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Ahmad Jibril to be expelled from the PL(iquidation)O

حماس واسرائيل وحدة الهدف

Sample of Post Assad Era: Militants Honor Sharon, Host Channel 2

Like Assad, Ahmad Jibril is wanted, his days are numbered. He will be expelled from the PLO, the Palestinian Liquidation Organization. Why? Because he is singing outside the Oslo flock, he is for Palestine free from river to sea, for right of return. 

I advise arab readers to see this interview with Jibril, made on Al-quds day

And this one made after a Vist to Tehran, a meeting with Assad and a meeting with Hasan Nasrallah.

And for that he is wanted by Israel, America, and the so-called Arab Spring, FSA, and Oslo Engineers (Abbas and Abd-Rabu) and by Khalid Mishaal the Engineer of the Long TRUCE.

But what 's the charge Jibril?

BTW, Jibril's bases in Gota were attacked by Nusra front and all PFLP fighters were killed

Its all that, especially his refusal to involve the people of the Yarmouk camp who gave thousands of martyrs in the contemporary march of the Palestinian revolution, and  with  respect for Syrian homeland, which embraced them, and for the people who treated them as Arab brotherhs since the catastrophe of 1948, decided to stay on the fence.

The only change that would destroy Jibril and his faction is holding him responsible for the ongoing Nakaba in the Yarmouk camp,

Let us stop here, and see how Hamas leadership paid back Syria and Jibril

"We feel the pain of our (Palestinian) people in camps in Syria, of martyrs and wounded ... May the criminal hand release its grip on children of our Palestinian people in Syria," Haniya the head of the Hamastan government said in his sermon for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

"We've been arming Palestinians who are willing to fight ... We have formed Liwa al-Asifah (Storm Brigade) which is made up of Palestinian fighters only," a rebel commander from the Suqour al-Golan (Golan Falcons) brigade told Reuters. "Its task is to be in charge of the Yarmouk camp. We all support it and back it," he added.

Rebels said they and the new brigade will attack Yarmouk fighters loyal to Ahmed Jibril, head of the Syrian-sponsored Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), accusing Jibril's men of harassing camp residents and attacking Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters.

"Now they are targets for us, targets for all the FSA. All of them with no exceptions," said another Syrian rebel commander who asked not to be named.

لواء أحمد ياسين
Some PFLP-GC fighters had handed their weapons to the rebels, the commander said, calling on others to follow suit and threatening to assassinate pro-Assad figures.

On Oct 2012, Free Syrian Army rebels shot dead PFLP-GC leader Adel Hasan in the southern Syrian city, PFLP-GC said in a statement.

The location of the camp had pushed Palestinians into the battle.

And let us hear it from the Syrian National Coalition "horse", George Sabra

Yarmouk camp is a Syrian land, and no one will stop us from entering the Yarmouk refugee camp, because it the gate to resolve the battle of Damascus!

"Gen. George Sabra, a former communist Comrade, (brother) now, does not care about the fate of nearly two hundred thousand Palestinians! .. Sabra forgets that the regime will not be allow taking over the camp because of the importance of its location, and perhaps will turn the camp into scorched earth devastating. Mr.George Sabra, in using Nusra is adding more fuel to the fire that will burn the people of Damascus, and not the Yarmouk refugee camp alone, and with a view to establishing a state (caliphate) promised .. Hey buddy!" Rashad Abu Shawer wrote for Al-quds al-arabi

In Yarmouk camp there is no military sites of the regime, and no one in the camp moved to defend the regime,  the people's committees task was to limited to comtrol  the entrances to the camp, so it does not get trapped cars, and strictly prevent penetration the security of the camp from any party whatsoever.

After the Battle of the airport road in Damascus, and the retreat of the armed groups towards militarily encircled areas in the Damascus country side, the Syrian leadership decided that with the new year, not to tolerate any appearance presence of the Free Syrian Army and armed groups in Damascus and all the adjacent countryside.

The Syrian army focused pressure on the area south of Damascus, and specifically on the towns of the Al-qadam, al-hajar al-aswad and tadamun, with military bombardment which paves the way for the storm.

For his part, the FSA and Nusra Front, active in south of Damascus counter plan was not only to defend their remaining strongholds in the south region, but also to control the entire area south of Damascus. Such a goal, can only be achieved without the control of the Yarmouk refugee camp and the elimination of fighters of the People's Committees and PFLP- General command to control the road to Damascus International Airport, and neighborhoods within the capital, and use the region as a launching pad for the comming battle for Damuscuss.

The Nusra Front succeeded in arranging a split in their favor, within PFLP - General Command the solid core of popular committees. Some traitors within  the popular committees and PFLP, opened a gap in the side of the camp, allowing the Nusra militants, and FSA to rush through.. No wonder, Nusra has managed to attract some people who were involved in the car bomb attacks in the area Kazaz and other attacks, and to sacrifice one of them himself in a suicide bombing! No wonder that some Palestinians went from camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon .. for jihad in Afghanistan, while Jerusalem A kilometer away a few times!

On Monday, Syrian rebels backed by some Palestinians loyal to Hamas and PLO -funded factions, took full control of Yarmouk camp after fighting raged for days in the district on the southern edge of Damascus. putting and end to Palestinian neutrality in the Syrian crisis.

Free Army, and the Nusra front, and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of them bear the brunt of a crime (murder) Yarmouk camp .. this crime that will not be forgotten.

God bless the hero President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who once said ((It is not important for the United Arab Repuplic to be united, what is important is the unity of Syria))

Ahmad Jibril to be expelled from the PLO

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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