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Israel kidnapped 4,168 Palestinians in 2010 - 350 Palestinians arrested last month for working without permit including minors

Farwana: Israel kidnapped 4,168 Palestinians in 2010
[ 01/01/2011 - 08:35 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Specialist in prisoners' affairs Abdulnasser Farwana said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained 4,168 Palestinian citizens in 2010, at an average of 11 detainees every day.

In a report released on Friday, Farwana added that the past year witnessed a rise in the Israeli violations against prisoners, where the prison administrations escalated their arbitrary measures against them and issued decisions that worsened their incarceration conditions.

He also stressed that the list of patients imprisoned in Israeli jails broadened and the use of excessive force against prisoners became a phenomenon in all prisons.

The specialist noted that two detainees, Ra'ed Abu Hammad and Mohamed Abdin, died last year as a result of torture and medical neglect and both of them were from occupied Jerusalem.

He appealed to the international institutions to give up its silence on the issue of Palestinian prisoners and move to defend its laws that are flouted and violated on a daily basis by Israel.

In a related context, a senior leader of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails said that the prison administrations escalated their search raids on sections and rooms of detainees at the pretext of looking for cell phones, but in fact these break-ins are part of Shalit law which is implemented gradually.

The Israel government earlier last year approved Shalit law that is aimed at aggravating the conditions of Palestinian prisoners in its jails in an attempt to pressure the captors of soldier Gilad Shalit to make concessions in the prisoner swap talks

The leader added that these search raids are not primarily aimed at searching for cell phones as the prison administrations claim, and what proves that is the fact that they also take place in jails known for its strict security measures.

He affirmed that many prisoners suffered heavy material losses because when Israeli troops raid the cells they deliberately wreak havoc on everything they find on their way.

In a separate incident, the Palestinian prisoners in Hadarim jail demanded the prison administration to remove the cell phone jamming devices which are used inside, saying these devices may cause serious diseases like cancer among them.

They said that the prison administration used these jammers after intensive violent raids over two months on their rooms.

[ 01/01/2011 - 09:51 AM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)-- Israeli police arrested last month 350 Palestinians from the West Bank, 22 of them minors, on charges of working in 1948-occupied Palestine without a permit, the General Union of Palestine's Laborers said Saturday.

The cities of Haifa, Yaffa, Tel Aviv, and Nazareth saw the heaviest concentration of arrests.

22 minors were picked up in the arrest campaign, as well as 20 Palestinian women. 25 of the detainees were taken for questioning over security charges.

10 of those workers were sentenced to three months in jail, while 15 others were forced to pay about 2.5 thousand dollars in fines.

Israeli authorities have reportedly withheld work permits from Palestinians who refuse to offer services for Israeli intelligence, a scandal that has forced many West Bank residents to seek livelihood without license.

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