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Sayyed Nasrallah: The enemy is this American Administration and its “tool” not “ally” in the region, Israel,

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on 10th Day of Muharram

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Tens of thousands of Imam Hussein lovers joined the unified march organized by Hezbollah in the Southern Suburbs of Beirut to mourn Imam Hussein, renew their vows and pledges to stay on his path, and express support for the Islamic Resistance and renunciation of the “Great Satan” America and the occupying entity Israel.

After the march people headed to Al-Raya Stadium where Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah was scheduled to deliver a speech after the commemoration.

However, unlike always, and as he was expected to deliver his speech via video link for the usual security reasons, Sayyed Nasrallah surprised the crowds by appearing among them on ground and saluting them.
Sayyed Nasrallah hasn’t appeared in public since the swap deal that took place in July 2008, when Samir Qintar and the four resistance fighters were released from the Israeli prisons.

His Eminence greeted the people and went on stage where he delivered a short statement saying: “I wanted to join you for a few minutes, even though I love to be with you always… On the 10th day of Muharram I wanted to join you so that we reiterate together and let the world hear our firm stance and vow to Imam Hussein who stood along on this day confronting 30,000 people, and was a confirmatory to his father Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (as) who used to say: “By Allah, if I confront them while they are of large number and I’m alone, I would neither care nor repel.” When Hussein was put before two choices either … or disgrace, and how far, how impossible, that we be humiliated…”

Forever, and no matter how much the challenges and dangers were, we tell all those who wager on scaring us or threatening us, that we are the friends of Abi Abdullah Al-Hussein (as) who says “How impossible that we be humiliated”.”
“My brothers and sisters, on the 10th day of Muharram, we renew our vow to Hussein (as) and tell him like his friends told him on the eve of the 10th of Muharram: “How could we stay after you… how unpleasant is life after you Hussein. By Allah if I was killed, then burned, then scattered into the air, then brought back to life, then I fight, get killed, then get burned again, and scattered into the air again, and the same thing gets done to me a 1000 times, I would not leave you o Hussein!”

Sayyed Nasrallah concluded his word on stage to appear via video link after a few minutes and deliver the whole speech:
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace be upon our Master and Prophet Mohammad Bin Abdullah, his virtuous household, and good friends, and upon all the prophets and messengers.
Peace be upon you my Master Imam Hussein the son of Allah’s prophet, and upon all the souls, that were martyred along with you…

First of all, I thank you all for this mass, for loyalty, pledge, commitment, and patience… and I ask Allah that he accepts all your efforts.

I join you on the 10th day of Muharram, the martyrdom day of Abi Abdullah Al-Hussein, his household, friends, to console the Prophet and his household (PBUT), our Imams, Imam Mahdi the grandson of Imam Hussein (may Allah hasten his appearance) and his deputy the leader Imam Khamenei, as well as all our scholars and all the Muslims who follow the prophet.
We yearly commemorate this day to renew our path, commitment, faith, vow, firmness, insistence, and strong desire to continue on this path that was taken by the all the prophets, messengers, guardians, and good ones.

Millions were martyred on this track, and Karabala is a major point in this good, historic path that will stay remembered until the Judgment day.

My brothers and sisters I will tackle some political issues on this day, as we have to warn and remind that the real threat to this nation, with all its countries, people, and governments, is the American, Israel project. It is the American administration no matter who its president was, and the enemy that is occupying Palestine violating the sanctities, assaulting the Palestinian people and the people of this nation. The greatest robber of our nation’s wealth is the American and Israeli.

Our peoples should always be aware of this truth and should not be deceived by this new American fraud. The Americans tried throughout this year to present themselves and defenders of human rights and democracy in the Arab world, those hypocrites and deceivers, who we all know and are aware of their history in supporting dictatorships, as all those dictatorships that were toppled were supported by the US Administration on the political, media, intelligence, military and every level.

Even when the people revolted and America found that its followers were toppling one after the other, it abandoned them. Do you know my brothers and sisters that these are the manners of Satan based on the Holy Quran? Satan does this on the Judgment day, when his followers reach a dead end; he abandons them, and acts like he does not have anything to do with it. What assures the American Administration’s satanic manners is that it deserts its followers, allies, and tools at the first conflict, and looks for its own benefits and on way to reduce its losses.

Our people in the Arab and Muslim world should know that this US administration is the enemy and the threat. Didn’t we listen to (US) President (Barack) Obama a few days ago addressing the Jewish Lobby and organizations in America and telling them that “the help that my administration has given to Israel’s security was not given by any preceding administration,” and this is true. Even more, in Obama’s period, the CIA transferred from a major American intelligence organization into an intelligencer that works in Lebanon for the Mossad and the Israeli security apparatuses, and gives information about the mujahedeen who seek to find storage for their arms, and about locations and homes of officials. The American security apparatuses transferred to small agents that serve the security of Israel and defend Israel.

Israeli Excavations under the Al-Aqsa Mosque
O people and political forces, don’t be deluded by the American Administration as it is the one occupying your Palestine, violating your Al-Quds, threatening your Holy mosque, and it is the one responsible, even before the enemy, of holding thousands of Palestinians in prisons, and of displacing, torturing, and besieging them in Gaza and the West Bank. This is America, so we should remember on the 10th of Muharram, not to err the enemy and not to err the friend. Only that with a blind insight errs the enemy and the friend.

The enemy is this American Administration and its “tool” not “ally” in the region, Israel, which it uses as a spearhead to humiliate and oppress the Arabs and the Muslims, and to impose the American desire on the Arabs and the Muslims in order to guarantee a market for its arms and steal their oil, and this should stay in mind.
Second, also in this context we should all be aware that after the failure of the American Administration’s former project of “the new Middle East”, which was defeated by the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq, and by the awareness of the people of this region and the resisting countries at the head of which is Iran and Syria; it awakened with the rising of the Arab people and revolutions, and revived the Middle East project again, but this time from another gate, the gate of internal conflicts and sectarian incitements, because this is the only remaining choice for America and Israel to return its control over the region.

In this context, we have assured, and we reassure that we should avoid any sectarian or inciting speech, because it serves Israel and America, and the enemy of this nation. We are all supposed to respect each others’ sanctities, and here I emphasize Imam Khamenei’s Fatwa which requires us to respect on the sanctities and all the symbols of every sect.

Third, in this context, I speak about Al-Quds, which is the central cause and center of conflict in this region, and I warn on this day of the Judification taking place there. Every day, steps are being taken to entirely Judify Al-Quds.
Yesterday, homes were demolished East Al-Quds, and every day, they take decisions to build thousands of settlements, and now there are parts of Al-Aqsa mosque are under threat because of the destructions taking place there. What we fear and we should fear is that while the Arab people are busy with their internal problems, Israel will take advantage of this opportunity and strike Al-Quds with a decisive blow. But anyway, this would be the greatest stupidity that Israel does since the entity’s establishment, yet the peoples should be aware and present because of these threats on the sanctities.

Palestine should always remain the first central cause no matter how much the situation worsens, and the conflicts increased. This is what we believe in and work for.

Regarding the Arab peoples’ options, we wager on these peoples’ awareness.

Today in Tunisia, the people triumphed over their tyrant, conducted elections, and hopefully, the political forces will meet the expectations of the honorable, dear Tunisian people.

The people in Libya triumphed over their tyrant, and the political forces there are also responsible of meeting the expectations of the people that presented thousands of martyrs.

In Yemen, the challenge is ongoing, and there are parts that are trying to divide Yemen and restore the sectarian atmosphere there, in order to end the revolution and its aspirations.

In Bahrain, the people are still going on with their peaceful movements, despite all the oppression, deception and hypocrisy. They are insisting on attaining their national, legitimate goals.
Barak: Egypt Vote Result Disturbing
In Egypt, major changes that shook Israel and urged Barack to have worries about them took place. We all have hope in Egypt, because any real transformation in Egypt for the sake of the nation and Palestine, will change Israel’s strategic atmosphere in the region, would limit Israel’s options in the region, and put it in front of a critical situation that threatens its existence. This is the great challenge for the Egyptian political forces that will win in the elections and form the new authority. The challenge of Palestine, Al-Quds, Gaza, Camp David, and the country\s stance from this entity.

Our hope is that the Arab peoples would not be deceived or deluded by all the American hypocrisy, and when they get over their internal problems, they will go back to their normal position which is confronting this central cause.

Those Americans have failed, and are failing.

And from here I will talk about Iraq, then Syria and after that Lebanon.
The 101st Airborne Division attacks the Iraqi city of Karbala
In Iraq, today and in the coming few days, the American withdrawal from Iraq is supposed to be completed. There is a real American defeat in Iraq as the Americans did not go into Iraq to later leave it. Their aim was to stay in Iraq, control it, and establish military bases secured for tens of years in Iraq; but the courageous Iraqi resistance, the firmness of the Iraqi people as well as the political powers, and the high cost of the American occupation in Iraq forced it to take another choice which is withdrawal.
I would also like to point out that the Iraqi resistance’s operations did not receive any Arab or international media coverage, and that many of the resistance factions used to send videos or DVDs about their strong operations to Arab and international satellites, but they used to ignore them. A big part of the Iraqi resistances’ operations were concealed in favor of the American army and Administration’s morale, and this reveals the nature of these satellites that are controlling media in the Arab and Islamic world.
Anyway, what happened and is happening in Iraq is a real defeat that the resistance forces as well as the sacrificing Iraqi people should celebrate. Even if there are some remarks on the conclusion, but in general, there is a great historic victory that was attained by Iraqi people and resistance, and this should be revealed and presented to all the people in the region.

When Israel is defeated in Lebanon and in Gaza, this means Israel is beatable, and when America is defeat in Iraq, this means America is beatable. Just like it was beaten in Iraq, it could be beaten in any other country, but the Americans want to conceal this defeat.

In this context, what is happening in our region, the events in Syria, threats to Iran, story about the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, and all these issues are to occupy the people in the region away from recognizing that the American that presented himself as a sole superpower in the world was defeated by the youth and the Mujahedeen of Iraq.

Unfortunately, I say that the Americans have succeeded in that. If you open the Arab and international satellites you will not find any news about the withdrawal from Iraq, no picture about the tanks’ or the army’s pullout, knowing that yesterday I read in a newspaper the number of American soldiers who are still present in Iraq.

How did 150,000 soldiers pullout from Iraq without anyone recognizing or even knowing about the issue? They did succeed in that.

All the satellites today speak about Syria first, then Egypt, then Libya, then Tunisia, then Yemen, etc… and sometimes, a very small news about the withdrawal from Iraq is reported. This is not an accident, it is intentional.

Therefore, the responsibility of the resisting forces in the Arab and Islamic world today, especially in Iraq, as well as the Iraqi people, and the Iraqi and Arab media is to reveal this truth.

On the 10th day of Muharram, we ask God to bless a historic occurrence in which blood triumphed over sword. The Iraqi people that were fighting with a rifle, an RPG, and a Katyusha were able to defeat the most powerful army in the world. If the Israeli army is the most powerful army in the region, then the American army is the most powerful army in the world, yet it was defeated in a few years. He was defeated by blood, Jihad, resistance, insistence, and firmness.

Today what is important is that we be aware of the phase that comes after the American pullout from Iraq, and of America’s satanic mind as well as the sectarian project it is working on in the region. This also depends on the awareness and dialogue of our brothers in Iraq, as well as their concern of their country.

Here, we reach the part on Syria.

Our stance has been clear since the beginning. We support reforms in Syria, and support a regime that resisted and opposed, and supported the resistance movements in the region. We say yes for treating all the causes of corruption, and yes for all the reforms that where approved by the Syrian leadership and demanded by the people, but there are some who neither want reforms, nor security, stability, civil peace, and dialogue in Syria, and rather want to destroy Syria.

They want to substitute their defeat in Iraq, knowing that Syria had a role in defeating them, as well as their possible strategic loss in Egypt, by changing the situation in Syria.

The so-called National Syrian Council that was formed in Istanbul, and that some Western countries consider legitimate, has a chief who is Burhan Ghalyoun. Two days ago Ghalyoun said that “if we change the regime gain power in Syria we will cut our ties with Iran and with the resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine,” naming Hezbollah and Hamas.
These are all credits for the America and Israel.
And when he was asked about the Golan Heights, he said he will refer to the international community. After 20 to 30 years of failed efforts by the UN, these come out today aiming at ending Syria’s relation with the resistance movements and returning to the international community.
What is worse is that one of the leaders who is related to an Islamic organization in Syria, said that when we change the situation in Syria, we well cross the borders into Lebanon and punish Hezbollah. All these are credits to America and Israel, because Hezbollah is their enemy, it is the one that defeated Israel.
I state this before the Syrian people, and before the Lebanese people who say that we are misreading the situation in Syria. The past two days have assured to us that we have been reading the situation correctly and that the main target is the resistance movements in the region. What is demanded in Syria is not the reforms but rather a betraying, submissive Arab regime to America and Israel.

We say that we call for peace, stability, and dialogue in Syria, and we condemn all the sanctions that were imposed on Syria, and all types of sectarian incitements.

And of course, I remind all those who threaten of using arms, that your ships were destroyed on the coasts of Beirut.

About Lebanon, amid regional developments, we always insist that we don’t deal with the Lebanese situation on the basis that it is separate from the region. This is basic, and it’s not right for anyone to deal with the Lebanese situation by separating it from the region, for it is deeply connected to it.
We stress on civil peace, rejecting any kind of incitements, and stay patient despite all the accusations and blames that Hezbollah is constantly targeted with, knowing that this is an indication to their fear of Hezbollah.

There are some parts who are trying to stir up incitements in Lebanon, but we reject that, and we should confront it by being aware, wise, and patient…
We call for activating the governmental work and reassure the importance of responding to the rightful demands of the Free Patriotic movement…

We emphasize that the false witnesses file should be dealt with and justice should be attained, because those have not just falsely accused a few people; they also damaged the internal Lebanese situation as well as the Lebanese-Syrian relations, and caused the death of tens of innocent Syrians.

Most importantly is the constant Israeli threat to Lebanon, through the Israeli and CIA agents in Lebanon, the spying devices that are being uncovered gradually by the resistance and the army, and the Israeli violations and assaults.

In this context, we stress on the tripartite axis of power to Lebanon that is the army, people, and resistance.

Moreover, on the 10th of Muharram, I would like to send a new clear message to all those who conspire and wager.

This resistance in Lebanon, with its arms, formation, mujahedeen, mind, culture, and presence will remain, and will not be affected by your conspiracies, collusions, and media, psychological, political and intelligence wars.

We will hold on to our resistance, to the resistance arms, and today I tell you that day after day our number is increasing, our training is improving, and our trust in the future and armament are increasing.

On the arms issue, there is a real fallacy. Some say that the resistance arms are behind the disturbance and instability in Lebanon, but this is a fraud as the arms used in internal conflicts are the Kalashnikov guns, the M-16, and the guns… and these are in the hands of all the Lebanese. Rockets and heavy arms are not used in such incidents. The fact that all the Lebanese parties, families, tribes, individuals have these light weapons is the security problem in Lebanon and not the resistance arms.

Anyone who wants security in Lebanon should make efforts to solve this problem, as for those who want or even think of striping the rockets and defensive weapons, they are actually presenting a favor to Israel, meaning that what Israel failed to achieve in 33 days with the help of the entire world, they are trying to a through a dialogue or political talks or media; and I tell you, this will not happen.
On the 10th day of Muharram, the day of decisive and historic choices, I would like to tell the world that we in Lebanon have taken the initiative since 1980. We did not wait for the international community, Arab League, Islamic Conference Organization, or anyone in this world.

With our firm will, desire, youth, men, women, and modest potentials, we resisted, fought, and were martyred, and we returned our land, captives, dignity, and with our resistance, we will preserve our land, dignity, honor, and country, and will defend it against anyone in the world.

Dangers, threats, facts, and changes will not prevent us from performing this duty and this responsibility. We belong to the Imam who stood alone on this day against 30,000 men, and each one of us is not alone in front of these. We are tens of thousands of armed and trained fighters and mujahedeen who are ready to get martyred and are the lovers of Abi Abdullah Al-Hussein (as).
We are a power that the enemy does not know yet, and will never know. It will surprise every enemy with it strong and creative presence in every field it was in.

Therefore, on the 10th day of Muharram we say that the time when we compromise on our dignity, pride, presence, country, land and sanctities is over, and the situations have changes. Therefore, we conclude by renewing our pledge to Imam Hussein (as) and we tell him: O Master and Imam, just as u sacrificed for your great goals, and preferred to be killed along with your household and friends for their sake, we will preserve this path, but we will also triumph by your blood, your mind, and your culture.

Our call and pledge will always be to you on the 10th of Muharram, after everyone was martyred and Imam Hussein stayed alone, yet firm and strong, he did not address the army against him, he rather addressed all the people that will pass throughout the history asking: “Is there anyone to support me?”
The answer will stay forever with our blood, tears, soul, stance, mind, Jihad, and resistance: “Here I am, at your service o Imam Hussein!”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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