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Free Syria "Army" Official: We will not forget the gesture of Israel if they helped us to bring Assad down

Israa Alfas

There is nothing new to talk about "Israeli penetration of the Syrian opposition, even if it became clear that the statement does not provide an accurate description of what seems to be Syrian dissidents hath to get to Tel Aviv and not just an Israeli penetration.

استمرار تكالب المعارضين السوريين للاتصال بإسرائيل ، والدور يبلغ مسؤول "الجيش السوري الحر" في أورباAccording to Alhaqiqa "truth", a Syrian opposition site,
"It is now clear that both wings of civil and military in this opposition locked in a breath cut race and panting to get to Tel Aviv before the other, to get the grand prize, but after presenting credentials for the future!

It seems to get one of the Israeli media to meet with Syrian dissident will not become journalist beat after a short period. But is likely that such interviews would be placed soon in the inside pages for newspapers, and the last news in the News Bulletin, being "ordinary and familiar!"

After Fred Ghadiri, blazed the path in 2010 leading everyone to it, and after Ammar Abdul Hamid, who attended "Conference of the Herzliya security" as Mossad guest on the in 2010, three months after Bashar al-Assad granted his mother, Mona Wassef, the "Order of Merit, First Class",  Ahd Alhindi, Mohammed Al-Abdullah, and Basma Qadmana and Radwan Ziadeh, followed, and most likely Burhan Galyoun too, there are strong indications, though not yet confirmed, that he Ehud Barak in Vienna a few months ago!? "

Syrian opposition and Israel alone, the beneficiaries of the fall of the Assad
صحيفة إسرائيل اليوم
“If Israel gives up Assad, he’s finished”

Alhaqiqa report came after Zionism, "Israel Today" close to Likud party published an interview with "the Syrian army free" official held in a Paris cafe, with one of its most prominent representatives in Europe, declined to be named.

"Syrian people will never forget thanks to Israel if they helped him to overthrow Assad, said Kamal (fake name) trying during a lengthy interview with the Zionist newspaper to give all the assurances to the Zionist entity, that his "free" army is the strongest on earth, as he claimed.

In response to a question about why he agreed to meet the newspaper's correspondent he replied "The Syrian people and the Israeli people only stand to benefit from this. And, of course, peace will also benefit. If Israel decides to abandon Assad, he is finished.”

He continued: “You are afraid of what will be the day after Assad falls. Don’t be afraid. Let him go, cut him loose. Assad’s fall will eliminate the link in the chain that ties Iran with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Not only would you be rid of an enemy, but you would also weaken two others.”

In Syria, there is a "Revolution" and what Egypt and Tunisia witnessed are planned "coups"

Remarkably, in the interview with the "Kamal" his saying that he saw the features of the "revolution in Syria" after a visit to his hometown of Homs in 2010. The "Israel Today" reporter then commented, "In this case we are not talking about Facebook revolution, as in Tunisia and Egypt."

"Kamal" replied: “What’s happening in Syria is nothing like what took place in Tunisia and Egypt. In Syria, we are talking about a real, popular revolution. In contrast, what happened in Egypt and Tunisia were coups. Does it seem normal to you that dictatorships that have been in place for years, like those in Tunisia and Egypt, would fall so quickly when they had enormous foreign support? If it weren’t for Western backing and support from the major powers, some of those Arab tyrants would have been long gone.

“When I heard Obama’s speech in Cairo [in June 2009] and I heard him quoting passages from the Quran, I guessed that something was about to happen and that something had motivated his words. The rulers of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt were abandoned right then and there. It was part of a plan. In Syria, on the other hand, the revolution erupted without being planned by the great powers.”

Israel is a superpower and Erdogan is eager to re-glories the Ottoman Empire

"Kamal" said, "
Syria’s secular civic society is more fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis than it is of Israel... If there is one person in the region who would like to see a religious Syria, it is Erdogan.” 

He said that Erdugan yearns for the Ottoman Empire of yesteryear. He dreams of reviving it, pointing out that this desire does not appeal to the Syrians, in contrast, He continued “Israel is not just the country that we see beyond the border. Israel is the West. Israel is the U.S. Israel is a significant, global political power. In the future, we will have to normalize relations between Israel and Syria. With all due respect to the Palestinians, peace in the Middle East begins with peace between Israel and Syria... But normalizing relations is not something that happens overnight. We will have to rebuild our country, and Israel, as our neighbor, can help us with this.”

Syrian people would give up the Golan Heights

In response to a question on the Golan Heights... Is it going to remain on the agenda and whether the Syrians would be willing to give it up, the "free" army official replied "without the Ba’ath regime, and with other people in power who will look at ties with Israel differently, the whole issue of the Golan will look totally different....then all of the disagreements revolving around the Golan will reach a turning point.”

'Kamal' stated the demands of the Syrian opposition: “We need help with rearmament, and we need to operate from a free zone that is recognized by the international community. We want Syrian air space to be declared a no-fly zone by NATO, and, if the need arises, for NATO to strike Syrian forces that are massacring civilians, just like it did in Kosovo.”

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