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Qatar Praises Russia Constructive Role In Syrian Peace Process, Turns Away From Former Allies Within Anti-Assad Coalition
Qatar has allegedly joined Turkey in an attempt to cooperate with Russia and Iran in the ongoing Middle Eastern standoff. Following the ongoing diplomatic crisis over Doha, the Qatari government has choosen to follow up Ankara and to built closer ties with Russia instead of directly following the inconsistent US cource over conflicts in the Middle East.
Just in 2015, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other US “partners” were blaming Russian airstrikes in Syria and were calling on Moscow to drop support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Now, Doha is direclty prasing the Russian constructive role in the Syrian conflict and in the whole Middle East.
We back the Astana process, we back the Geneva process, we continue to support Russia’s efforts in resolving the crisis. I think Russia is leading a very constructive process, is trying to bring all the opposition and government to come and sit around the negotiating table. This takes time, it takes effort, but it also takes collective will by all the parties who are engaged in this process, both the United States, Europe, the Arab countries — Qatar, Saudi and Egypt, and of course Iran and Turkey and Russia,” Qatari Ambassador to Russia Fahad Mohammed Attiyah said on Sunday according to the Russian state-run news agency Sputniknews.
The ambassador added that Doha believes that the ongoing Gulf crisis (over Qatar) will not affect Qatar’s attitude towards the intra-Syrian talks. However, he added that some countries may use it.
“No, I don’t think the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] crisis will affect this process, although the blockading countries might want to. Qatar stands firm that the crisis should not have any spillover effects on Syrian file or any other file,” Sputnik quoted the Qatari official. “What we cannot guarantee is what blockading nations are going to do, what Saudi really is going to do, what the Emirates are going to do, because they could act as spoiler nations. And they have indeed been acting in that way in the past.
Fahad Mohammed Attiyah also supported the Russian efforts over the ongoing Qatar diplomatic crisis.
“Russia has backed the Kuwaiti mediator and has asked all the people to come around the table of dialogue. And if needed, Russia is ready to come and support any effort for a speedy resolution,” he said. “Russia as a permanent member of the Security Council, as one of the founding nations for the UN system altogether, is and has been over the years a protector of the main principles of sovereignty, non-interference, non-regime change. And everything that these four blockading countries have been doing is the very violations that Russia is trying to prevent.”
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