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Hit me, I’ve Not Been Naughty Enough

The author of Philosemitism and Brutality, Andrew Hamilton, expresses some strong views positing a sado-masochistic relationship between the Jewish culture and the “whites” in America. Unlike others who describe gentiles as the dominated majority who lost the competition to a tribal community endowed with better networking, superior drive, intelligence a.s.o., Hamilton thinks the white gentiles actually admire and adore the Jews (as the masochist who loves his sadist) for their brutality, superior to theirs. This may not apply to the whole mass of white gentiles but if it does obtain among the those in the upper echelons (who arrived where they are because of their own brutality and greed) it is sufficient to enhance the success of Jewish power.
So, Jewish culture is like any other, only… more so?
Excerpted from…

Philosemitism &Brutality

Gentiles, all Gentiles (well, almost all), love the Jews. More than that, they worship them. Why?
There are many reasons, but one is Jews’ innate brutality.

As Sigmund Freud, following French psychologist Gustave Le Bon, wrote in Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego (1922), a group “respects force,” and “What it demands of its heroes is strength or even violence.It wants to be ruled and oppressed and to fear its masters.”

What are a few things virtually synonymous with Jews?

Communism and the murder of tens of millions in Russia and Eastern Europe, “unconditional surrender,” the Morgenthau Plan, the development of the A-bomb to destroy Central Europe, terrorism, Zionism, Irgun, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Mossad, contemporary war-making, endless foreign intervention and “revolutions from above,” the “Russian” and Jewish mafias, “American” mobsters like Dutch Schultz, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, and Meyer Lansky, Murder, Inc., the ADL, SPLC, JDL and JDO, AIPAC, the US Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI), disgusting decades-long persecutions of Ernst Zündel, John Demjanjuk, and dozens of other innocent people, assassination, torture, political correctness, “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, replacement migration, and arbitrary imprisonment or reputational and financial ruin for exercising one’s freedom of speech or thought.

Strip away the Persecution Myth, the preposterous fairy tale of the “poor, persecuted Jew,” and one is left with Jews as they really are: wealthy, powerful, domineering, self-centered, greedy, lying, cruel, indifferent to the suffering and rights of others, socially, educationally, financially, politically, and ethnically advantaged, racist, top dog, intolerant, violent, mass murdering, genocidal.

Jews are the Bully writ large, quasi-psychotic, not right in the head. (One of their famous gangsters was nicknamed “Bugsy” for that reason.) Paradoxically, this fundamental disconnect from reality enhances rather than detracts from their power.

Jewish behavior is not constrained by internal morality or external laws. And no de facto countervailing power exists.

When present in sufficient numbers, and their power becomes consolidated, Jews distort both state and culture.

The state becomes little more than a Jewish instrument or tool, a criminal enterprise vested with the veneer of authority. The governments of the world, including transnational and international organizations, are thereby delegitimized. Force and power supplant organic forms of authority.

In the Jewish-Gentile dynamic, Jews represent the masculine principle, whites the feminine, Jews the brutal sadists, whites the adoring masochists. The greater the psychological, emotional, and physical abuse the victims suffer, the more admiring they become. And it is no false adoration.

Whites are demure, available coquettes in the presence of the psychologically commanding Jew.

Fear of the Jews

Closely related to the same Jewish evil is a diametrically opposite response: “fear of the Jews.” Some whites fail to challenge Jewish attacks upon their race, culture, religion, customs, laws, liberties, or persons not because they love Jews, but because they fear them.
Such fear is well-grounded.

Therefore, one might mistakenly imagine that, in general, fear motivates professions and acts of devotion, while secretly abhorrence trumps fealty.

But it seems likely that genuine love for and worship of Jews is a much greater contributor to Jewish success and power than fear.

Still, there remains the issue of widespread ignorance due to lies and censorship. Most whites are probably completely unaware of the truth about Jews.
If they knew it, would they hate them?

Jews assume so. That’s one reason rigid censorship goes hand-in-hand with Jewish power. (Totalitarianism is also innate to them.)

But simply because Jews are convinced the truth would harm them does not make it so. Jews entertain many crackpot notions. Conceivably, currently clueless whites could respond to the truth with heightened adoration.

Yet Jews think not. Perhaps they’re right. At any rate, censorship has become obligatory. It’s good for the Jews!
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by Ariadna Theokopoulos
Saturday, May 19th, 2012

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