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Deadly Blast Targets Egypt Church

Few days ago El-Fiqy warned of the potential threats to Egyptian national security caused by Sudan’s breakup saying that “Israel will have a presence on our southern border" I am sure El-Fiqy and his Pharaoh are aware that the real threats to Egyptian national security is here:

In the Israeli embassy, on the top floor of a towerblock in Cairo, lead by the fluent Arabic speakerYitzhak Levanon,  a spy and a son of spy who had been sentenced to death in Lebanon and  released in 1967 as part of a prisoner exchange in the aftermath of the Six Day War.

The chief spy left Cairo immediately after the Egyptian authorities discovered a spy ring affiliated with the Mossad and pointed out to his involvement in this case.

However, before leaving, he left his New Year Gift to Egyptians.

Via Al-Manar 

01/01/2011 The first day in the new year of 2011 was deadly in Egypt, as a car bomb attack on a church in Alexandria has killed at least 21 people.

The attack was then followed by clashes between enraged Christians and police, as the protesters stormed a nearby mosque, prompting fights and volleys of stone throwing with Muslims, in a sign of the sectarian anger that has been arising with greater frequency in Egypt.

"The number of dead has risen to 21," health ministry official, Ussama Abdel Moneim said, adding that eight people were wounded in the attack. An earlier toll from the interior ministry said seven people had been killed and 24 wounded.

There was no immediate responsibility for the attack which came as the faithful left the Al-Qiddissine (The Saints) church in the Sidi Bechr district of the northern city at around half past midnight.

The interior ministry said earlier in a statement that eight of those wounded wer Muslims, and that the church and a nearby mosque were severely damaged.

According to the ministry the car that exploded was parked in front of the church.
The prosecutor has opened an investigation.

Spokesman for Al-Azhar, Refaa al-Tahtawi, Islam's main institution based in Cairo, appeared on television to denounce the attack which he said “targeted Egyptian national unity.”
He also appealed to Christians and Muslims for calm.

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