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Syrian Army Discovered German, British Made Chemicals In Duma – Syrian Deputy Envoy To OPCW
Syria’s deputy envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Ghassan Obaid during the briefing that was halt in The Hague. By RT
On April 26, Syria’s deputy envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Ghassan Obaid revealed after the briefing organized by the Russian delegation to the organization, that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had discovered chemical weapons along with German and British made chemical materials in the militants positions in Syria’s Duma district.
“In the depot with chemical weapons left by terrorists in Duma, we have found chemicals from Germany, the United Kingdom, from the Porton-Down laboratory in Salisbury,” the Russian news outlet Sputnik quoted Obaid as saying after the briefing that was held in The Hague.
The Syrian deputy envoy to the OPCW called on the organization to inspect the sites where chemical weapons and toxic materials were discovered.
The OPCW visited two sites in Duma, where chemical weapons were allegedly used, and collected samples on April 21 and 25. However, the organization has not yet confirmed if its fact finding mission is planning to visit the former positions of the militants where tons of toxic materials have been discovered.
The April 26 case was not the first time when Syria and Russia announced the discovery of chemical weapons and toxic materials in captured positions of the militants around Damascus. On March 21, the Ministy of Defense of Russian announced that the SAA had seized 40 tons of toxic material in the Eastern Ghouta region. Despite of this, the OPCW didn’t take any steps to investigate these cases.
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