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European Union backs Goldstone Report and Israel drops Sweden. Sweden must be SO relieved to have the Zionists out of their hair finally.
STOCKHOLM — The European Union backed on Thursday a contentious UN report blasting Israel's military offensive in Gaza, praising its chief author and saying the document is "worthy of consideration."

Israel immediately expressed disappointment at the support from Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt -- whose country holds the EU presidency -- and said it showed that Bildt had either not read the report or misunderstood it. source
And, for this, Israel drops Sweden like a hot potato:
Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon Thursday evening called for re-examining his country's relations with Sweden after Stockholm voiced support for a UN report on the Gaza conflict, local news service Ynet reported.

Ayalon's reaction came hours after Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said his country supports the report led by South African judge Richard Goldstone alleging that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes during the Israeli offensive against Gaza.

Bildt told reporters earlier Thursday in Stockholm that Goldstone was a person with "high credibility" and "high integrity" and that his report carries weight.

The probe is worthy of consideration, said the Swedish foreign minister, adding that the right place for deliberations about the Goldstone report was the UN Human Rights Council.
A PROUD DAY FOR SWEDEN!! I must say I have much respect for Sweden, first they refuse to cave in to Israeli pressure to censor the Swedish Press and now they some out swinging on Goldstone..........GO SWEDEN YOU ROCK!

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