Friday, 4 November 2016

Homeless Trump Supporter Reportedly Found

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The homeless African-American woman attacked last week by a mob of politically correct crazies has reportedly been found. Reportedly her name is Denise Scott.
FOUND! Denise Scott has been located and is safe in Los Angeles with Christopher Mack, a man w… 
Photo published for Homeless Woman Guarding Trump Star

Homeless Woman Guarding Trump Star

After a recent vandalization of the “Trump Star” on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, a homeless Trump supporter has posted herself on the premises  to guard against further damage. She was quoted as  say…
 Scott was attacked on October 24 while expressing her support for Donald Trump. In addition to holding signs for Trump, she reportedly was also attempting to protect his Hollywood Walk of Fame star which had previously been vandalized by a Clinton supporter. I put up a post about Scott yesterday, although at the time I did not know her name. But the post included a video reporting that Trump, after learning of the attack on her, had launched an effort to try and find her.
Scott was finally located by Christopher Mack, who runs a homeless outreach program on L.A.’s Skid Row. Reportedly the Trump campaign has been notified of the development.

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