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A Gun for Rent: After Libya, Hamas "Jihad" in Syria continues

Other evidence of the involvement of the gangs "Hamas" in the war on Syria submitted by the family "Hamdan Kashta" in the Gaza Strip. The family Mourned Osama Ahmed Hamdan Kashta (his full name), who fell on the territory of Syria.

نقره لتكبير أو تصغير الصورة ونقرتين لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة بحجمها الطبيعي
Another Hamas "Military" leader killed on Syrian territory
صورة: ‏دمشق صبـراً على البلـوى

فكـم صهـرت سبائـك الذهب الغالـي فمـا احترقـا ...‏

The family wed her son to the Virgins in paradise (حور الجنة),as stated inthe above "poster"
that was distributed in Gaza and Palestinian refugee camps.

Hamas Bridegroom is the relative of Osama Hamdan the "Hamas" foreign relations official. 

The dead man was among "Qassam" mercenaries paid by Qatar and sent " to fight in the ranks of the "Military Council in Tripoli -Libya " "Al Qaeda" during the Nato war on Libya. He came to through Turkish territory earlier in the year.

It is to be noted that "the descendants of the Prophet Brigade" was founded and financed in coordination with the Qatari client criminal Khaled Meshaal, the leader of the "Hamas" movement. 

Khaled Meshaal has overseen the creation of a security "brigade" in Damascus, led by Kamal Hosni Ghinajah, before he was assassinated last summer at his home in the suburb of "Qudsaya" north-west of Damascus. $ 20 was found in his home million transferred from Qatar through "Hamas” for the “descendants of the Prophet Brigade" and "Nusra victory!" More

Amman: Funeral of Ghannajah

According to the Opposition "Syria the truth", Ghanaja was executed in the office of head of Air Force Intelligence Maj. Gen. Jamil Hassan, after the discovery of his betrayal and his work with the Qataris, before his body was transported to his home. He was executed because he was entrusted with security and military secrets, being responsibile for the smuggling of weapons from Syria to the Gaza Strip in cooperation with Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in cooperation between the "Mossad" and a cadre within the private guards of  Khaled Meshaal. The the body Ghanaja  was first discovered in his home two days after his death and announced by "local coordination committees in the Syrian revolution," which proves that the Syrians militants have a special relationship with him.

The day they tried to kill him was the day
Mishal the leader was born,’
a Jordanian journalist told McGeough.
‘The man who died that day was Abu Marzook.
Nobody wanted to talk to moderate Abu Marzook
(Known as MR. CIA)
after that – it was Mishal, Mishal, Mishal.’
Was it Luck as McGeough claimed??

BTW, Imad Mughniyeh was assassinated on the evening of 12 February 2008, he had just finished a meeting with some of the most senior Palestinian leaders in the Syrian capital of Damascus. They had discussed ways to develop the capacities of the Palestinian resistance inside Palestine, and Gaza in particular.

Its important to note that the investigation of the assassination of Mughniyeh, conducted by both the competent authorities Syrian and by Hezbollah, reached in 2009 that a companion of Khaled Meshaal, who was in charge for aranging Mishaal's meetings with Imad Mughniyeh and the transfer of arms into Gaza and the transfer of fighters to Lebanon for training, was recruited by Jordanian intelligence during his stay in Jordan after he was released from Israeli jails. It is not unlikely that Israeli intelligence has recruited him during his detention.
Because of embarrassment, Both Hezbollah and Syria avoided declaring the results of investigations.
"Hamas"network in Damascus, which was run by "Kamal Ghannajah",  is implicated in the assassination of Major General Zugheib, the Syrian missile program manager.

The Firing of Missiles by Hamas is Betrayal to the people of Syria.. Thus said Arrour , the shaikh of the so called Syrian revolution, hinting that Islamic Jihah started firing missiles, and explaning why Hamad, Erdugan, and Cliniton rushed to Cairo to force ceasefire. Linsten to the Qassam freedom fighters speeking out and compare with what the Qatari agent said in his press conference in Cairo.

On his Cairo press conference after signing the long truce with the zionist enemy, Mishaal thanked Qater, Egypt and turkey for their support. He visited Gaza with an Israeli visa. In the following Video, Amr Adib asked Mishaal: Why Israel stopped trying to kill you? Listen to his answer.

عمرو أديب - خالد مشغل ، انت ليه بطلوا يغتالوك
The real answer

Hezbollah Leader: 'How Are Missiles Getting Into Gaza? Who is Sending them?'

Finaly listen to The Real Aqsa Shaikh commenting on Mishaal's press conference Justifying his betrayal by standing with the people

مقتل قيادي عسكري في "حركة حماس" من أقرباء مسؤول العلاقات الخارجية فيها أسامة حمدان على الأراضي السورية!؟

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