Friday, 2 November 2012

Lebanese Journalist Detained in Syria Released Thursday

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Released Lebanese journalist Fida' ItaniThe Lebanese journalist Fida’ Itani arrived at Beirut International Airporton Thursday night, coming from Istanbul after being released by the Syrian armed opposition groups.

Itani was welcomed by Information Minister Walid Daouk, the Director General of the Ministry of Information Dr. Hassan Falha, his brother Hussam, his daughter Farah and a number of journalists and his family members.

Itani said in the VIP salon that he had been detained for six days and does not forget that there are nine Lebanese citizens still kidnapped to this day since six months, stressing that “it is necessary to work seriously for the release of these nine at all levels, not only at the official level.”

Asked whether he was able to have any piece of information about the kidnapped Lebanese, he answered, "there is no information about the nine abducted Lebanese."
Answering a question whether he may go to Syria one more time, Itani said “sure I will go to Syria another time, but not before receiving an apology from the coordination committees.”

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