Monday, 23 January 2012

"Just Keep looking the Other Way"

Nahida the exiled Palestinian

Yesterday, I asked the question: Will PSC rise to the Challenge?
The answer came as expected, loud and clear....

Therefore, I reaffirm:
SOME don't want you to look at the elephant in the room, just keep looking the other way; it is much safer, less controversial and much more "effective"

SOME never bothered before and were vehemently opposed to joining PSC as a "matter of principle", suddenly they all became interested!

They gather their hoards, from up and down the country and flooded the conference to "occupy" PSC by casting their most valuable "omniscient" vote

SOME "know better" you see, they always know what is best for Palestinians, and for every one else. They know how to define words, how to create political systems, and what kind of governments should others in far away countries elect, and of course this has nothing to do with "authoritarianism", "Stalinism" nor with "cultural supremacy"

Furthermore, while SOME frantically insist to keep PSC "occupied" with endless futile discussions on "anti-Semitism", "Holocaust denying" and "American Imperialism", OTHERS, continue to create FACTS on the GROUND, for the advancement of their racist supremacist agenda...... Just have a look at the following:

Chabad Today
Chabad in UK:
Lord Sacks Raises the Roof at Chabad Annual Conference

Chief Rabbi to Address Chabad Shluchim Conference in New York

Chief Rabbi Opens Cambridge Mikvah

Senior Chabad Girls School to Receive State Aid

Chanukah in Trafalgar Square - Mayor to Light Chabad Menorah
The British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, and the British Ambassador to Jordan, Peter Millett visit Kfar Chabad

Now, WHY should we all be troubled about all this ?
Simply because of the detrimental effect...
.... of such supremacist racist ideology
... on our lives as Palestinians

... and soon on the world

.......... if people don't wake up and smell the coffee

SOME want you to feel smug with the "victory" you "achieved", they want you to be filled with a sense of "self-righteousness" , after approving vacuous motions against alleged racism, while they distract you away from opposing or even noticing REAL RACISM creeping in, to your own neighbourhood.

They omit to even mention in their motions their opposition to the most vile form of racism, namely: Jewish Racism and the kind of supremacy as exhibited by settler in Palestine and by Chabad and their avid supporters as they heavily infiltrate the political world of UK, US and others, in Education, Law systems, Policy making, Homeland security, and Internet Control

Meet the Talmudists "Ace" who is censoring the internet 

And the orthodox newly-appointed Chief of staff with the power of Shabbat

And the Hasidi who was behind the anti-Sharia laws

And the Talmudist who "thanks to him" we now "enjoy the pleasure" of going through the full-body scanners experience

Also, "thanks to him" USA PATRIOT Act was signed into law

furthermore this devout orthodox and avid Islamophobe "told a Jewish radio show that "Hasham an orthodox Jewish name for 'God' gave him his name 'Schumer' which means guardian, so that he can fulfill the very important role in the U.S. Senate as the guardian of Israel."

This friend of Chabad Senator Joe Lieberman who looks upto the supremacist racist Rebbe Scnheerson as his idol, who also enjoyed a four-term senator as well as being Chairman of Homeland Security and Governmental affairs
Joe Lieberman main "interests" include:

Sorting out Violent Islamist Extremism.
Cyber Security.
Bio-Security and Public Health Preparedness.

Border Security/Immigration.

9/11 Commission, Intelligence Reform, and Improving America's Security Act of 2007.
Rail, Transit, and Port Security.

Chemical Facility Security.
FEMA Reform. Federal Emergency Management Agency
First Responders.
and much more.
Joe Lieberman has renewed his pressure on Google and Twitter to openly censor the Internet, Lieberman's desire to crush all dissent against the war machine has manifested in bills like his Enemy Belligerent Act, his Internet kill switch bill, and the recently introduced Enemy Expatriation Act.

Lieberman Remarks on Homeland Security

The Tyrannical Success for Lieberman: passing bill to remove citizenship from those who oppose to Zionist rule in US, thanks to him the "Enemy Expatriation Act" Now Law

Former Homeland Security Michael Chertoff argues for whole-body imaging

Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security: Use my Nude Scanners or be sexually assaulted

Fear Pays: Chertoff, Ex-Security Officials Slammed For Cashing In On Government Experience

The said scanning technology can present health risks to passengers by raising radiation exposure.

Former DHS head Michael Chertoff paid to push ‘porno scanners’

White House Chief of Staff at the American Friends of Lubavitch Dinner

"The Chabad annual dinner in Washington was characterized by unanimous support of both political parties, manifested by the presence of House Democratic Whip, Steny Hoyer, who praised his rival, Republican Whip, Roy Blunt. What everyone agreed upon is that Rabbi Levi Shemtov “is a blessing to all”. Among the participants of the dinner were the Jewish Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, the generous advocate Jay Krupin and Josh Bolten, White House Chief of Staff, who had just arrived from a meal with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his wife." Source

"Also present were Fred Zeidman, chairman of the Holocaust Museum of the Bush Administration and a close associate of President Bush, Jewish Attorney Steven Pearls a specialist in claims against terror organizations, who stated that payments for his services “come out of the wallets of the bad guys”, Howard Freedman, president of the powerful pro Israel AIPAC organization, Senator and U.S. presidential candidate, Joe Lieberman, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition Matt Brooks and other dignitaries." Source
and more:

"Annual operating costs of Chabad's empire today approach $1 bil­lion. And that budget doesn't include construction costs for new build­ings, which have been going up at an astonishing rate since Schneerson's passing: a $10 million synagogue in Bal Harbour, Florida; $25 million for a Chabad complex in San Diego; $20 million for a Jewish Children's Museum in Crown Heights; plus a $1 million Chabad center in Las Vegas, $2 million for American Friends of Lubavitch headquarters in Washing­ton, D.C., $5 million for a day school in Pittsburgh, and $3 million for a community center in Montreal." Source
"Chabad building projects around the world have kept pace with those of North America: a $15 million girls' school outside Paris; a $14 million community center in Buenos Aires; plus soup kitchens in Brazil" Source

"In the former Soviet Union, Chabad has emerged as the mainstream denomination in what is now the world's third-largest Jewish community" Source

"It has an
elegant and fascinating theology
, an inter­pretation of reality based on the kabbalah" Source

For more information about Chabad Lubavitche's supremacist ideology, and their disturbing influence, and for those who missed it:

The worm is in the can
Supremacist and Racist Chabad

"For Those With Eyes That Sees"


NO... This is not a Synagogue

Chabad at the Pentagon

Chabad at the Pentagon

British Ambassadors Matthew Gould and Petter Millett

Chabadist Ari Fleischer , former spokesman of White House

Rahm Emanuel former chief of Staff in White House

Bush and Chabad

Chabad at the White House

Khaled ben Al Khalifah of Qatar

Michael Chertoff, the body-scanner man

Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

Chabad conference 2010

Chabad in the IDF

Chabad Dancing during Gazza onslaught

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