Friday, 25 November 2011

the story of a Lebanese businessman in 1982

This enough for Two
There is a trick serving Israel called " normalisation"
in which Arab businessmen are sucked into collaborating
with Israel´s industries enabling it to dump its products
on Arab consumers........
in my book, it is a traitorous endeavour.

In that regard ,
we have a Beirutee joke :
During the invasion and occupation of Beirut in 1982
an Israeli businessman was trying desperately to sell
women´s bras into the Lebanese market , but nobody
was buying from him.

One day a Lebanese businessman approached him and proposed
to help him, provided the Israeli would leave his stock of bras
and come back later to see the results

2 weeks later the Israeli came back and was admonished how come
that Lebanese has sold out all his stock.

So he left again a bigger stock of Israeli-bras and he came again
3 weeks later to see again the same result : all sold out !!

He begged the Lebanese salesman to tell him the secret of his success.

No way !!!
this clever-Lebanese would not tell his secret formula ,
but rather he asked for more of those Israeli bras......

This profitable business went on until the day when the Israeli army
has had to retreat and the Israeli-Businessman asked :
Listen my dear , Abou Khalil ,
now I am leaving and I may never come back again,
so here I give you 10.000 dollars if you tell me the secret of your
unexplainable success !!

The Lebanese took the 10.000 Dollars (and after re-counting them carefully)
placed them in his pockets...... smiled and said :
Very simple , ya homar !! ,
I take each bras and then cut it into 2 halves
and then I sell each half to an Israeli occupying soldier.......
one bras , makes 2 Kippa´s !!

Sherlock Hommos
Pheonician marketing advisor
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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