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Al Qaeda strike in both Iraq and Syria

In Iraq

Following a visit by AL Chief Nabil al-Arabi to Baghdad, "Iraq pledged to convince Syria with the initiative proposed by the Arab League, “We have talked about Syria and we demanded interference from Iraq which has a good relation with Syria” AL chief said "The Iraqi government has told us that it will hold talks with the Syrian government to find a solution for this issue”, added  al-Arabi

But Obama, and Maliki don’t have the same view concerning the situation in Syria. During a news conference in the White House maliki told Obama "I do not have the right to ask a president to abdicate. We cannot give ourselves this right"

"When I arrive in Baghdad, I will hold a meeting to prepare the plans to send a delegation to Syria in order to implement the Iraqi initiative," Maliki told AFP as he flew back to Iraq from Washington.

On his arrival Al Qaeda & friends on behalf of its 'sponsors' were ready to receive Maliki with 20 explosions killig At least 65 people  and wounding at least 196
At least 65 people were killed and at least 196 were wounded in 20 explosions
 just days after the final U.S. troops withdrew,

Attacks come amid political unrest

In Syria

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem announced in a press conference he held Monday that Syria had signed the Arab League observer mission protocol, and assured that this step was a “pure national decision”.

Istanbul Council, surprised by Syria acceptance, declared Friday of Protocol of Death.
On that friday, Dec 24, 2011, Al Qaeda & friends on behalf of its 'sponsors' arraged a Welcome Barbique for the Arab League observers.



Two Terrorist Attacks Target State Security Directorate and a Security Branch in Damascus City

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Two terrorist attacks on Friday targeted State Security Directorate and another Security Branch in Damascus, causing many military and civilian deaths and the majority were civilians. Preliminary investigations indicated that that the criminal attack carries the blueprints of al-Qaeda. The two attacks, according to the investigations, were carried out by two suicide bombers with two booby-trapped cars. Delegation of the Arab League's monitors visited the site of the two terrorist attacks.

Interior Ministry: Attacks Bear Fingerprints of al-Qaeda… 44 Martyred and 166 Injured

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior said that a terrorist suicide bomber in a booby-trapped car broke into the main door of the Area Security Branch in Damascus at 10:18 AM, leading to the martyring of security forces personnel and civilian passersby in addition to causing significant material damage to nearby buildings. The statement said that one minute later, another suicide bomber drove a booby-trapped GMC 4WD car into the General Intelligence Administration building, also leading to the martyring of security forces personnel and civilian passersby and causing significant material damage.

The Ministry said that death toll of the two terrorist suicide combings so far have reached 44, in addition to 166 wounded people, stressing that the modus operandi of the attacks and the selection of targeted areas (both of which are crowded in order to kill the biggest number of civilians possible) have the fingerprints of al-Qaeda all over them, marking an escalation in the terrorist attacks afflicting Syria at the hands of armed terrorist Takfiri groups for more than nine months. The statement said that these terrorist attacks reveal the true face of the plot targeting Syria and its security and stability at the hands of terrorist tools inside and abroad. The Ministry called on citizens to do their part and cooperate with the authorities by reporting any suspicious incident in order to put an end to terrorism and crimes and protect the safety of the country and citizens.

Child Martyred, Teacher Injured in al-Aman Orphanage as Result of Terrorist Attacks

 Director of al-Aman Orphanage Hanadi Qawwas said one of the children from the orphanage was martyred and a teacher was severely injured in the terrorist attack on the nearby General Intelligence Administration building. She pointed out that fate averted a massacre at the orphanage where 150 children live and 60 students work, saying that the explosion occurred when most of the children were off visiting relatives, and that the building and its equipment were severely damaged. "Those who committed this cowardly terrorist act have no religion and aren't remotely related to morals and humanity," she said. The explosion also caused material damage to al-Wehda Journalism and Publishing establishment. The headquarters of the Syrian Arab Television also sustained damaged to its side which faces the Area Security Branch.

Martyrs of Terrorist Attacks to Be Escorted to Final Resting Place from Umayyad Mosque on Saturday in Official and Popular Procession T

he martyrs who fell victim to the two terrorist attacks will be escorted from the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus to their final resting place on Saturday after the noon prayers. <>

























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