Monday, 25 June 2012

A Palestinian Stone Speaks out

Nahida the exiled Palestinian

His small swift hand, 
Picked me up 
And the soft, gentle palm
 Gave me a cuddle 
Warm, safe and secure 
He made me feel.. 

He said no words
 He shed no tears
His long lasting pain
 I couldn’t ignore

 Bulldozers.. tanks and F16s
 With evil colours
 Evil sights
 Evil touch 
And evil sounds
  Surrounded his tiny frame 
The evil war of “Absolutely No Shame” 

 He squeezed me hard 
Knowing it’s good-bye 
“Just throw me 
As hard as you can”
 I whispered… 
“Together ...
We’ll be fine !!” 

And just for a moment I felt eternity 
Only for a moment I touched infinity… 
When “Brave-Heart” boy 
Feels so strong 
And there he stands 
All… alone
 Facing evil armies.. 
Only with a stone 

The evil bullet was faster
 Than his little hand
His frail... pale body 
Falls to the ground 

With a beautiful smile 
He says his good-bye 
His soft gentle palm 
Gave my soul 
Its peaceful eternal hug!

With a scorching tear 
and heartfelt cry
I proclaimed
YOU Palestinian,
My beloved child
A teacher of dignity 
to all mankind

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