Saturday, 14 January 2012

Egypt brothers to Burns: PLS. stop the attacks against the Palestinians and the "systematic murder against Syrians"


Head of the justice and development party, emerging from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mohammed Mursi, said his party was convinced of the importance of us-Egyptian relations, but "these relations must be based on equilibrium", and called on Washington to reconsider its accounts and change its policies in accodance with spring Arab revolutions. [Let MB's govern]
During the meeting yesterday, William Burns, US Assistant Secretary of State Mursi called the United States to change its position towars the Arab and Islamic issues positively, saying that past US administrations bias policies against Arab issues was not in its favour.
According to a statement from the party,  the meeting started at its headquarters in Cairo with Burns congratulated the Party on the results achieved in Egyptian elections, and expressing his country welcoming the election results, stressing that Washington respect the Egyptian people choice in the  fair elections and  freedom of choice.
Burns said the USA is ready to support Egypt economically to overcome the current crisis afflicting currently, he stressed the importance of Egypt and its leading role in the region, that Egypt can play a positive impact on the various issues involved, and noting that his visit aims mainly to check the party's view regarding economic and political landscape in Egypt and the region in General.
[In particular, Burns wanted to know two things. The first is the future of Camp david, the second, is Muslim Brothers committment to regime change in Syria. He got the expected answers]
Mursi also stressed the important role which can be played by the US Administration to resolve Palestinian crisis and stop the attacks against the Palestinian people, given the great importance of the issue to the Egyptian people and its heart the freedom and justice party, Mursi also called the US Administration to take a clearer position towards systematic murder against Syrian people.
[ In other words, Mursi is calling for "humanitarian intervention" in Syria.]

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