Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Syrian Electronic Army releases secret documents from Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia

Syrian Electronic Army releases secret documents from Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia

Al-Akhbar started with this one:

A leaked top-secret memo revealed that Saudi Arabia sent death-row inmates to fight in Syria with the insurgency in exchange for commuting their execution.
The above document was puplised at DamPress and Friends of Syria and Press TV and  here and here and here at least 6 weaks ago.
However stay tuned
Stay tuned for publication of Qatari Files

The launch of SEA | Leaks is now too close And it will start publishing the Qatar Files So stay tuned for the publication of secret leaked documents from Qatari MOFA, Amiri Diwan, Armed Forces, Moza Office All leaked and secret documents will be avialable on SEA | Leaks website http://leaks.syrian-es.org

A screenshot captured on 21 January 2013 shows the website of Syrian Electronic Army.
Published Monday, January 21, 2013
Al-Akhbar recently obtained hundreds of documents, correspondences, and contracts belonging to Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari institutions. The documents detail the role these countries have played in the past two years in the Arab world, in general, and in Syria, in particular.
The Syrian Electronic Army acquired the documents and proposed, via an intermediary, to publish them in Al-Akhbar and on the Syrian website Ajel Breaking News, simultaneously.
The documents were reviewed by Al-Akhbar and we obtained assurances that the highest authorities in Syria are aware of them and that they were not plagiarized. Al-Akhbar took the additional step to authenticate the documents from sources in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar, verifying a majority of them.

The intermediary added that the Syrian Electronic Army is only releasing some of the documents at this time for two main reasons. The first is that information useful in battles against armed groups was reserved for the Syrian authorities and handed over. The second is that some of the documents were deemed more sensitive and dangerous and would thus be published at a later date.

Al-Akhbar selected the information and the documents [to be published] based on its own editorial line and turned down documents that contain information related to the internal administration of the countries involved or the private affairs of some of their prominent officials.

Beginning this Wednesday, 23 January 2013, Al-Akhbar will publish reports based on these documents. The material was prepared for publishing by Al-Akhbar journalist Radwan Mortada in collaboration with Rami Mansour from Ajel. Ajel and Al-Akhbar will be publishing the same material.

The Syrian Electronic Army is made up of a group of experts in information technology and programming, recently able to prove their presence in the media war between supporters and opponents of the Syrian government. While most of them began as volunteers without any known backing, they were able to, with time, gain the recognition of the Syrian leadership and the admiration of many loyalists who provided them with logistical support that allowed them to advance their work.
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