Wednesday, 23 August 2017

From Richard Spencer to Otto Weininger

By Gilad Atzmon
Richard Spencer is correct (video above), there is no categorical difference between the skin-colour oriented Alt Right and the Jewish State – a state guided by the delusional concept of ‘Jewish Race.’  Worse, there is also no real difference between Spencer’s white-centric views and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist’s Judeo-centrism. Jewish anti Zionists such as JVP, like Zionists, claim racially oriented political identities. Neither Spencer nor Mustafa from Gaza can become JVP board members primarily because they aren’t racially qualified.
This leaves open the question why, if Richard Spencer and Jewish ID politics both adhere to biologically oriented factions, then what is the basis of the Jewish orchestrated attacks on Spencer and his views? If the Jewish political discourse is exceptionalist by nature, why are Jewish political institutions so quick to denounce other people celebrating their own cultures?
One possible answer was provided by the great Otto Weininger who gathered in the early 20th century that “we only hate in others what we do not wish to be, and what notwithstanding we are partly.” The Jews who savagely criticise Spencer and white nationalism, probably do so because it is their own racial supremacy which they find impossible to deal with. When JVP and the ADL are brave enough to reflect upon their own exclusive exceptionalism, they may find the appropriate intellectual and political means to deal with White nationalism.
Once we internalise Weininger’s crucial insight, we may be ready to grasp the extent of the violence we saw in Virginia last week. Both the Soros’ funded front (Antifa, Black lives Matter, LGBTIAP groups etc.) and white Nationalists are identitarian groups whose members identify with their biology: skin colour, gender, sex orientation. They may well despise in each other that which they hate in themselves. The outcome is vile and repugnant violence on a spectacular scale.
Yet, ii is crucial to mention that while left identitarian politics is always biologically orientated on the verge of biological determinism (something that may result in a clear cognitive dissonance), a number of white nationalist intellectuals define ‘whiteness; in cultural, spiritual and metaphysical terms rather than by biology. They refer to the European heritage of: science, philosophy, literature, music and so on. They often say, if Jews can celebrate their heritage, we should also be able celebrate that which is precious to us; from pre-Socratic to Heidegger, Palestrina to Wagner, from Homer to Celine and so on.
For me, true diversity is an open exchange, a battle of ideas. It includes the ability to live in peace with that which is beyond my understanding. I have dedicated my life to the study of black and Arabic music: art forms that were initially foreign to my ears and my culture. For me, black lives matter, black culture is my bread and butter, but white and Arab cultures are, at least as crucial. It is Stravinsky meeting Africa that brought forth John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. It is the thought of Coltrane’s rebellious sound that inspired me to Palestinise my music in the name of freedom, ethics and justice.
What we saw in Virginia was the disgusting face of postmodern ‘diversity’ shifting into a crude murderous intolerance. It was the true face of the new left dystopia namely the ‘tyranny of correctness.’  A stab at the heart of Western ethos.  We, the people, are forced tofight meaningless  sectarian battles instead of focusing on peace and harmony. We forgot that loving our neighbour and turning the other cheek is where the West came to realise itself as a meaningful adventure. Let’s say NO to ID politics of all forms. Let us start again searching for the elementary – that which makes us all human. Let’s love in others that which we love in ourselves.
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