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Israel’s hidden hand behind Pakistan’s disasters

by Shabana Sunday, May 20th, 2012 pakistani_floods

Suspicions are aroused when the founder of the discredited group Quilliam Foundation, Majid Nawaz who has strong pro Israeli supporters, heads off to Pakistan to “…to counter the spread of extremist ideology within Pakistan, predominantly amongst younger generations of Pakistanis, who now constitute 63% of the total population”.

Majid Nawaz
Majid Nawaz
Khudi’ has been set up in Pakistan by one of the founders of the QF, Majid Nawaz whose continual scare mongering against the growth of Islamic extremism in Britain and the need for government surveillance against Muslims, not only gave support to fascist far right wing and pro Israel groups but also encouraged Islamophobia perpetuating a climate of hate with increasing attacks on women in hijabs, while The English Defense League marched through streets calling out ‘Death to Muslims’.
One of the patrons of the QF is Jemima Khan, who according to Mr. Nawaz is a close friend; the Foundation which received huge government funding was set up to counteract ‘extremism’ amongst the Muslims.

What can the definition of extremism be when you are funded by the government?

A secret counterterrorism strategy report in 2009, dubbed “ Contest 2” would identify Muslims as “extremist” if they hold views that clash with what the government defines as “shared British values,” reported Vikram Dodd in the Guardian.

According to Shahid Khan, the publisher of South Asia Tribune an Independent UK based English newspaper: “The fact that Khudi has been established in Pakistan by government paid stooges like Majid Nawaz to target the growing younger population of Pakistan, means the West is not only worried about the country being a nuclear state but also about controlling the youth, and Imran Khan may be part of that strategy, until a new cricketing hero rears his head, only he has the ability to mobilize the youth”.

At a time when Pakistan is on brink of disaster, with corruption rife, tragic deaths a daily occurrence, depicted by the western press as a ‘failed state’, all eyes are on Imran Khan who according to his fresh faced young supporters ‘will get rid of the corruption, tell the Americans to go home, and reign in the chaos.’

His party Tehreek e Insaf is doing well in the polls and according to Newsweek which wrote a very supportive article on Khan, he is the ‘Most Popular Leader in Pakistan’

When the Western media supports you with positive headlines, you know they have approved you and that in itself is a worrying fact.

Khan is riding on a wave of popularity with a strong backing from a favourable western media, many promoting him as the next Prime Minister; he is lucky to receive such attention from a media which attempts to ignore the human tragedy of ‘inconceivable magnitude taking place’ in Pakistan. Ismail Salami writes:
“Only in April 2012, more than 250 Shia Muslims were maimed and killed in broad daylight. Around 150 pairs of Shias’ eyes were cut out of their sockets; many of them died while their faces had been smashed with stones or sprayed with acid.”
Khan may be saying all the right things like pointing out that US drone attacks are killing innocents and as a result breeding extremism, however is he aware that Drone attacks are just part of a long term strategy which includes extremist groups funded by Israel and India to create sectarian divisions and civil war?

If America leaves will it stop Israel’s Mossad and India’s RAW from swamping the country with mercenary groups like Xe Water, and Tehrik-I-Taliban who have murdered or wounded thousands of Pakistanis and nearly destroyed the economy with an aim to create a civil war.

This was clearly revealed by the Raymond Davies incident who not only ruthlessly killed Pakistanis but was also found to be supplying information and funds to an Indian/Israeli terrorist cell working with the Taliban.

Recent revelations have shown how in America a Virginia military course taught its officers to prepare for a ‘total war against Islam’.

As Dr Kevin Barret author of ‘Questioning the War on terror’ explains: “Since the Zionist-instigated false-flag attacks of 9/11, the United States of America has been at war with the religion of Islam. The neocon cabal of Zionist Christians and Jews behind 9/11 have tried to disguise their war on Islam as a “war on terror.” But occasionally one of them blurts out the truth: “I always thought it was a mistake not to say what Iraq really was, that is, a war against an expanding Islam,” opined neocon think-tanker James Schall of Georgetown University.”

Pakistan is just one cog in the wheel of the establishment of the “New World Order” which George Bush senior, part of the Zionist neocon cabal first mentioned in his speech to congress in March 6 1991 where he basically outlined a long-term plan for America to dominate the world.

According to Imran Hossein a prominent Islamic scholar, Pakistan is not such a just cog in the wheel, rather it’s a very important target for the Zionist led neo con cabal, firstly because it is strategically very important, secondly it’s a nuclear state and “the only Muslim country with the nuclear capability to stand against Israel’s expansionist plans’.

It is a known fact that any Journalist, academic or world leader who states that Israel was behind 9/11, or questions who is really behind Al Qaeda, will be ostracized by the Zionist owned mainstream media never given air time or allowed to surface as a leader. Pakistan news channels also mostly parrot the western media’s narrative, raising the question who really owns the media there?

Benazir Bhutto along with many in the intelligence community knew that Bin Laden was not hiding out in Pakistan, but was killed off in 2001, she stated it clearly in a Frost interview on November 2 2007.
As a result many have asked the question who has been bombing and blowing up in the name of Al Qaeda?

The former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook shortly before his death told the House of Commons that “Al-Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujahedeen and arms smugglers used by the CIA.

It is in Israel’s interest to discredit Muslims, all the Al Qaeda videos threatening jihad and bombings have been revealed to be fake and funded by Zionist groups; Adam Gadahn who had masqueraded as Al Qaeda leader in videos making death threats turned out to be a hard core Zionist Jew and was the grandson of Jewish ADL leader Carl Pearlman.

Dr Alan Sabrosky, a US Strategic analyst states: “I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation.

But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government, who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf.”

The continual bloodbath in Pakistan will continue, even if the Americans vacate their forces from Pakistan as Jonathan Azaziah explains in his article ‘Hideous Sectarian Killings Reveal Deepening Zionist-Hindutvadi Plots Against Pakistan And Occupied Kashmir’, he writes: “How much more blood must be shed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan before it is understood that the country is being torn to shreds from the inside out in a foreign-sponsored 4th Generation Warfare (4GW) campaign
He continues: “The real secret war against Pakistan is that which is being conducted by Israel and the Hindutva entity of India. Since the late 1980s, Zionism and Hindutva have signed military agreements and performed covert operations to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear program.”

He argues that in 2001 Mossad and RAW unleashed the codenamed ‘Dragon Policy’ aimed to create an all out ‘sectarian’ chaos within Pakistan, they hired mercenaries, drug lords and mafia figures to unleash the de-stabilization process.

Pakistan has no hope with the established politicians like Nawaz Sharif to President Zardari, their main concern when in power is not to deal with Mossad and RAW activities in Pakistan, but to just acquire as much wealth as they can.

Therefore the main question asked is will Imran Khan be able to deal with the growing subversive aims of Zionists in Pakistan and at the same time remain a ‘darling of the west’?

Already many Pakistanis are suspicious of him and it does not help his image when he takes time out of his busy schedule to fly to London to the aid of Conservative MP Zack Goldsmith his ex brother in law, and campaign on his behalf visiting mosques urging Muslims to vote for him.

Is Mr. Khan aware that this is the same Conservative Party whose leader once declared ‘I am a Zionist’ and over 80% of its MP’s are staunch members of ‘Friends of Israel’?

Does he also realize that two major Zionist funded British think tanks, ‘Centre for Social Cohesion’ and the ‘Policy Exchange’ known for their anti Muslim and Islam stance were set up by Conservative MP’s, one of them being Michael Gove who is now the Secretary of State for Education and has described “Islamism” as an ideology that is similar to fascism’.

Another fact that has cast a shadow on Mr. Khan’s motives and does not help his credibility is the actions of his ex wife Jemima Khan, who has always been at the forefront to support her ex husband, and been a well wisher of Pakistan.

In one of Ms Khan’s tweets she writes “Can’t believe we’re divorced and I’m still Imran’s Achilles’ heel”. According to most Pakistanis she is not an Achilles heel because she is Jewish, rather she is one if she persists in aligning herself with groups whose agenda is to ‘modernise Islam’ or against Muslims.
The fact she is a patron of the discredited Quilliam Foundation has cast many shadows on her well wishing stance.

Another baffling activity Jemima Khan has been at the centre of is the vocal and financial support she provided for Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange.

Gordon Duff from the respected Veterans Today website first highlighted how Wiki leaks was an Israeli intelligence operation, he wrote: “It only took Zbigniew Brzezinski Washington’s “establishment” foreign policy expert, a “New York minute” to spot Wiki leaks as an intelligence operation.

Wiki leaks Julian Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens is connected to the Rothschild Family who control the worlds banking system and are behind the formation of Israel. The house where Assange was “imprisoned” is owned by Vaughan Smith, the owner of Frontline Trust, a news organization that seeks to influence TV journalists. Frontline is funded by George Soros’ organization, Open Society Institute; George Soros is intimately intertwined with the Rothschild’s and is a former business partner of Jemima’s father James Goldsmith.

Jemima says the reason she supported Assange was because she believes in freedom of information and because she has
“…. personal interest in the revelations about Pakistan…”
According to General Hamid Gul, former Director General of ISI the Wikileaks revelations regarding Pakistan only harmed the country:
“The report has not said a word about Israel, nor does it give any disadvantage to US in the implementation of policies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and other Muslim countries, which have been particularly targeted.”
In the meantime Mr. Khan has just picked out Scottish millionaire Mr. Azeem Ibrahim to be his special adviser, Mr. Ibrahim’s specialty is that he “He has worked on taskforces set up by former UK prime minister Gordon Brown, advised the Turkish Government and has worked with various American bodies including the Pentagon, the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security”

This is the same Department of Homeland Security where Zionists hold key positions and where its second secretary Michael Chertoff was the main person to block any investigation of hundreds of Mossad spies detained in connection with the attacks on 9/11, he also started a witch hunt against Muslims, incarcerating over a 1000 innocents without any evidence, in an effort to take the attention off the Israelis spy ring.

As the country nears election time and opposition parties use every dirty trick against each other, no matter who wins, one fact is clear Israel’s secret war within Pakistan will continue, to not only manipulate and control the youth but to destabilize and denuclearize the country.
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