Friday, 11 June 2010

State-sponsered Piracy

Contributed By Exilem

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The Jewish state has NO authority over international Mediterranean waters, or Palestinian waters for that matter, NOR does it have any form of Jurisdiction over it.

The Jewish state's "embargo" and "blockade", or their claimed "Fishing Limit zones" against Palestinian waters, i.e. Gaza waters in this case, are illegal, by any angle you may look at it.

Consequently, the violent, military enforcement of these criminal "policies", are unequivocally ACTS OF PIRACY, by any definition.

When the military apparatus of the "Jewish state" rams and severely damages the vessel "Dignity" in Dec'08, it is an Act of Piracy. When they attack and shoot at Gazan fishermen, it constitutes Acts of Piracy. When they hinder the current Humanitarian Flotilla to Gaza, and storm it as they prepare to do, it will constitute Acts of Piracy.

By doing so, the terrorist "Jewish state" has opened the Pandora's box of state sponsored Piracy in the Mediterranean Sea.

Under such circumstances the fate of the vessel Dignity, of the 711 fishing vessels registered in Gaza (OCHA'07) unable to enter their waters and thus unable to feed the Gazan population starved by years of Judeo-Zionist embargo and invasions, the fate of the current Humanitarian Flotilla can become the fate for any other ship sailing the Mediterranean Sea, whether leisure or fishing, maritime transport or humanitarian relief.

ALL private sailors and professional fishermen of the Mediterranean Sea have a legal case against the Jewish state.

ALL countries with Mediterranean shores have a legal case against the Jewish state.

Shipping Co, Cargo owners, Fishermen and sailors of the Mediterranean should unite, break the siege, fend off the israeli-jewish state sponsored pirates, and each and every one can file suit in solidarity with the Palestinian Fishermen who are subjected to such barbaric and illegal piracy on a daily basis.

ALL these cases can, and hopefully will be, filed in MANY European Courts of Justice, flooding European and North African Courthouses.

To this effect, a little legal reminder:

Acts of Piracy at Sea and other unlawful acts against the safety of maritime navigation, are crimes relevant to Universal Jurisdiction.

Please spread this "Little Legal reminder" to all concerned parties.

By Exilem

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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