Thursday, 19 August 2010

A beautiful gift from the BBC by Ken O'Keefe

If you haven't seen it, look for BBC Panorama’s "Death in the Med" program online, you will be treated to first class propaganda as only the BBC can deliver.

I am one of the passengers/witnesses interviewed for this program and I am very much aware of BBC's role in justifying war and covering up Israeli crimes.

I am in no way naive about this; to the contrary my motivation for the interview lay largely in the all too likely opportunity to expose the BBC. A relevant job considering the BBC's role in the slaughter of over one million Iraqi's, a direct role by virtue of the war they justified. BBC from start to present, justifying Iraq, a massive war crime and crime against humanity based entirely on lies (propagated intensely by the BBC).

The British Broadcasting Corporation, synonymous with millions of orphans and refugees and countless lives destroyed in Iraq, beating the drums of war without pause, the ultimate prostitutes of propaganda.
With this understanding I solicited an agreement with the BBC producers, in return for my interview the program would include the fact that we disarmed, captured and ultimately released three Israeli commandos (after giving them medical attention no less).

That was the deal, a deal I made with an audio recorder in service. ttp://!/video/video.php?v=1440199638883

And yes the poor Israeli commandos were beaten, just as any invader in any capable persons home would be beaten. I take no issue with that fact.

But truth be told, the commandos we captured should thank us for their lives. I ask the Israeli's, British and American people specifically, if your home was invaded, your family being murdered, would you be willing to disarm, completely control, and then set a murderer of your family free???

You can lie to yourself if you like, bury that head right down deep in the sand, but that ship was our home, and we were all brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, united, a family, engaged in a most righteous cause, with the vast majority of the planet behind us. The primary beneficiary of our mission, over 800,000 innocent children.

For those lost in a pit of ignorance and indoctrination, those currently stripped of all reason, absent of conscience, duped and hoodwinked, I know you very well because I was once you, a US Marine robot volunteering to kill or be killed. I see my past self in the Zionist who has no capacity at this moment to think, for in that state it is all about regurgitation, independent thought is but a possibility. For you I maintain no hate, for nobody actually, rather it is pity, pity for you that you sacrifice the greatest gift of all, the gift of humanity.

And so it is that the BBC, absent of integrity, contemptuous of humanity, attempts in this program to turn disarmed, helpless Israeli commandos into heroic self-rescuing commandos who managed to Superman their way out of a circle of well over 100 very motivated men whose brothers lay murdered with multiple gunshot wounds. That is what we call a bald-faced lie. Big time lie, in your face lie, you in the audience are a bunch of drooling idiots lie.

Returning from the Zionist alternate universe, we held in our power the fate of three boy commandos who may well have been murderers on that night. Think about that, under these circumstances, we let them go. That is what we call preserving life.

It is not that BBC does not know the truth, there are literally hundreds of witnesses and overflowing facts to reveal it; it is simply BBC's slavish duty to produce a Zionist storyline of illusions and deceptions. And the story goes that we are the aggressors, “terrorists”, “extremists” and killers. Only in this context can the poor Israeli commandos be victims. How is it possible to dominate and control commandos simply to let them go if we are killers? Answer, it isn't. And that is precisely why Panorama blatantly lied.

Ah but the irony, the kind of irony that always provides me a smile from the inside out, the irony of these lies being big, beautiful gifts. In all sincerity, thank you BBC.

The BBC says there is doubt as to who fired first. There is no doubt at all who shot who and when to the hundreds of us on the Mavi Marmara and other ships. The Israelis have said we shot at them, well where are their gunshot wounds? And even if you have gunshot wounds, how do we know you did not shoot yourselves? Exactly like you did in "Operation Cast Lead"?

Returning once again from the Zionist alternate universe, the Israeli military attacked in international waters and murdered within the first five minutes of the attack. The attack resulting in scores of gunshot wounds and death in rapid succession. Blood spilling all over the ship. In that environment I took possession of a 9mm pistol that I removed from one of the commandos... and I emptied it of the (real) bullets. Other weapons were seized by other brothers and thrown into the sea, one of which was an assault rifle.

Yet when others and myself had the power to end life, and believe me it was as simple as release the safety, point, shoot, over. Instead we preserved life, by taking those weapons away from established killers, we prevented them from killing more. We literally saved our lives and their lives. That is what we call cold, hard facts.

We could have taken out at least three of them, but we did not. Nope, we let them go.

The BBC mentions that we were in international waters at the very end of the story, as if this were an insignificant fact. The fact that Israel stole all the footage that it could, footage that undoubtedly shows them firing 4 bullets to the head of the 19-year-old American passenger, Furkan Dogan. No problem. Executing people at close range, no worries. The fact that the blockade itself is illegal, nah, don't mention that. 800,000 plus children in Gaza, malnourished, anemic, traumatised... not important.

I would need to review this program many times over to identify every poisoned tactic that the BBC employed in order to do what they do so well, justify murder and war.

Nevertheless BBC's perversion of the truth will elevate the cause of justice immensely, delegitimizing itself in such grand fashion was indeed a great big gift.

Hats off to ya BBC!

Ken O'Keefe

Ken is a former U.S. Marine who served in the 1991 Gulf War and subsequently spoke out about the use of depleted uranium as a "crime against humanity" and the US military using soldiers as "human guinea pigs" with experimental drugs that were directly linked to Gulf War syndrome.
He is also a social entrepreneur utilizing direct action marine conservation, he is more widely known for leading the human shield action to Iraq and as a survivor of the Israeli attack on the MV Mavi Marmara in which ...

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Anonymous said...

i was there when rachel corrie was murdered by 'falling bricks' in Rafah - i was there when i saw the wilful destruction of mosques, homes, schools, hospitals, roads, market-places, i was there when the neo-hasbara bbc mis-reported the terrifying experience of the palestinian people when Sharon drove his merkavas into Gaza. As a Briton, i am ashamed that my ancient homeland has just become another zionist-owned enterprise run by 'lord' levys, 'lord' mandelsons, roman abrohamovich, boris beresosky, and all the other zionist moles who use this great country to further the interests of that shitty little country in the m-e. Go to hell BBc- i refuse to pay tax to a country that is an active-propaganda (hasbara) tool of a criminal ganster entity - GO TO HELL - 'friends of israel' of the tory/labour parties - better still - BURN IN HELL - your time will come...

Anonymous said...

UK Citizen:
The BBC as a shill for government propagandising has long lost my attention.
That said, I was surprised when they gave Ken a fair chance to comment on the "Hard Talk" program. Perhaps, they did not expect that a former 'Jar Head' would give such a bravissimo performance!
"Hard Talk" has since been cancelled, surprised? Not! Ken's interview is on youtube and I recommend that you see it:

There are still some voices in the UK establishement that speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

I believe the BBC has been infiltrated by zionists..What was once a highly respected source of news throughout the world has sadly gone the way of all MSM news channels owned by them. On the positive side listened to by less Right minded thinking people everyday...The downright lies are so plain to hear and see that their one sided coverage of Gaza/flottilas/Palestine-Isra-hell and all military conflicts imposed upon innocents is nothing short of farcical ...We do not get shown "The News" anymore (did we ever?) but a perverted polluted version which only serves to indoctrinate and deceive joe public...Luckily many of us who still retain our much maligned intuition and common sense are turning their backs on the BBC and MSM news channels, finding out the Reality and outrageous extent of Our controlled lives by turning to sources delivered by actual Human beings whose agenda is Not based on greed and filthy Lucre but on Honesty and compassion..Those who think they are in control are a sad, sick collection of lower thinking men/women who are desperately dysfunctional. It is up to those of us who are not to expose their crimes, lies and videotapes to as many unaware optically challenged fence sitters as possible, it is the very least we can do not only for The Prisoners of Gaza but for all the victims of hate crimes Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, anywhere the USUKISRALI forces of oppression ply their bloody trade..Bravo to Ken O'Keefe who can count me as a supporter who believes and trusts in his integrity and passion for peace, prosperity and freedom for all of those who are suffering from hatred.. Jean Essex UK

Anonymous said...

I watched Mr. O'keefe's interview. he handled himself w/ restraint and was very articulate. Held his cool, for the most part, and made the idiot/Jewish Schill look like the puppet he is.
make no mistake, the "Renfield" Class, (after Bram Stoker's character who sold out his own to the Vampyres), in both London and D.C. are either marranos or puppets who have sold out their nations for 30 pieces of silver and deserve the very same fate of the very biggest Jewish toady in history; Judas Iscariot, who offered up the Christ to be framed and murdered by the Talmudic Jewish power structure. So, this type of treason has a history, it's nothing new they've thought up but that doesn't make it any less repulsive.

johnalc29 said...

I ma an Englishman,in England. NOT Britain,NOT UK, ENGLAND. I am ashamed of my country,I am ashamed that this once great country has allowed itself to be dragged into the gutter by the "faceless useless idiots" who are intent in destroying
any form of freedom and liberty. The Palestinians will never be free until the ordinary people wake up to the vile propaganda from ALL the main stream media,to which the BBC are just one part. The main stream media represent the government and the bankers,always have,and always will. People like Ken O'Keefe speak for the people with their eyes open, everybody can see whats happening in Palestine,but to most people, its not their problem.
Israel,GREAT Britain, (thats a laugh)and the USA, HOST THE BIGGEST GANGSTERS AND CRIMINALS IN THE WORLD.and they will continue with their plan of world domination until people do open their eyes.We will have to fight not just for the palastinians, but for ourselves too

Anonymous said...

What a load of tripe! It is almost sinister to hear of your conspiracy theories and how the zionists control the media (yawn). The facts are that no one group has had so much international aid and so little to show for it. The Palestinians, per capita, are the world's greatest beneficiaries of foreign aid
But wait. Where is your indignation to the half million Palestinians who for for almost 60 years have lived as refugees in Lebanon and who are treated as less than second class. Unlike any other foreign nationals they are forbidden to become citizens, they are essentially forbidden to work and basically considered as illegal immigrants. They have no rights; voting, work, or travel. They are political prisoners with no hope or prospect. These are now 3rd generation of born in Lebanon Palestinians. The same goes for many other Arab countries who "cry" over the plight of their brethren. If the truth be told, neither the authors of the above, nor the hypocritical Arabs could care less about Palestinians; It is all about Israel bashing and by proxy the USA as well. I agree that there has to be a solution to the problem, but the disproportionate coverage on this and with far worse atrocities happening globaly begs the question why you are so silent? Is it because none involve the US or Israel? It is a shame that the once liberal left has too been radicalised and indoctrinated by militant islam.

Anonymous said...

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