Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Deadly Ideology: Who is up for the challenge?‏

The Talmudists, supremacist, murderers chabad Lubavitch: "casually" become famous, charitable, lovely and friendly Watch the promoting of and raising funds for the chabad in the Main Stream Media!

So... how do you pronounce 'Chabad'?

Cast of Friends on the Chabad Telethon

Matt LeBlanc and The Chabad Telethon

joey from friends on chabad

Chabad telethon

Jon Voight Chabad Telethon Dance

Jon Voight:God gave this land to the Jewish people

Michael Douglas for the Chabad Telethon

Leonard Nimoy on the Chabad Telethon

Gary Coleman on the Chabad Telethon

Where in the world is Chabad dancing?

Gene Wilder on the Chabad Telethon

Regis Philbin for the Chabad Telethon


Those merry dancing Chabad rabbis share the same deadly ideology with the rabbis who call for the extermination of millions of non-Jews whom they call the Amalek and the seven nations, they believe in the superiority and leadership-entitlement of the Jews and that the "gentiles are donkeys, created to serve Jews"

Jewish rabbi "non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews"
(Chabad) Orthodox Rabbis: 'Palestinians to the Ovens!'

Genocide and wars of extermination:

for more info:
Milchemet Reshut (לחמת רשות)
or "Jewish Wars of Aggression"

“By contrast, war against nations "that lie very far from you" cannot be justified as a form of religious self‑defense. As typified by the wars during the reigns of kings David and Solomon, they are wars of pure expansion and aggression. Yet they too are God's wars:
"…and when the Lord your God delivers it into your hand (verse 13)…and enjoy the use of the spoil of your enemy, which the Lord your God gives you (verse 14)."”

Two Types of Jewish War
milchemet reshut (discretionary war) - a war of aggression. The Torah permits such a war to expand the borders of Eretz Yisrael, to capture captives, or because the King of Israel decides that war is good for the country and for God”
Milchemet reshut is war against other nations to enlarge Eretz Yisrael and increase its prestige.”

Ki Tetzei
Rabbi Jacob Chinitz
Lubavitchers for the Army:

“The special relationship of Chabad with the Israel Defense Forces is legendary. "

Cherished by the soldiers of Israel………….. Visitation by Chabad takes place on an army-wide scale ……………..there is a highly-organized program of regular visitation by the "mitzvah tanks," which have become famous on the Lebanese front”


For more info about Chabad:

How could such a group with such shocking and disturbing ideologies and practices get rewarded generously by MS media and world governments !?

Where is the protests, demos and leaflets that exposes such racists?Where is the mass Jewish outcry against such supremacists? --

With such wide-spread support, infiltration, dominance and success of Chabad, can the liberal Jewish voices compete with such mass activism?

After all this can the Jewish liberals claim that THEY (not Chabad) are the real representatives of Judaism and the Jewish people?

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