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In Defense of a Palestinian.‏ (Censored at Rizzostine's PTT)


I found the following comment in my mail box. I don't know Tezozomoc, but I would thank him for passing it to me. I visited PTT for the first time since several months, and was not surprised to find that the comment is censored by PTT thought police (Mary the Queen of Hasbra).

Istead she as usual commented on the censored comment, whlie accusing for "not even allowing any of my (her) own comments in"

To expose her lies, links are embedded in her comment

Mary Rizzo on August 5th, 2010 at 11:35: (Links added by Me).

Tezozo left a comment that says that in my rant to Richie, I smear a respected writer. That I should reprint the very article that is full of innuendo, accusation and nastiness, so that I can prove it is false. The reason is that it doesn't insult me, but it attacks others and the "direction of the site".

Obviously, if we gave space to anyone who wants to attack us, any complaint about us not being what someone wants, and dictating clearly what we are supposed to do, as if they themselves have built this site and work hard on it, ( they basically criticise publishing pieces that are critical of idols and ones that promote the values that some of us adhere to strongly, that is, Palestinian unity within Arab unity, and rejection of any forces looking for divisionism, smears based on claims that the writers, if they are secular Palestinian are "infiltrates" or attacking Palestine), we would be satisfying the drive for attention that serves our enemy.

our enemy is Israel, and anyone who shifts the blame to someplace else, someone else, is helping the enemy and keeping us busy with time wasting things.

Just because "I" was not attacked, I am not going to allow Kawther and Haitham to be, as they are true patriots who themselves have suffered and still suffer the pains of their own exile and many years of mistreatment and abuse. That they should accept the accusations that they are "working for Pharaoh" is a joke. That they are "israelis" because they spell "Nakba" in a way our critic doesn't approve of, as though this is the sign! That they knew and still trust a handful of Israelis is the other sign… that they protest equally the human rights abuses made by ANY faction, not just the PA is proof that they are "evil"…

forget it!

They were able to spam their stuff for weeks, not even allowing any of my own comments in, (click the link to see her comments and also Check the liar here) and creating some smear campaign against me that, frankly, is infantile and abusive and serves their own interests,,, whatever those may be. They are no longer worth my time........."

In Defense of a Palestinian
By Hermano Tezozomoc

Mary Rizzo often makes the resonating claim of supporting Palestinian unity within Arab unity, and whatever ambiguous interpretations can be stuffed in this statement, I do support it also.

Jeff Blankfort wrote a brillant article exposing Noam Chomsky's lack of constancy about Palestine. In the comments section to the article, Mary Rizzo was first replying to Mark Richie.

But in this same comment, she deviates into some weird, almost incomprehensible and endless serie of attacks against the author of an article that was allegedly “full of unsubstantiated crap” and “lies”. In her serial litany Mary Rizzo also insinuates that this author is manipulated by “Pretend Muslims”, and that this mysterious author accuses Palestinians to be “infiltrators” because of being “secular”.

I was intrigued, and when I found out that the author incriminated is Nahida Izzat, i was shocked since the profile and writings of this respected Palestinian author do not fit at all the smear portrayed by Mary Rizzo.

I made the effort to read carefully Nahida Izzat's article in which she expresses her discomfort and suspicions about one of Palestine Think Tank's editors, Kawther Salam, and this article has the merit to present its evidence, instead of mere accusations and smears.

I wrote a reply to Mary Rizzo.
It was deleted, and yet she did not shy away from making snaring remarks about it. Does she perhaps think her reader are unable to make their own judgment, that she has to take them on a fools ride like this? That by itself is smear and resembles to Zionist methods. May be this explains why she refuses to publish Nahida Izzat's article explaining her departure from Palestine Think Tank.

There is a matter of strict contradiction, when someone like Mary Rizzo claims to be supporting “Palestinian unity within Arab unity” and then goes on attacking and smearing a respected Palestinian author.

Such divisive and deceptive method of smearing and blacking out the defense, of dividing and capturing the audience, are not new for anyone who has experience with hasbara.

Suspecting it would not be published, I saved the webpage with my comment (35) “awaiting moderation” which at Palestine Think Tank means “awaiting censorship and smear”

Tezozomoc on August 5th, 2010 at 0:47: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Mary Rizzo et al,

In your ranting reply to Mark Richie, you engage into smearing of someone who reveals to be an author you apparently hate. This is odious, especially since it is a renown Palestinian author with integrity and unrepentant commitment to Palestine. It was easy to find out who it was, just as it was uneasy to discover that you are engaging in slander and attacks behind the back against Palestinians.

IF the article you mention in your slanderous comment is "Through the Fog of Deception"

And IF it is indeed " full of unsubstantiated crap" and if it is indeed ”based not on fact, but on prejudice and lies” , then why don't YOU Mary et al. publish that article at Palestinian Think Tank, and give the readers a chance to make their own judgment?

Let all your readers have a look and judge for themselves, since you say "it's BS anyway and anyone can see that by taking a look"

And "since this person had been spamming and harassing for months" then why don't you "expose" her and publish her "harassment" and "spamming" for all your readers to see??
I had a look for myself, and made my judgement is that this person did not say a bad word against you personally, but expressed concerns about someone she does perceive as untrustworthy, and about a new direction taken by Palestine Think Tank, she disapproved with.

It begs the question as to what is your motivation, and what is your benefit, to propagate in Palestinian circles such slanderous and repeated smearing of this author ?

Mary Rizzo et al, your activity of personal vengeance against this respected Palestinian author is simply inexcusable. You pursue your smearing publicly without the incriminated person's knowledge or awareness. That you fully know your accusations are without merit explains your methods of sending around false rumors, ..........(I removed this part about the so called fake activist because I don't trust Mary)

Your readers deserve to see the evidence of your accusations against a Palestinian author, who proved her points of apprehension in her article with quote after quote of Kawther Salam.
People can READ, and they are well capable of making their own conclusions.

It is unconscionable for a website and a person who claims to be supportive of Palestine, to be deceptive, and divisive by engaging in smear campaigns in what seems to be a personal vendetta by Mary Rizzo against a Palestinian author, Nahida Izzat.

What is it that makes Mary Rizzo censure any serious criticism of anything published on Palestine Think Tank?

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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