Friday, 6 May 2011

I have a dream

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

I have a dream

When they stop bombing

No more shelling

To rush outside

And up a tall tree

To tie a string

Make a swing

Fly up so high

And touch the blue sky

Leave my tears up there

To come down as rain…

I have a dream

When tanks leave the camp


To run out and see

The deep huge sea

To swim towards his heart

Jumping up and down

Wishshsh … washshsh

Splish … Splash

Wash all my fears away

I have a dream

When soldiers leave my town

And the camp walls fall down

To go outside

And sitting on the sand

Write a sad story

With my own hand

Then wait for the tide

To wash my pain away

I have a dream

When they lift the curfew

To skip outside

Holding in my hand

The string of my kite

Racing with the wind

Fly it up so high

Tying to its tail

All my nightmares

And with the fluffy clouds

Rinse them all away

I have a dream

When we free our land

To open all the doors

Invite the rainbow in

Holding on his hand

To dance with my heart

Going round and round

Twirling like a derwish

Gathering love and joy

In my right palm

And down the other hand

To every needy child

Give it all away!


mohamadyousef said...

لا فض فوكي يا ناهده

وأكثر الله من أمثاللك

عم بدور على إيميلك لكني فشلت

nahida the Exiled Palestinian said...


Dear Mohammed, thank you for your support

my email is