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DAMASCUS:  I have been telling you for many months that the Saudi-financed Jaysh Al-Islam terrorist enterprise is finished.  Since the day the Syrian Air Force killed the notorious devil-worshiping child molester and fecal fetishist, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, this gang of psychos has lost heart and has been negotiating settlements with the inhabitants of the areas they infest and the government which represents the people of Syria.  It’s not getting better for the rodents.  We can now tell you with absolute confidence that the town of Khaan Al-Shaykh is completely surrounded.  It is only a matter of a short time before reality sets in and the grunts become more aware of the precariousness of their situation.  Not that they aren’t aware now.  They are.  But, intercepted communications from Saudi Arabian cockroaches in Jordan continue to threated the rodents with termination of salaries and, even, prohibition from performing the pilgrimage in Mecca.  The rodents who are holding out the longest in the face of certain annihilation are the most desperate.  So many of the JI’s rank-and-file have accepted amnesty and are now working for the loyalist militias.
Tal Kurdi and Tal Al-Sawwaan:  The SAA has completed the encirclement of these areas.  This was accomplished over the last 3 days using very new military tactics following a large number of “anticipatory” assaults on terrorist fortifications.  It can be said that what fortifications and revetments still in existence here are of the most fragile kind.   As I write, the SAA Engineering Corps are performing a crucial service by dismantling IEDs and mines in the area in anticipation of a big push to exterminate the quivering rodents.  Scores of rats have read the writing on the wall and have packed up and snuck through SAA lines to reach Al-Reehaan Farms where they expect to collect some overdue salaries.
Jaysh Al-Islam is burning whole stores of CDs, laptops, files and every other material which can be used to indict the Saudi Arabian dung beetles.  This has been accomplished by order of the Saudi houseflies in Jordan who, despite lingering doubts about their ability to understand common sense, have evidently come to the conclusion that Damascus is government territory and not to be trifled with.
The SAA has widened its control over the Ashrafiyya-Al-‘Abbaasiyya line east of Al-Za’roora.  In so doing, the SAA confirmed killing 11 rodents and wounding scores.

Al-Khuraaba Area in Duroosha:  The SAA has virtually pounded the remaining rodents there into so much fertilizer.  Expect this area to fall shortly.
Don’t believe any nonsense from any source about advances by the terrorists.  While it is true that the terrorists of Nusra/Alqaeda, Jaysh Al-Fath and the Nooreddeen Zangicriminals struck hard at civilian populations forcing the SAA to regroup away from population centers, the rodents made no headway into the Assad Suburb as reported by the merchants of propaganda.
Yesterday, the terrorists gave it all they had, with tanks, armored cars and suicide bombers, to break through into the Al-Zahraa` Association, the Assad Suburb and the Scientific Research Center.  But, they were repelled with massive losses.  According to my source in Latakia, who stays in touch with officers on the scene in Aleppo, the rodents lost a confirmed 4 tanks, 7 armored cars, 18 vans and 11 pickups with 23mm cannons.  The actual number of casualties is not known because the area is too dangerous at present to assess properly.
And don’t believe anything you hear about Minyaan (Binyameen Industrial Zone).  It has been confirmed that the SAA foiled an attempted penetration of the village by destroying a suicide truck loaded with C-4 and TNT.   The truck was seen approaching the complex’s western entrance and the SAA simply fired a Kornet which demolished the truck sending the satanic cockroach driving it into the world of ether.

Al-Assad Academy for Military Engineering:  It was hit from the southwest by Obama’s “moderate” psychos with a mortar shell loaded with chlorine gas.  It killed 2 civilians yesterday and wounded 6.  Chemical weapons also fell on New Aleppo, Al-Hamadaaniyya (35 people still suffering from lung inflammations) and Salaahuddeen.
In all, from yesterday until today, the SAA has killed over 60+ rodents in combat.  The groups most affected by this attrition are: Nusra/Alqaeda, Jaysh Al-Fath, Harakat Nooreddeen Al-Zangi, Al-Hizb Al-Turkistaani Al-Islami, Faylaq Al-Rahmaan, Suqoor Al-Shaam.    

As of today, there are 2 major axes around which the big battles are being fought:  Family House and the Mosque of the Great Messenger (located inside the Al-Zahraa` Association).

The Syrian Army High Command has informed their Russian counterpart that they will not adhere to any cease fire any longer.  Field officers in Aleppo are livid after learning that the last cease fire ordered by the Kremlin resulted in the terrorists smuggling 8,000 more rodents into the area.  This cannot be repeated.

NOTE TO READERS: It might be of interest to all of you to note that the overwhelming majority of suicide truck bombers are from the Turkistaani group which is comprised of many Uighers.  It appears that the singularly moronic message from Al-Muhaysini to these wretches is resonating and many are volunteering to die for absolutely nothing.
Image result for Uighurs
While they are technically from the People’s Republic of China, Uighers like these in the photo, are not stereotypical Chinese from a phenotypical point of view.  When they are seen dead, people often mix them up with Turks or Mongols.   However, they are notorious for their stupidity, hence, reliance on the bull-twang spewed by that Saudi imbecile, Al-Muhaysini.   
This is from Walid and Ruptly.  Muhaysini is congratulating a mother on her son’s imminent suicide mission and the sluts he’s going to shack up with in “Paradise”.  Try to keep your breakfast down as you watch this hilarious example of Wahhabist twaddle:
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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