Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Jeff Blankfort Speaking of Zionists in Disguise

Jeff Blankfort Speaking of Zionists in Disguise

Speaking of disguises, Mark Richie has been operating behind one for the 30 years I have known him.
In practice, while pretending to be a friend of the Palestinians, he has functioned as an agent provocateur whose sole goal is to cause divisions in the solidarity movement and was banned years ago from every Palestinian email list (before there were blogs).
He does this cleverly, as shown here, making legitimate criticisms of JVP, IJAN and ANSWER while hiding his real target, MECA, the Middle East Children's Alliance, which is not Zionist, does not support the state of Israel and supports the Palestinian right of return and is one of the most effective organizations working on behalf of the Palestinians which is why Richie aka Richey aka PONeill aka Mark Hiver is continuously attacking it. In other words, he is working for Israel.
One of his other pastimes, illustrated here, is defending Noam Chomsky, who is an admitted Zionist, who supports Israel as a Jewish state, opposes the Palestinian right of return (but approves it for Jews!) and who opposes BDS against Israel. How does Richie reconcile that with his own stated views? He doesn't try, hoping readers won't see his ridiculous coupling of Chomsky with Gilad Atzmon who does support the right of return and doesn't believe in a Jewish state.
I have publicly accused him of being an agent for the Anti-Defamation League and I have material in my files backing that up. A lawyer who, strangely, has never practiced, Richie threatened to sue me years ago if I continued to call him that and I have challenged him to do so since there are a number of questions I'd have my lawyer pose to him.
Anyone wishing more info on this creature should contact me at jblankfort@earthlink.net

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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treschicas said...

The liberal zionist network has been circulating similar attacks against me personally, as well as against Noam Chimsky and Gilad Atzmon, for many years; counting on gullible people to believe them.

They don't believe them and this is only a smear, as well as a veiled death threat. This is the same person who came and sat behind me at a public event a few years ago and whispered to the audience members (performance by a Palestinian dance troupe) that I was an ADL agent.

If I had been assaulted of course he wouldn't have been responsible..this is the verbal equivalent.

Why on earth do you allow this on your blog?

Michael said...

For twenty years or more, the liberal Zionist network including MECA, ANSWER, IJAN, and so forth, have been saying that I am an ADL agent and obviously if I were true I'd have long since been replaced by someone less identifiable.

But the people making these accusations don't begin to believe it themselves. They're way too smart. This is just a smear, a way to discredit what I say without debating and to isolate me especially from gullible liberal 'activists' Palestinians in the US, most of whom, unfortunately trust their 'friends' in those acronyms.

As such, these accusations amount to thinly veiled threats, since the Zionists know there are many nutpies in their milieu who would take this as open season on me. A few years ago this same Prince Bankfort came and sat behind me at a public event an whispered to the audience that I was an ADL agent. The intent was clear.

WHY is he allowed to post these ridiculous and knowingly false charges on a Palestinian blog? I shouldn't have to comment; his post should have been deleted

uprooted Palestinian said...

I created this thread because the right of reply was not respected.
Replies at this blog appear automaticaly unless the the reply is on old posts.

treschicas said...

I should not have to reply. Deliberately false hit pieces by a zionist should never have been allowed on your list in the first place; this post should be deleted!

uprooted Palestinian said...

I an not going to delete Jeff's comment because he called you a Zionist. You too called him a zionist.
I don't consider calling you, or you calling him a zionist is a personal insult.

Go agead and say this is Zionist funded site..
Gordon Duff who Called America to attack Libya said it:

Is it perhaps time you were exposed as an Israeli funded website?

1:05 AM, October 28, 2011

Michael said...

treschicas, Mark even, you keep making comments like this & you will lose my support. UP has allowed you to make your point of view, I suggest you let it rest now

Michael said...

gpduf = Gordon Duff?

treschicas said...

He called me an ADL agent..that is the difference. This is a deliberate and calculated falsehood and a veiled incitement to violence against me, in line with his other past behavior.

His support of zionist organizations like MECA PROVES he is a zionist, I don't make allegations without proof.

I realize that his being Jewish somehow makes it 'all right' in most US 'activist' circles for him to make knowingly false and vicious allegations without proof...I just don't think that is appropriate on a Palestinian blog, with all due respect!

treschicas said...

Gordon Duff is a crackpot, the kind of guy you find pontificating about things on their barstool in any pub in the US..

I certainly am not the type to accuse people of being zio funded just because they disagree with me, unlike Duff or Prince who both freely indulge in smear campaigns when someone isn't controlled by 'their' media.

Unknown said...

Thank God for Jeff Blankfort. - and others like him.

I shudder to think where we'd be without them...