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Oliver Goldsmith Look Out!

DateWednesday, December 21, 2011 at 10:14AM AuthorGilad Atzmon
The song is an expression of Jamal’s wish to encourage others to join with him and the whole TJP movement to work to build a more truthful, more just, and more peaceful world. It is a big step for a man, an even bigger step for a boy.

(BOSTON) - Oliver Goldsmith! Look out! Jamal Belica’s latest song, World Citizen: Giving It My All,
is articulating a new view of the world citizen: bold and aggressive; quite the opposite of the genteel Chinese traveler Lien Chi sojourning in London two and a half centuries ago whom Goldsmith used to satirize the follies and foibles of 17th-century British society in his The Citizen of the World. Instead, Jamal’s world citizen has muscles and faces the unpleasant realities of the world we live in unflinchingly.

Jamal’s track is dedicated to Ken O’Keefe and Tim King. It draws its inspiration from the works and words the two dedicatees as well as other activists in the TJP (Truth-Justice-Peace) movement among them Gilad Atzmon and his influential book The Wandering Who and, of course, the views of his father’s activist musical output.

Jamal Belica with Gilad Atzmon's new book,
The Wandering Who?
Ken O’Keefe, who has said “aloha!” to narrow nationalism in his own life has articulated the principles and aims of the TJP on his website and, moreover, practices what he preaches. As for Tim and Bonnie King, they have worked very hard and sacrificed much to spread the message of the ideals and goals of TJP.
They have also provided the venue in the for others to add their voices to the growing chorus of protest against so much social injustice throughout the world.
The song is an expression of Jamal’s wish to encourage others to join with him and the whole TJP movement to work to build a more truthful, more just, and more peaceful world. It is a big step for a man, an even bigger step for a boy. —Jay R. Crook, PhD.

World Citizen: Giving It My All

Jamal- one of today's young people who knows about the suffering of kids
his age in places like Palestine. He refuses to be silent about injustice.

______________________________ by JB _______________________________

Have you ever met a people who just keep bringin’?
On their last knee; sweat drippin to the death singin’.
No retreat, No retreat, swingin’ as they’re grinnin’;
Masters of the trade, strictly to the dome they freakin’ dingin’!
Character assassinators, TJP haters;
World players, dictators, Zionist collaborators!
Corporate monkeys, greedy junkies, media manipulators—
About to feel the wrath from the world’s divine devil-slayers!
No more restraint! Forget about being calm!
Time to be resolute; that’s right! The beef is on!
God’s servant not your average individual;
Watch your mouth! Tread carefully! My skin is flammable!
Prisoner in this cold world, I fight to liberate;
New Caliphate; now its time to freakin’ gladiate!
Decapitate, the head of the snake at any rate —
TJP illuminates on the breastplate!
World citizens on the rise recognize
Truth-Justice-Peace Angel eyes fallen out the skies!
So realize” evil eyes were here to pulverize;
Terrorize all those that
freakin’ demoralize!
Here for all the cries; main drop Palestine;
Justice overdue; it’s time, devil dummies! You’re out of line!
Zionists, imperalists must pay for all their crimes;
Transgressing all bounds, treasonists; see the signs!
Killing, stealing, and the double-dealing,
Collusion, bribery, tyranny, still continuing;
Devil whispering! My people, are you all listening?
War on terror bull-crap! It’s all mind-conditioning!
The next generation, people from every freakin’ nation—
TJP collaboration; peace signs here blazin’;
2k11 human beings awakening,
Mass revolution world-wide! It’s here: the reckoning!

Tim King, Ken O'Keefe & Bonnie King during Ken's 2010 World/Northwest tour.

World citizens! Stand together in solidarity!
The devils on their knees now facing tragedy!
Their mission for a new world order just a fantasy;
The truth stands clear for their crimes against humanity!
Educate! Demonstrate! Everything they fabricate!
JB! Never hesitate! You made a big mistake;
Trade not aid here to set the record straight—
Ken O’Keefe betrayed! May the criminals obliterate!
Stand tall, never fall! The soul give it all!
TJP for Humanity! I hope they hear the call.
Spirit strong; the battles on; soundin’ off the horn!
Abrahamic faith taken over a new star born.
The Golden Rule, do to me as I would to you
Or feel the wrath from JB and the whole freakin’ crew!
Through this world-brawl, even if I have to crawl,
I’ma give my all! That’s right: I’ma give my all!

Gilad Atzmon and Ken O'Keefe together in London- two of the most accomplished multi-media activists in the world; Musician Reporter Atzmon is the author of a new sizzling book, O'Keefe's fame shot like a rocket when he and other peace activists battled Israeli soldiers who boarded their ship on the high seas, killing nine unarmed men. A former U.S. Marine, Ken was directly involved in disarming two of the Israeli
commandos and proved that their goal of reaching Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid was strictly one of peace.

Dr. Jay R. Crook spent his formative years in the New York metropolitan area, where a chance acquaintance awakened his interest in Islamic culture and civilization, and he soon embraced Islam. After military service and saving some money, he ventured to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to study and ultimately, spent most of his working life in the Middle East, especially in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

He received his Ph.D. in 1978 in the Doctoral Program of Persian Literature for Foreigners at Tehran University. His doctoral thesis was A Comparison of the Quranic Stories of Surabadi With the Bible. Subsequent to leaving Iran in 1980, he worked as an English teacher in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia before retiring in 1997. He now resides in Arizona and has translated several books from Persian into English, including Kashifi’s The Royal Book of Spiritual Chivalry and Ghazzali’s The Alchemy of Happiness.

The Wandering Who-A Study of Jewish Identity Politics or

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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