Monday, 5 March 2012

We Are Stronger on the Ground, but We Want to Win on the Ground and in the Space

Thus said Assad after voting on the draft of the new constitution for the Syrian Arab Republic at the TV and Radio Center in Damascus. Now we know that Assad was hinting to a great BOMBSHELL, that would right Aljazeera professional obituary!

The Bombshell

The anti-assad Angry Arab claimed "that Syrian regime had agents among the rebels; or it seems that the Syrian regime obtained a trove of video footage from Baba Amru."
He added "I have to say that Aljazeera and the affiliated Ikhwan media win the award for the largest volume of lies in this crisis."
The Angry Arab
But the Angry Arab is very angry because  "Their lies have been rather helpful to the Syrian regime which now fills its airtime with exposing the lies and exaggerations of the Ikhwan-led Syrian opposition. "

One of it shows "the correspondent or witness (for CNN or from Aljazeera) before he is on the air: and the demeanor is drastically different from the demeanor on the air and they even show contrived sounds of explosions timed for broadcast time."
 fake bandages applied on a child
"PS This is really scandalous. It shows the footage prior to Aljazeera reports: they show fake bandages applied on a child and then a person is ordered to carry a camera in his hand to make it look like a mobile footage. It shows a child being fed what to say on Aljazeera."

Under the title Aljazeera-leaks, the Angry Arab who is "contact from people inside Aljazeera who are disgusted by the propaganda work of the network in the last few months." - Just the last few months- claimed that "people inside Aljazeera have leaked raw footage and pre-air reports to someone in Syrian regime TV."

The Angry Arab is angry at Aljazeera because " The network is has been so bad that the law of diminishing returns apply here: the network has gone too far in its propaganda work that I can't see any effectiveness in what they do. I mean, when they declare Friday after Friday that demonstrations "have finally reached" Aleppo and Damascus, and then repeat that the following Friday, you know what you are dealing with. There have been too many lies and no attempts are even feigning professionalism anymore." The problem is not the propaganda war on Syria, but its return and effectiveness.
"When the former director of the network speaks about regime change in Syria when he won't dare utter a word about dismantling apartheid Israel you understand that the mission is coming down from the Emir himself. I know how those things work and they know that I know. The footage that are being shown show staging of events of calling a civilian an "officer" in the Syrian army, of faking injuries and feeding statements to people before airtime, etc. Aljazeera seems to be writing its own professional obituary. I don't know how it can really resurrect itself again. It is mortally wounded..."
It used to be when a journalist died covering a war it was a tragedy. Now, it is one less dirty warmongering liar, and a cause for celebration.

Excuse me, but wasn't the revolution over when the rebels tucked their tails between their legs and withdrew from Homs? 

Security and Safety Restored to
Baba Amro Neighborhood in Homs,
Locals Relate Details on
Crimes Committed by Terrorists
Sure they can continue to cause trouble, but the retaining of power by the current Syrian regime is assured. So why are the Americans, French, and British still pretending to debate - rather loudly - whether or not and how they will participate in the war? 

Notice how the people of Homs, who were suddenly the most important issue in the world to the Jew-controlled media, are suddenly much better off once the rebels retreated. And yet we're told their plight was entirely the fault of the Syrian government.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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