a Zionist Jew and former National Security Council Advisor, who was convicted for lying to Congress – wrote in the CFR’s magazine (May 14, 2012) that Hollande will not follow “France’s tough position on the Iranian nuclear program“.

However, the Zionist propaganda thugs were affraid to tell their paranoid Zionist Jews that in fact all major decision-making cabinet posts including the Presidency, are held by rabid Zionist Jews.

The newly-appointed Prime Minister Jean-Marc’s inclusion of radical Zionist Jews in his cabinet indicates that former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s tough pro-Israel stand against Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Gaza will continue – at least for the time being.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius with Bernard-Henri Lévy
Hollande’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici and Interior Minister Manuel Carlos Valls – are all Israel-Firster Zionist Jews. Just before the run-up election Fabius met Netanyahu in Israel and assured him that when it comes to Israel – Hollande’s foreign policy will not be different than Sarkozy’s.

However, Richard Prasquier (nicknamed as French Abe Foxman), President of CRIF, the representative body of Jewish organisations in France, is not excited about the new government with Muslim ministers. None of the three Muslim ministers is known to be friend of Hamas, Hizbullah, Muslim Brotherhood or Iran.

Furthermore, French foreign policy is controlled by the French President and not by the cabinet ministers. The new prime minister Jean-Marc is a close ally of Hollande. However, Socialist Party leader, Martine Aubry is considered to be sympathetic towards French Muslim minority and thus “hostile to Israel” which is not the case with Hollande.

Morocco-born, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, 34, is the youngest member of Hollande’s cabinet. She is the Minister for Women’s Affairs and will be the official spokeswoman for the Government. She claims, she don’t practice Islam and doen’t wear Hijab. However, Israel Lobby has blamed her for not supporting Sarkozy’s ban on Muslim Hijab. Hollande himself is agaist Hijab in France.

Hollande’s Junior Veteran Affairs Minister at the Ministry of Defense, is Algiers-born Kader Arif. He is also member of EU parliament. The Israel Hasbara Committee is blaming him for being anti-Israel and pro-Hamas.

Hollande’s Junior Minister for French Nationals Abroad at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yamina Benguigui, is daughter of Algerian Muslim parents. She is a French film director and married to a French-Algerian Jew. The Zionist Lobby’s problem with her is – that unlike Jewish Sarkozy, she is not against Turkey’s membership in the EU. And we all know AKP government has turned Turkey into an Islamic state, whose leader Erdogan, like Ahmadinejad, has planned to ‘wipe Israel off map’ and throw 130,000 Jewish Turks into the Sea.
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