Friday, 9 November 2012

Cameron Ready to Follow Obama into War with Syria Based on Lies

Just like we saw in Iraq, Britain is now going to follow Obama into war with Syria based on a fabrication of media lies that Bashar is killing his citizens when in fact it is FUKUS funded terrorists that are killing innocent Syrians right from the beginning, There is absolutely no evidence that the government has purposely killed any of it citizens, but there is plenty of proof that the US back terrorists are butchering on a daily basis.

An infamous murder of a civilian. Lying in a pool of blood he is finished off by soldiers. The ‘Free Syrian Army’ propagandists posted this video repeatedly reporting that the government was killing a civilian protester. However, the identity of the soldier at 0.33 is exposed in another video. In that video, played after the first section of the clip, he announced his name and defection. This indicates that his ‘brigade’ was behind this murder. The unit belongs to the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and is named ‘Brigade of The Martyr Hamza Al-Khatib’.

This video shows the aftermath of the shooting of prisoners by the FSA. (See earlier video for the actual shooting). These are war crimes (under the Geneva Conventions and the ICC Treaty) since they have killed protected persons (prisoners of war and the wounded and sick). They are also crimes under islamic law. Only the murdered men wearing uniforms are soldiers, these are innocent civilians.

The following video was filmed by terrorist trying to blame their crime on the government. Shouting their now famous Allah Akbar. This was the middle of last year and the dead bodies were washed up further down the river and were government security forces. At this time we have many films of close up of beheadings, all of innocent civilians. In the latest film the FSA are claimed to have killed soldiers, but they are not soldiers as they are in plain clothes and are in fact civilians.

On many occasions we have seen BBC and Sky show films they have shot when they are travelling with the Terrorists and they are shown men they claim to be the Syrian Army, but they are always in civilian clothes. How can you capture soldiers in plain clothes, or do these terrorists give them clothes to change into. Anyone wearing plain clothes are civilians.

Now David Cameron wants kill the rest of the Syrian people in the name of Freedom and Democracy. KILL THE OPPOSITION. Since when was that democracy, killing the 23 million supporters of a legitimate government and replace it with terrorists. David Cameron will be charged along with Hague, Clinton and Obama of war crimes for supporting this terrorism.

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