Sunday, 30 October 2016

Top five donors to Clinton campaign are Jewish

The Jewish Chronicle reports this weekendthat the “five biggest donors to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are all Jewish.”
Donald Sussman, hedge fund Manager;
Jay Robert Pritzker venture Capitalist
Haim Saban, Israeli-American media tycoon
George Soros, speculator
Daniel Abraham, founder of SlimFast
The only open question is whether the American people are ready to connect the dots? In the last few months we have been reading that American Jews are concerned by the sharp rise in antisemitism in the land of the free. I guess that manyAmerican Jews have connected the dots already. They grasp that once again, Jewish elite is playing a very dangerous game on their expense.
One would expect Jews in general and Jewish oligarchs in particular to draw the necessary conclusion from Jewish history. Somehow this never happens. The same disastrous mistakes are repeated. As we know, the consequences are grave

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